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Chrysler Sebring Starting and Stalling Problems



  • framisframis Posts: 1
    Wanted to thank Edmunds forum for solving my problem.
    Sebring would stall at any random moment and then start back up either immediately or 2 to 8 hours later. Problem would then repeat. Solution found on Edmunds site: replace the Crankshaft positioning sensor. Picked one up at Kragen Auto for $65.00, part # M09247 or CSS48 in a BWD engine management technology box. My Sebring has a 2.5 liter motor. The location of this sensor is under the distributor, attached to the bellhousing by one hold down bolt. Remove the bolt, slide the sensor out of the bellhousing, unclip from plug and replace. This took me all of 1 hour in my driveway and saved the car. This procedure required me to remove the air intake hose, battery and battery tray so as to access the right area. Awesome site!
  • Claire@EdmundsClaire@Edmunds Chicago areaPosts: 968
    Not sure if this helps, but it sounds similar:



  • Claire@EdmundsClaire@Edmunds Chicago areaPosts: 968
    Thanks, framis! Hope you'll stick around :-)

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  • ok after reading all the post on this subject ive decided to have the following replaced on my 1998 chrysler sebring convertible. the crankshaft position sensor. the map sensor and check the locking clip on the distributor plug, can anyone tell me where these items are located? thanks very much in advance for your help and contributions.
  • vampire87vampire87 Posts: 10
    map sensor is on the top left part of the engine. its a ten second fix.
    crank senson you have to take off the front driver side tire in order to access it.
  • My 2004 Sebring have had the Engine stalling problem since I put ONLY 6,000 miles on it. Mostly in the summer but it have stalled in the cold as well. Especailly when i get off the Highway and come to a city stop light it almost always shut off. Also the REAR DEFROST doesnt work when the car is idling. Also the fan relay switch fails every 3 years, meaning I have NO heat in Winter or NO air in Summer. Dont let those rebates lure you in to buying any Chrysler Product nor DODGE they are the same. Imagine trying to make a left turn when and it stalls while a Semi is coming, OMG......It have happened to me, but with a car.
  • I dont think the car is worth it myself, because something else will go wrong after fixing all that
  • kreetykreety Posts: 1
    removed air cleaner to throttle body and can put fuel into the throttle body and car will start and run smooth until of course it runs the small amount of fuel out. car has sat for last few monthes and she parked because of fuel smell, but said it was running fine except for the smell. also when I started messing with it it was out of fuel. got any ideas on what the problem is
  • Obviously lack of fuel pressure...needs to be pressure tested at engine...then track the loss back from engine to tank....probably a leak where the smell is coming from...try to find it
  • cuzo03cuzo03 Posts: 2
    my 1997 sebring convertible jxi decided all of a sudden not to start, i jump started it, it ran fine til i shut it off i have to keep jumping it, what could be causing this problem? My rear window was busted out and when it rains the inside of my car gets soaked, i thought maybe something got wet that shouldnt have and that is causing my problem, but i am not sure. If anyone knows please tell me
  • cuzo03cuzo03 Posts: 2
    When i start my car the motor will tick sometimes really loud, i have checked the oil and it was full, if i run it about ten min it will stop but then when i shut it off a while, and restart it it will do it again anyone know what this is?
  • Duhh..test your battery
  • Test your oil pressure...especially with high mileage
  • I need help, hopefully someone has had the same problem. I have a 98 Sebring jxi limited convertible. About 2 months ago, it occasionally would start and shut off with in a second or so. I could take the key out and it would start right back up. It did this maybe 4 or 5 times. A week ago while driving the security light came on. Got home next time car started normally and security light was off. Now it is dying more frequently and the security light sometimes comes on and stays on and it is starting to shut the engine down using the security system and wont start for a couple of hours. Is it my key, the ignition lock cylinder, or something else. Dont want to start guessing cause all are expensive fixes. The dealer wants $100 to put it on the computer, but the security light has to be on for him to do it. Thanks for any ideas of what it could be.
  • rbenderrbender Posts: 30
    edited August 2010
    I am not sure if the 98 has a chip in the Key, Do you have a spare key to try and start the car with. If the Key is Gray it's got a chip!
  • rbenderrbender Posts: 30
    Try using the ignition key to get fault codes:"on-off-on-off-on and leave on" doing that in 5 seconds or less elapased time. Then watch the odometer window to see if the mileage reading changes to show any 4-digit numbers preceded by a P. If that doesn't work, then look for an Autozone parts store nearby where they will do a free code readout. Ask for the numbers, then post them some manuals list the codes.
  • Yes, it is the gray key. Unfortunately we dont have an extra key. Got up this morning and it started fine and the security light didnt come on. Going to talk to my mechanic this afternoon. Hopefully he can fix the problem without having to go to Chrysler.
  • I will try this and see if it gives me a code. We hooked it up to our code reader and it didnt come up with anything. Hopefully this way it will. Thanks!
  • Ok so I am so so frustrated with my 2001 Chrysler Sebring Lxi it is not even funny.
    If I could pay someone to steel it I would.

    Ok so her I go: I recently had to replace my clok spring and prior to replacing it I was having starting issues with the car. It take me anywhere from 1-10 tries before it starts. I get an error code "done" and I need to know what it means. I had a friend diconnect the remote starter thinking this was the problem, but to not avail. I also had recently started carrying a key for a 2001 dodge stratus on the same key ring, I have since removed it thinking it might also have been the culprit and again nope.

    So now I am desperate and broke and need to be able to specifically find out what needs to be done to get the car running correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • I have a 2006 Sebring, the fuel pump whent out, replaced it. fuel pump kicking on now but still dosnt start. all it dose is cranks over hits here and there. any ideas
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