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Ford F-Series Stalling and No Start Problems



  • I have an idea....Had it been raining sswheel?
  • mario25mario25 Posts: 1
    i have 2006 F150 4x4. 62,200 miles. Driving to work, I hear a clank noise, engine stalled, but it seemed to be running. I push on accelarator, but no reaction. I put transmission on Nuetral, coast of road. Stopped, the engine seemed to idle, but no reaction when I push on accelarator. I turned off truck. Restarted, it cranked, and went to work. This happened today 03/02/2010. I was left DUMB...
    Was the problem found to your 2004 F150? Was your problem similar?
  • dudu1dudu1 Posts: 1
    edited April 2010
    2005 f250 powerstroke truck starts good and idles good but jerks while driving after letting out the clutch any answers. and what is a EGR?
  • Check the oil level in the high pressure oil pump reservoir.
    I believe your injectors are hydraulically driven, with out oil in the high pressure oil reservoir the injectors cannot operate.
    I have a 1997 F-250 7.3 turbo, it has stalled on me 3 times over the past few months all 3 times somehow my high pressure oil reservoir was empty.
    After re-filling it the truck started up and runs fine.
    Just don’t know how what is making the level drop out of the blue.
  • When I bought truck used form dealership in 2006 I jsut got one keyless remote. At time we could not get the ford alarm system to disengage so I lived with the one remote until 2 months ago when I lost the remote. Turck immediately went into alarm mode when opening door. tried to disengage alarm with reset button but that woudl nto work, bought new control and programming would not work, bought 2nd control and that did not work. finally decided to take alarm system out, disconnect 4 wire from alarm module under dash, (1- big wire harness, 1-to shock detector, 1-bypass button and 1-LED which is on dash.), STILL would not start, jumped started solinoid with screwdriver and it barely grinded. I have been charging battery along the way so it would not be completely drained. charged overnite and screwdriver jump caused it to started starter to turn this morning. Bought new soliniod! Still does not start. What I try to stat it does not start when putting key in,,,, getting the ding ding , all controls and panels on dash come on and work properly but nothing happens when turning key to start position. Help...... where do I go next?
  • I have a 04 F250 that is not wanting to stay running. While driving yesterday it started and ran fine for about 35 mins then it felt like it was losing power and died, it would not crank, but would turn over. waited about 20 mins and she fired up and ran for about 3 mins. again it would not crank, 5 mins and she fired up and i got it home, while driving it home i could feel it the engine pulsate like it was running out of fuel but had 3/4s of a tank. It died has i pulled into the drive way and would not crank. Changed both filters and the secondary filter on the engine next to the oil filter, I noticed that the reservoir was not very full, before i put the new filter in I turned the key to make sure the pump was working, it bubbled for a couple of seconds than filled right up. installed new the new filter and the truck started right up drove it down the street seemed like problem fixed. NOPE. I stepped on the throttle it ran like it normally does after about 20seconds it started it again no power and wanted to die, it drop to an idle for about 5 to 10 seconds than it take off again for a few seconds than back to and idle or die. crank it again and take off. Got back to the house and pulled off the top to the fuel filter and it made a sucking noise as i was unloosing the cap low on fuel again turned key and it filled right back up replaced cap and started right back up, did the same thing in the drive way as it did while I was driving it. Runs out fuel idles than picks right back up. I took the fuel pump assembly apart and everything looks ok the fuel pumps runs and picks up the fuel, I had the FICM replaced about a year ago the has ran great no smoke great mileage (15.5 to 17) inthe city. This Just started so I dumbfounded as to what it is. I guess I should say that the engine has about 130000 miles on it No other problems other than the High dollar FICM module and transmission at 96000.
  • I have a 2005 Ford F20 with a Triton V-10 engine and have experienced an intermittant problem (maybe 5 times) after driving the vehicle and then parking it for anywhere between 2 minutes and 1.5 hours and the engine will not restart.

    The engine turns over and coughs and sputters a few times but it will not start. I have tried restarting several times after waiting for various times to no avail. I've let the vehicle sit anywhere between 10 minutes and 1.5 hours and tried again. Waiting about 1 - 1.5 hours seems to work best and the engine will start normally. The only other factor which may be a coincedence is the ambient temperature has always been over 90 degrees F when this has happenned. I'm thinking a sensor or the computer is the problem?
  • just bought the truck did a lot of work to it already but I started to have proms.with starting it when it sits for 2 or 3 days, one day I went to go some wheres and the batts. were dead now I had had the batts. tested two week prier to the prom. and they were fine but then they tested bad so I bought 2 new ones and it was find now Im having trob.again. Its starting to get cold so I know Its going to be a fun winter lol, any thoughts

  • sorry I didn't say exactly what it was doing, when I go to start it, It has trouble turning over and like I sad earlier I have new batts. Its like the engine stuck
  • I have a 2000 ford F250 Power stroke Diesel,(which I am not happy with at all) it will not start when it is cold, unless its plugged in, cant plug it in at work or stores, i have replaced glow plugs no change, anyone have any ideas?
  • Hello my 95 F-250 is givin me a heartache i got it Dec.18th drove it all the way until the 29th ran perfectly no problelms at all until i go to start it up one morning and i put the key in turn it and theres one click then nothing all my lights work my gauges work the radio works everything except it turning over...So i talk to a few guys petty knowledgeable about trucks say its either the starter or the soleinoid switch or starter soleinoid idk which one but i take the starter out take it to autozone they say its bad so i buy a new one i go to put it in it comes with a black wire coming off the back of the starter where everything hooks up and theres a red wire hangin down it was wrapped up with the piece that hooks up to the starter and idk what to do anybody have any ideas? cuz i need this truck to get back and forth to school and work please anybody
  • your blinking button is 1 2 3 off or turn your key3 times until you hear reset on and off without starting motor
  • were you able to get it fixed? if you did, can you please tell me what you had to do to fix it? i'm having similar problems with my truck. thanks.
  • sandy73sandy73 Posts: 2
    Hi , I have the same problem. What fixed it? Sandy
  • sandy73sandy73 Posts: 2
    The truck runs good until I turn it off. When I start the truck back up it will bog down and sputter. It only runs good cold. Does any one know what it might be? Sandy My email address is Thank you For any help
  • hershelphershelp Posts: 2
    Sandy, I have tthe sme problem with a 1999 F250. Mechanic thought it might be Fuel Pump. Replaced Pump (expensive) but problem is still there. Starts and runs ok until I stop. after a short time while temp is up it will start but runs very poorly. Let me know if you find a solution
  • hershelphershelp Posts: 2
    Problem fixed today. It was a poor (intrmittant) battery cable. The Negative terminals had a couple of small wires to the neg that had degraded. It appears to be OK now.
  • Mine 1999 F250 Larit with V10.
    Problem Taking off whole drive train shook and power was low. After computer dianostics we had 1 coil bad and replaced some of both fuel and return fuel lines. fuel line filter.
    now runs super. hit switch and it starts on first rotation and purs.
  • I have a 2005 500 and have the same problem. So far a throttle body @ $912.73 on Aug 11 was fine for 4 week and now car stalles a couple of time a week. Back to Ford thet check it for 4 hours and all things ok. I am afraid this will happen in traffic and get hurt or hurt someone. Ford has to work with us on this problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....
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