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LR 3 with V 6...enough power???

nikolayanikolaya Posts: 22
edited March 19 in Land Rover
Hi all,

I am just about to get this truck, SE with V6 engine...I am sweating and worrying about having only 215 hp...but I am getting such a sweat deal with $10,000 off MSRP...

I'll mostly ride alone (90%), sometimes with family of 3 kids and 1 wife (for now)...but on off roading and no towing...???

Anybody with V6 please comment your ride experiance...

P.S. I never even test drove this ting, going to the dealer tomorrow...


  • I have the V6 LR3 with the SE package and Cold Weather package. I will tell you that the V6 is actually quicker "off the line" than the V8 and has plenty of "go" for most things you might want to do on and off road. However, I do not about towing with it. I also own a Dodge Ram with a V8, so I do all my towing with that vehicle.

    BTW, what options are you getting and what will you be paying?

  • Keith,

    Thanks for writing, it makes me feel better...I am getting SE with cold and premium package...MSRP is $45,500 and I am getting it for $35,800...silver with black leather...

    I am planning on adding Land Rover Navigation on it... anybody knows how much this costs?


  • OK,

    I am going to answer my own question...V6 runs GREAT!!! I test drove V8 and I swear (maybe it's my wishfull thinking but then maybe not) that V6 feels better while driving and it's faster off the line!!!

    I am taking delivery Tuesday, can't wait...great truck...paid $34,600 at the end...V6 SE7 with cold and premium package...silver with black leather...I took lease so I can get that extra $1,000 but will probably buy this truck at the end of the lease...

    Navigation...they tried to sell me this bulky piece of crap for $2, fits inot the dash where standard Navigation is...but it sticks out...and it's too big...will get Garmin c330 for $300...

    That's it...thanks you all...I think I am out of here and will maybe come back once in a while...

  • Good luck Dan! I have owned my V6 LR3 SE (Tonga Green with beige interior) for a couple of months now and have had no problems (shy of a minor adjustment or two)

    Trouble free, cool looking, smooth riding, strong engine, and the best 4WD system on the planet...

    What's not to love...?

    BTW, I bought mine on a 60 month loan, but was wondering, what is your monthly lease payment, length, and residual?

    Good luck once again...

  • Hi Keith, my lease on 24 months with 10,500 miles per year is $341. This is with $3,000 cap cost reduction from my pocket on $34,646 purchase price...I am paying taxes and registration outside the transaction...aprox $2,700...residual 59%.

    I can't wait to pick it up on Tuesday. Already ordering some after market stuff...
  • Dan,

    At the price you paid, I would say you virtually "stole" that LR3. Good deal! I offered and paid $36,000.00 for mine without the 7 passenger seating. During my initial research I had figured out there was a covert rebate in place but at that point could find no information as to exactly how much LR was kicking back to the dealers. So I flew by the "seat of my pants" and guessed the incentive at somewhere around $4000.00. I would have never figured $6,000.00.

    In any case, the one good thing is that the total sales tax and vehicle registration costs in my state were less than $400.00, so I guess I saved a little on that end...

    Good luck once again. These are very cool vehicles...

    Keith :D
  • Dan,

    Where did you get such a great deal? My dealer is offering $6,000 off sticker. Sounds like you got $6,000 or $7,000 off invoice?

  • New Jersey...if you call Woodbridge or Paterson dealerships they should have the same thing...

  • It was probably a service loaner. We are selling those for 10,000 dollars off sticker as well of the V6 models.

    The low end torque of the V6 is actually slightly higher then the V8 model so that is why the V6 model feels more peppey. The V6 model is actually easier to drive off-road as the higher low end torque means you need to use less throttle control.

    I can almost let a V6 LR3 idle over our entire off-road course.
  • That explains the 230 miles on the truck...who cares, I still love it...
  • Yeah that happens sometimes. Normaly service loaners have to stay in service for four months but for a while early in the quarter Land Rover had a one month in and out program.

    Ended up with a lot of V6 cars that were only used as loaners for one month and so got very low mileage.
  • Dear British Rover:

    I am interested in one of these low mile 2006 LR3 V6 models. How do I get more info on what you have available?
  • Brit Rover,
    I'm also interested in what you have available in the way of untitled, low-miles 2006 V6 LR3s -- how do I find out more?
  • Don't have any all sold just have the first coule of 2007 MY LR3s now.
  • How much $$$ does the dealer get from Land Rover if he places an LR3 into service as a "service loaner?" Is this "allowance" transferable from dealer to dealer if the car is actually sold by another dealer? In my case, I purchased a "new" V6 LR3 SE that had 300 miles on it when I took delivery. My dealer had to get the car from another dealer about 50 miles away, since he had no V6's of his own. Accordingly, I figured he probably had to pay a "transfer fee" of some kind. I never figured the car to have been a "service loaner." Now I think it probably was (based on the mileage).

    I originally thought I got a great deal at almost $7,500.00 off MSRP. Now I am doubting my "great deal" more and more... :mad:

  • Keith,

    I think you are overdoing this a little...this forum gave us all good basis to negotiate a nice deal...and by all measurements $7,500 off the MSRP is great deal. You count in transfer fee so you are just a liittle over $8,000 off the MSRP...c'mon...that's great...
  • And one more thing...if you bought your car (as I think you did) you missed out on $1,000 extra rebate they offer ONLY on leasing...!!!
  • Oh no once a LR3 is put into service loaner status the dealer cannot transfer it to another dealer.

    So your car is not a for service loaner. 7,500 dollars is a very good discount for a basicly fresh car with 300 miles on it. The car probably had 30 or 40 miles on it when it got to the dealer then it got driven on test drives a few times and then driven to your dealership so another 50 miles tacked onto it.

    Real service loaners that have between 4,500 and 6,000 miles normaly have discounts around 10,000 dollars off. You got within 2,500 dollars, 2,000 dollars if you think that it cost the dealer about 500 dollars to move the car, on a car with only 300 miles on it.

    Sounds like a good deal to me.
  • So I picked up my 2006 V6 SE7...and it has only 49 miles on was NOT a service price $35,000...they also offered $10,000 off 2006 V8's...

    I love this truck drives great...
  • You got a good deal. I think the dealers that have any significant 2006 LR3 inventory are just dumping them for net net in order to clear the lot.

    We only have six or seven left ourselves.
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