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LR 3 with V 6...enough power???



  • Yeah, you are right. Tell the truth, I do this to myself everytime I buy a new car. I research the car for weeks, negotiate (sometimes for hours) to get the best deal I can, usually get a pretty good deal, then on the way home I start to think "I could have got this car $1,000.00 cheaper. Why did I offer 36? I should have said 35. I bet he would have taken 35." etc, etc, etc. I end up driving myself (and my wife) nuts...

    Meanwhile in the case of my new LR3... I JUST LOVE THIS TRUCK! So, maybe I will just shut up and enjoy it...


    Keith :D
  • Ha Ha Ha...that's's like psychological game we play with car salesman, catch is to figure out where is the point we get screwed...while signing papers today, I was watching every single number…thinking they will make a “switch” on me in the last moment…waiting to hear about extended warranty, undercarriage protection…but none of that happened…the fact of the meter is, buyers are so much better informed this days that in order to get screwed you really have to fall from the tree into that parking lot...

    Those guys at Ramsey Land Rover were totally cool…would recommended them anytime…
  • Okay,

    Now that I have forced myself to "relax" a little and enjoy my new LR3, I gotta tell you a fast story that happened to me. In 2002, I was trying to decide if I wanted a new Chevy pick-up truck, or if I wanted the Dodge Ram. I finally decided on the Chevy and spent several hours negotiating a VERY sweet deal on a loaded 1500. After we shook hands I was escorted to the closer, who handed me the "usual" stack of papers to sign.

    I carefully read each document before I signed and as I started getting closer to the middle of the stack I could see the "closer" start to lick his lips nervously.

    There it was; a $17,000.00 promisory note that said after paying on the truck for three years, I would then owe a balloon payment of $17,000.00.

    I asked "What the hell is this?"

    The closer said (trying to sound self assured) "It is a GM "Smart Buy.""

    I expressed that it did not seem so "smart" to me, that the salesman never told me about this, and DEMANDED my original deal.

    After going back and forth with the salesman and the closer, the general manager FINALLY walked into the room. I immediately demanded to know why I was being ripped off.

    The manager said (with a smirk), "You didn't REALLY think you were getting the truck for those numbers, did you?"

    I walked out, drove down the road, and bought the Ram.

    Great truck. I still own it...

    Keith :shades:
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    You may want to share that story in Stories from the Sales Frontlines! :)

    tidester, host
  • I am getting ready to buy this exact model. Can you tell me where you got yours?

  • Ramsey New Jersey...
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