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Nissan Sentra Real World MPG



  • rphattonrphatton Posts: 1
    I also have recently purchased a 2012 Sentra with 19K. So far with 2000 miles I am averaging only 28mpg with most of the driving on open highway and suburban roads. Not too impressive with 140HP and a CVT. To get 34 mpg I would need a strong tail wind and a lot of down hill coasting. The steering also disappoints me as it is stiff and without a telescoping wheel it is hard to find a comfortable setting. Overall I agree with many reviews I've read that there are better choices out there. I also have a 2012 Quest that is tops for a minivan. Checked them all out and Nissan hit a home run with the Quest.
  • alexwongalexwong Posts: 1
    I have a 2012 Sentra 6 speed MT. EPA Rated 24/31. Usually I get around 22mpg in mixed driving. Today I wanted to see what's the best mpg this car can get, so I gave it a test. By using a lot of hypermiler techniques, I got 45mpg in mostly highway driving. But to achieve that, you have to do 55-60mph on the highway, and use 6th gear all the time(even in city). Also, you have to feather the gas and coast(in gear) all the time.
  • ronsteveronsteve Posts: 435
    I just did a round trip to the Jersey Shore and covered a total of 168.7 miles. The highway driving, all 130 miles of it, I cruised controlled at under 65 mph and had no traffic. The remaining mileage was traffic and low speed commuting.

    Imagine my disappointment when, after this effort, I refilled with 6.1 gallons. I managed a miserable 27.6 mpg! Computer average read 35.2mpg, and average speed was 30mph.

    It's the 39 miles of non-highway driving, which based on your avg speed of 30mph, must have taken well over 2 hours, that killed your gas mileage. If you're doing city driving that averages less than 20 mph, I don't think you're going to get close to the EPA city number in that part of your driving.
  • I purchased the Sentra after owning a 2012 Nissan Frontier. The $650 a month for gas was starting to wear a hole in my pockets. I've noticed that the Sentra burns fuel exactly the same way the Frontier did. When I filled up the Frontier, the dte (Distance Till Empty) displayed a range of 431 miles which is the same that Sentra displays. I always "0" the trip odometer and notice that I never get more than 360 miles in the Sentra. I drive 138.2 miles round trip to work Mon - Fri. 116.2 miles of my trip is mainly on the interstate. The 22 miles that is driven on the secondary road consists of 4 traffic lights with a short distance of about 8 miles to reach work at a speed of 45 to 55 miles per hour depending on traffic. Highway speeds range at 75 miles per hour with cruise control set and air conditioning on. The Sentra has an "eco" setting that I use consistently because without the "eco" engaged, the gas mileage is worse. I enjoy everything about this car except for the exaggerated mileage of 39 highway / 40 City that Nissan is claiming. I have approximately 4700 miles on the Sentra. I have a service due at 7500 miles which I plan to address the gas mileage. If Nissan cannot figure it out, I will trade this car in for a Honda which I know will get me the gas mileage I desire.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,681
    Check out this info re effect of high speed on fuel economy... especially the chart.

    If the speed limit on the interstate you commute on is less than 75, you could try sticking to no more than the speed limit to see what effect that has on FE. I noticed on my 2010 Sentra, FE dropped off a lot over 65 mph. Also, depending on how many of those lights you hit and how long they are, they could really ding the average FE.

    Are you sure Nissan claims 40 mpg city on the 2013 Sentra??
  • cobalt_08cobalt_08 Posts: 1

    Recently bought a 2011 Sentra that had 3k on the odometer. I researched CVT's for a year prior to buying so I knew what to expect. Unfortunately, and to my disappointment, I seem to be one to those owners with a gas guzzling Sentra. After multiple trips, I realized the ONLY way I can achieve 34 mpg highway, is if I drive the speed limit, 55 mph. The moment I approach 60, the average speed everyone else drives in my area of Canada, my engine no longer sips gas, it guzzles. I get 28 mpg no matter what I do. 5 miles per hour difference, my mileage drops 6 mpg. I have a few hills, nothing extreme, it's 90% flat roads in my region. The problem is, if I want to save on gas, I'd have to piss off everyone else on the road. It's not worth it. There are way better cars out there, heck, my friends Corolla gets close to 40 mpg at 100 km/h (60ish) with a 4 speed-auto.

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