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Nissan Sentra Real World MPG



  • pulgopulgo Posts: 400
    Yesterday I filled up after a week of commuting to work. Lot's of stop and go, 2 days where the trip to and from work took almost 2 hours each way (40 miles distance), "normally" it is only 70 minutes.

    50% of the trip is highway with speeds of 60 to 70 MPH. The rest is stop and go.

    The number: 40.26 MPG

    I am a happy camper as this number is almost matching what I was achieving with my previous 2001 Toyota Echo.

    Considering this is a much heavier and powerful car I could not be more pleased.

    Once I switch over to 0W-30 synthetic oil (now using the last few quarts I had of Amsoil 10W-30 synthetic) the mileage should improve a tiny bit. It will probably be compensated by the lower temperatures.

    This week I am purchasing a complete set of winter tires and wheels and that will mess up my mileage for sure. Winter tires have higher rolling resistance than summer tires. Oh well, safety is more important to me and although it does not snow much in this area I like to be prepared.

    It does rain a lot and winter tires should help in this kind of weather.
  • klasklas Posts: 22
    I don't understand how you get those numbers...

    We had 08 Sentra SL for about 3 month and already have 3k miles on it. The car is great, other then mpg. I average about 280 miles before I need to fill up again with 50/50 city/hwy driving. This seems not that great considering our previous 03 Mazda 6 with 17 gallon tank got over 300 miles and with 170 hp engine. Also, our SUV gets 200 miles on the same 15 gallon tank. What's the deal here? Are you guys driving down the hill constantly?
  • Your driving makes all the difference in the world.
    When I am tired of work and want to be home soon, my mileage drops dramatically. Why? Because a follow cars in front of me closer, I accelerate more suddenly and I have to break more. I also tend to exceed the speed limit (62 MPH) quite a bit. On those days I average around 33 MPG (US gallons).
    When I listen to my CD's or am busy with my HAM radio I tend to leave more room to other cars and I keep my speed around 60 MPH. Those more relaxed days I get between 36 to 38 MPG, now that the weather is warmer the occasional 40 MPG.
    My commute is 40 miles each way and I am always in stop and go traffic for 45 minutes or more every day.
    I have to drove to Vancouver from the Fraser Valley on Highway 1 and that means crossing the infamous Port Mann Bridge. For 5 or 6 miles before that bridge the traffic comes to a crawl and the typical speed is may be 10 MPH, sometimes less.
    In the afternoons the same game again, just the other way. The last 20 miles home is a steady 60 MPH (Usually).

    My tricks to save are:
    Tire pressure: 38 PSI
    Engine oil: 0W30 Synthetic (Mobil 1 or Amsoil)
    No speeds higher that 70 MPH. No jackrabbit starts and no sudden braking. When accelerating I do not exceed 2500 RPM. I am NOT a rolling obstacle on the road, I just move at the same speed as everybody else. I DO have a SCANGAUGE and I do everything I can to drive more efficiently. I do not have an ego as I don't need to be the first arriving at the next red light.
  • s1thl0rds1thl0rd Posts: 1
    As noted earlier in the discussion, the Spec V engine is performance oriented. I live in the city during the work week and have a 69 mile run home on the weekends. I'm averaging around 24 mpg overall. I've gotten as high as 28 mpg on mostly freeway cruising. City driving is a different story. 19 - 22 as the EPA sticker says. Not out of parameters but ..... I've been experimenting with watered-down hypermiling (low up-shifts, better awareness of traffic, easier breaking) and I'm getting better results in the city. Sometimes, you just have to enjoy the car though :-) ...

    Anyone tried to run the Spec V on regular fuel? I've been searching for information that will say "no way" or "its okay"...
  • These past 5 days I have stayed at or under 58 MPH on my commute to work. I decided not to change lanes at every other highway onramp and not to try to be the first at the next stoplight. Driving like there is an egg under the gas pedal over the last 392 miles i got 42.77 MPG (40% city and 60% highway).

    I keep RPM's under 2000, even when starting from a dead stop. Tire pressure is kept at 40 PSI.

    I am not coasting or doing things hypermilers do and I'm hoping not to aggravate too many fellow drivers.
  • :lemon: I tried all those tricks but still avg. 20 mpg and only get 24 on highway.
  • I have done it in my maxima but mpg went down, didn't feel any different though.
  • If you only get 24 on the highway, especially if you use cruise control and do not exceed 75 MPH, then something is seriously wrong with your car. I would rent another identical Sentra for a day, making sure the tank is full. Then I would take a highway trip of at least 200 miles and fill up again. If you do not achieve 30 MPG or more, it is you, not the car.

