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Ford Escape Transmission Problems



  • eco2eco2 Posts: 1

    Is it possible to put the transmission of a 04 Escape 4x4 to a 05 AWD Escape? The transmission of the 05 Escape is gone...

    The answers I've got so far varied, mostly they said "No". Any ideas?
    I've already read about the differences between them I just want to get the opinion of an experienced mechanic or any member that had similar predicament.

    I would be grateful for any comments soon as I need to make a decision this week on this issue.

  • I have a 2005 Ford Escape that when you come to a complete stop, the engine shuts off. It sounds and acts exactly like you didnt push in the clutch on a manual when you come to a complete stop. Once the car has died you can turn it back over and starts right up. But once you put it into gear it will shut off again. The power to the car is, lights, etc still works, just not the engine. I have been to MANY mechanics who can not figure out what is going on. It only does it when the car is warmed up and driving for awhile. Of course it doesnt happen when I bring it into the shop to be looked at. I think its the torque converter. Any anwers???
  • davichodavicho Posts: 190
    I want to say that someone here had the same issue a while back. It ended up being the torque converter or a solenoid or both. When an automatic transmission reaches a cruising speed and its on the last gear (4th in our cases) the overdrive kicks in and "locks" the torque converter. Apparently when coming to a stop the torque converter remains locked in 4th gear (or overdrive) instead of unlocking and downshifting making the engine stall as you describe. Definately have the transmission looked at.
  • Thank you this helps a lot!!
  • 2005 Escape with 4 cyl, automatic, bought new, pampered, dealer changed trans fluid at 30,000 and 60,000 miles, converter blew at 68,000 miles, out of warranty. Never towed with it, no mountain driving. Transmission shop mechanic said Ford had known problems with this trans back to the late 1990's when it was in the Mercury Mystique. (AKA Mistake). Too small a unit for too heavy a vehicle. Anyone with similar problems? Technical service bulletins or silent recalls??
  • When driving, my car would create a high-pitched buzzing sound that fluctuated its pitch according to changes in gear. The car would then experience engine stall, particularly when slowing or accelerating after a stop. The theft, check engine, and ABS light would flash. The radio and headlights died. During this time a clicking noise could be heard. Within seconds, everything usually corrected itself. Occasionally the car would need to be restarted. Sometimes after these occurrences, the alarm would sound as soon as the key was removed from the ignition. The car would go months without this occurring and then the problem would return. This went on for two years.

    I took this vehicle to two Ford dealerships and a trusted auto repair shop. No one could seem to determine the true cause of the problems. I had the grounds cleaned, spark plugs replaced, spark plug wires replaced, and alternator replaced.

    At the urging of a friend, I finally brought my Escape to Midas. They correctly diagnosed and corrected the problem. Apparently, the person owning the Escape before me installed an after-warranty alarm system. The brand was Code Alarm. The alarm system was not compatible with my Escape's computer and was causing severe malfunctions. The alarm has since been removed and my car has not had problems since.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    That happens more than you would think. Aftermarket electronic products often raise hell with standard components. First think I do when I buy a used car, is take out any alarm system that is not factory.
  • Nevermind. All problems have returned. Back to square one.
  • I have a 2005 escape with just over 120,000 miles on it. Driving it home the other day I think the transmission went on it, it shakes at 45 and really doesn't like 4th gear. If i were to leave it as is and trade it in any idea what something like that would be worth, I thought maybe a couple grand???
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Probably about right. The mileage is high, and if the trans is bad, it will have to go to auction.
  • antoninbantoninb Posts: 47
    Hi All,

    I'm finding that if I have the cruise control set to a given speed, come to a stop and then resume it, the transmission stays in the current gear until I again reach the set speed. Then the transmission starts to run up the gears, and the RPM's start to come down. What this means is that the engine can wind up going all the way up to around 5,000 RPM before the transmission shifts bring the RPM's down. Has anyone else noticed this? I would have thought that the transmission would shift normally as the speed increases to the preset point.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    edited March 2011
    In those "resume" conditions your CC commands WOT, and lowest possible gear range (highest torque for QUICK acceleration), in those conditions.

    In those conditions the FE conscious method is to run the car back up to speed "manually" and then hit resume.
  • antoninb,

    This is Seni with Ford Customer Service. I am sorry your Escape is not performing to your expectation. We recommend that your vehicle be inspected by a Ford dealership to determine the cause of any symptoms it may be experiencing. If there is no coverage under applicable warranties, recalls, or ESPs, repairs and services would be your responsibility. Your next step is to make an appointment with your servicing dealership to have your vehicle diagnosed. Please contact the Customer Relations Center at 800-392-3673, if further assistance is needed. Thank you.

    Ford Customer Service Division
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706

    Are you really suggesting that Anton's Ford Escape CC is not operating as designed..? Or are you simply "drumming up" income for some Ford dealer.

    Every CC I have encountered has acted EXACTLY as Anton described.
  • wwest,

    I apologize if my reply came off as a sales pitch of some sort. My intention is to make sure that all vehicles are properly diagnosed and that any issues that need to be looked into further, would be.

    Ford Customer Service Division
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Apology accepted but there was another point. Being in customer service it seems to me you could easily confirm that the description given for CC operation was normal (as I suspect) or abnormal, as the case may be.
  • antoninbantoninb Posts: 47
    My vehicle has already been evaluated by a Ford Dealer, and I've been advised that this is expected behaviour. No correction was offered. I still maintain that damage and stress to the engine could result from activating the CC resume, since the transmission will not shift until the target speed is reached. If the resume function should not be used for this, then it should never have been implemented with that capability.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    edited April 2011
    For as long as I can remember, and that's a VERY long time automotively, that's the way CC resume has operated. And by the way, it WILL upshift if it reaches the upper range of the current gear ratio prior to getting to the resume set speed.
  • cathy24cathy24 Posts: 1
    Definitely something wrong here and FORD is NOT stepping up to handle this.

    My parents' 2008 Ford Escape transmission lost gears 2 and 4 in their automatic. They took it to a dealership who said "your transmission fluids are dirty, need a flush and fill which might fix the problem" to the tune of $280. My parents paid, and shocking but did zip. The fluids were cleaned and checked the week before, ethics here please.

    I don't care what the warranty is, but 70,000 miles and the trasmission goes is definitely a manufacturer defect.

    We were a family of Ford owners and looking to buy an F350 and Ford Five Hundred, but we'll go foreign before we spend money on another Ford. 12 cars in our family, all were Fords, and they won't stand behind their own transmission?

    Good-bye Ford.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    12 great Fords, and you have one with a transmission problem at 70K miles, and you're done with Ford? How long does a manufacturer have to guarantee their product, indefinitely? They're machines, things do go wrong, it's actually a miracle they work at all to start with. There is a reason warranties expire, cars wear out eventually. I admit this is premature, I have an 08 Escape with 85,000 miles, still going strong. But if the car broke tomorrow, I would not be angry with Ford, the car is aging. Nor would I expect Ford to fix it free.

    But, if you're going to expect Ford to guarantee their cars for life, buy a
    Toyota. They don't either, but they are quite reliable and long lasting.

    I currently have 4 Escapes, and have owned 8 of them from 06 to 10s. Never had a bad one yet, and I run them all to 100,000 miles. I would recommend them to anyone.
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