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Subaru Outback Brake Questions



  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,267
    Odd bunch of issues there. I would have to hear that braking noise and revving issue to have any idea of what is really happening. As for the windshield filming, are you sure this is on the outside and not the inside? Interior filming is pretty common on new cars and tends to be from various volatile compounds off-gassing from the car's piping onto the windshield. It can be removed, but not from the outside.....
  • yes, it's all on the outside the sub tech got some kind of fluid from Japan (that we all can not buy from Sub) and removed the film from the windshield. It's still there and they agreed with me (one of the guys that works there he admits to the film getting build almost immediately after its removal (he took a ride with me)) , but blaming me for it. Sub is enjoying raise in sales since people are moving from SUVs and doesn't really care about few people that have issues.

    About the brake issues, they checked and checked and checked and nothing. So, I decided to take a brake cleaning solution and sprayed in....and....after power washing the's gone! I spent hours in the shop and they took tires off...nothing. They could just clean it?
  • rebel71rebel71 Posts: 87
    If the film is specifically on the outside and you've tried to clean it as well as Subaru service, that's a tough call. I assume you've cleaned the inside of your windshield. I say this because I have a terrible film that started from day one and the car is now almost 3 years old (2008 Legacy). At night, it's difficult to see,especially since it fogs up so quickly. It's frustrating, but trading the car in is not option for me. I just try to keep the windows clean. Are there other Subaru dealers near you to take for a second opinion? Is it possible to take it to a non subaru garage to also have a second opinion. You didn't mention what model you had Turbo and transmission. Is the car making the sound regarding brakes when you take it to the dealer, so a tech can test drive w/ you? Also the same for the spinning engine issue, too. The tech has to hear the problem or else they can't diagnose. The Subaru website under technical info mentions shift shock, hesitation, and high idle issues when clutch is disengaged (manual). It might be work a look. My experience has been with Subaru is that unless they hear the problem it doesn't get fixed. Unless you are willing to spend lots of money to replace parts that may or may not fix the problem.It's tough to say about the brakes, you didn't describe the sound. Hope you get a fix soon.
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