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Ford F-Series 4x4 Problems



  • wondering if you solved your problem. cuz i have the same thing happening to me on my 04/f350
  • I have a similar problem with my 06. with 17K miles, they replaced the 4x4 "electronic motor selector" to make it work. I used it about a month ago before a snow to ensure it worked. I tried it yesterday and it doesn't make any noise and will not change out of 2H. I checked my local dealship. Motor system is $150.00, Another $150.00 to repair. If you find out any different, let me know please.
  • frog12frog12 Posts: 3
    Well Folks, This issue has been present on my F-350 '03, '05 shtbed & '05 longbed. An engineering flaw that is keeping dealers in business with the recent economic dump. It seems to me that somewhere along the line Ford would have researched the problem. I had a similar problem with my 2000...that was built and having problems long before the others were made. I have been a Ford man for 60 years...that may change SOON!!
  • I can't engage my 4wd on my truck, anybody having the same problem?
  • hey i have a 95 f150 and my 4x4 will not work. the hubs lock and the indicator lights go on when u push the button in the truck but there is still no power to the front tires. i am looking for any help or info on the problem cause im stumped.
  • roadhog1roadhog1 Posts: 1
    edited February 2010
    I have this 2001, 7.3 deisel 4x4 8ft bed 1 ton F350 king cab this 2010 febuary I tried to use it and it sounded like it engaged but really did not , now this was after 10 yrs. & the 4x4 quit working , I engaged it once or twice every month religously . I know they say that if you dont use it you lose it . So what can the problem be . Is it broke or does it need a new electronic shifter computer board / module / :confuse: chip or what ever its called
  • I think it was about $5.00 that was several years ago though.
  • gstaplesgstaples Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 f-150 4x4 4.6 automatic. 4x4 activated by stick on the floor.Sometimes when driving down the road a loud clunk can be heard under the truck and then the 4x4 light comes on.This has happened twice and now the light will not go out.Can anyone help with this problem?
    Thank you
  • nikia_mmnikia_mm Posts: 4
    I have '94 F 150 that back fires and has barely no power when the mass air flow sensor is attached. Without the mass air flow sensor it has more power can anyone explain any suggestions. This is the second system I have put on.
  • apollo12apollo12 Posts: 1
    I have a similar problem my hubs want to stay locked in like my vacum will not stop pulling a vacum that is what engages the hubs. Does anyone on this site know what to check to see why the pump is still pulling a vacum?
  • i jus recently bought a 2000 f150 and when i test drove it everything was fine...i switched it into 4x4 and no problems....i used it today and once i took it out of 4x4 the light stayed acts as if its out of 4x4 but when you hit 60-70ish it seems like it may be riding kinda hard as if its partially in 4x4(dont sound right to me...either in or out is what i think) could that be as little as a sensor or does anyone know of more of a problem and with it being on can i be causing long term damage or a costly repair? if possible please reply to this at is my email and ill get the response much faster...thanks in advance
  • tones1tones1 Posts: 2
    My vechile doesn't total disengage out of 4WD and so at 50MPH+ I have a lot of vibration in the front wheels as if I was in 4WD. A dealer had trouble pin pointing the problem and finally told me I need a new shift motor. I tried by an after market one and the store cross ref the ford# and wanted to sell me a 4WD Actuator. It appears to work of vacuum but I don't think this is the same as the shift motor. Can someone tell me what the shift motor looks like and where it is located on the truck.
    mileage = 102K
  • brencoastbrencoast Posts: 1
    No power to the 4X4 switch.
  • Just discovered the same problem with my 2002 F-150 Super Crew yesterday....4"snow with ice under, moved switch on dash to 4wd High but back end was still stuck on the ice and fish-tailing. Front trans did not engage... plan on taking to garage Monday but would like to know what may be the problem to shorten the time I spend there.
  • I am having the same problems with my 2007 f-250. I just called ford customer care because my 4 wheel not engaging caused me to have an accident. They are sending to legal and I was told that before a recall on this issue can be made everyone having this issue needs to call them and complain. Their number is 1-800-392-3673. Hope this helps everyone.
  • icemaanicemaan Posts: 1
    Lately when I pull the lever to go in 4 weel the light shows engaged but it isn't. Has anyone had this problem
  • Thank you for sharing, I will be calling them tomorrow. Just had my 2004 4x4 Lariat fixed because their was a rattling noise when I accelerated on the freeway or high speeds. They said it was my 4x4 but it was caused because of a leveling kit on it. Obviously this isn't the case since I noticed the noise shortly after putting the new tires on and I guess they did a leveling kit. I didn't notice it before because I never drove with the windows down and the music was always on. Anyways, so sorry to hear about your accident, hope everyone was ok. I am bummed to hear all about these issues because I have had really good luck with my truck and love it. Thank goodness I had the extended warranty.
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