    Where do you live? Is it very hot and do you use AC all the time? Is the car equipped with a roof rack? Low tire pressure?
  • mdpxmdpx Posts: 2
    With approx. 8,000 miles, I average between 24-25.5 in city, and on a trip to Tucson from Phoenix, I averaged 38.2 mpg. That's up quite a bit from when I took my first trip to LA from Phoenix where I barely averaged 30 mpg highway. Of course, this trip, I keep my speed at 65 and that seems to make the different.
  • mouthcardmouthcard Posts: 1
    HM are you confusing imperial gallons with US gallons?

    40 miles/imp gallon = 33.3 miles/US gallon.
  • Not at all. I am using US gallons (3.785 liters per gallon)
  • jk289jk289 Posts: 2
    I just got my car this tuesday and I have been getting pretty disappointing results. When I first got it and checked the mpg it said 17.... ever since then i have been super sensitive with the gas pedal and brakes but the number has only risen up to 20.5. It also says that my average speed is 20 something.... which does not seem accurate at all. i use moderate a/c but that should not bring down the numbers that drastically, if that were the source of the low numbers. is something wrong with my car?
  • sentra08sentra08 Posts: 17
    my car is currently at almost 4000 miles. lately, my driving has been about 50-50 city-highway. i have been averaging 32.4 mpg. i am super pleased with that. when i get on the highway, it always jumps up quite a bit, generally to around 34-35 mpg. better than advertised. so im not sure why others have been getting disappointing results. i suppose one key thing is to make sure that your tires are properly inflated and you stay up on your maintenance schedule. other than that, not entirely sure. im pleased so far.
  • My last week's average is 35.2 MPG (US gallons), 50% city and 50% highway, 80 mile daily commute with average speeds around 35 MPH. I have a 2007 Sentra 2.0. S with CVT, currently with 28k miles.
  • anycallanycall Posts: 10
    I have 08 Sentra SL. Best MPG I've seen on freeway was just over 35. On one trip I averaged between 75-80mph that was 150 miles long and my second trip I went mostly 65mph set on cruise control and got silmilar reading. On the other hand, the MPG on city isn't so good. I average 24mpg in the cith driving without gunnning at the stop lights or hard breaking.
  • tranmitranmi Posts: 12
    I just bought my 08 Sentra two weeks ago. After 600 miles on the clock, my average is ~ 28-30 MPG (70% highway and 30% city) with full A/C on.
  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
    It's hard to keep the RPM's down in city driving with this powertrain. The CVT's wind up way too fast for the normal stop and go conditions in City driving.
    With my Scangauge checking the MPG's twice every second, it's surprising to note that mileage sucks even at slow speeds around town.

    Car experts say it only takes about 40 horse power to move a car down the road once you get up to cruising speed..then the mpg's finally go up, but around town the car is always pulling it's full weight under engine load.

    The CVT tries to keep the engine rev'ed even while your foot comes off the gas, slip it into neutral and you will see what I mean.

    However, just about all forums have sites like this where some owners are hopping mad about the new cars' MPG's and others keep taunting them with huge MPG numbers from the same car.

    Test the car on the highway under ideal condions, (a tail wind is always nice, a head wind will kill you) get that mpg number, and don't even bother with the city mpg's, everybodys suck.

    The "X-Prize" race, contest winner for the best 100 mpg car will make all our 2008's the new gas guzzlers no matter what.

    2007 is absolutely the worst time to be buying any new car, no matter what the sticker on the window says the mpg's are . :cry:
  • rennie4rennie4 Posts: 52
    Did u reset the trip computer? If there are alot of miles on the car before u got it. it can be hard to raise the mpg
  • rennie4rennie4 Posts: 52
    during take off the cvt really does over rev for the firs 10mph but after that if you have a light foot it should fall really low. the first thing i do when i take off is push really easy to keep the rpm from going above 2k. Then i push slightly harder when i feel the rpm about to drop usually around 10 mph with a light foot. Then i continue to accelerate a rpm usually around 1500 rpm. I can accelerate my cvt equipped car from 10-35 mph at just 1200 rpm the whole time. Thats where the cvt saves gas. Most people drive cvt too hard making the cvt stay in sport mode instead of economy mode!
  • Trying not to exceed 2000 rpm is easy, most of the time.

    I drive 50% city and 50% highway and 34-37 MPG is my typical weekly average.
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