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Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission Problems

jtdljtdl Posts: 2
I have a 1998 JGC with Quadra Trak. When cold, I can be driving down the road, pushing down on the gas pedal when suddenly I'm coasting, the engine will rev when I push down on the gas but the transmission won't engage. I have to continue pushing on the gas pedal and letting off until finally it will engage and away I go. Anyone have any ideas of what this could be. It did it last winter and again this winter but never had a problem in the warm weather.


  • My jeep sat for acouple of months til I got around to fixing the brakes.
    When I went to move the jeep I found the throttle sticky. I had difficulty freeing it up when suddenly it was free.
    I fix the brakes. When I went out on the road to test the brakes I found that it wouldnt upshift unless the RPMs really were high.
    I can select individual gears both forward and reverse, there are no noises.
    The upshift cable is connected on the top of engine. I can pull on it and seems really easy to move.
    I thought it might have disconnected itself underneath but the cable disappears into the transmission. I pull on it and hits a stop. Is it possible that it came off inside the tranny. Will removing the tranny oilpan expose it for insepction?
  • i have pulled out nearly all my hair figuring out my tranny problem on my 89 cherokee, it was showing almost the exact symptoms. HOWEVER... before you look to hard at the tranny checkout your tps throttle position sensor during intermitting failure it will masquerade as a shiftless tranny,try adjusting your tps and see it your symptoms change, but you know it is never a bad idea to install a fresh tranny filter but ill bet a dollar on the tps good luck.
  • When was the last time the tranny fluid was changed? Sounds to me like you could have some water in the fluid that is freezing in cold water. A tranny that doesn't have enough fluid in it will do the same thing, only it will do it all the time.
  • Going down the highway, my engine dies, I have figured out it is not getting fire from the coil. After it cools off it starts again and runs good for a little while longer. I get a code of "11" on my display. Can yo tell me what to look for to repair.
  • jtdljtdl Posts: 2
    I wish that was the problem but I don't think it is since it doesn't have to be freezing for it to do this - just cold. My husband cleaned the filter and pan and found shavings in the pan also. Any other ideas of what could be going on?
  • Thanks that did it.. Replaced TPS.. Had to be sure it was the problem.. $150 lost if it wasnt

  • Hi I'm new to this forum. I purchased a 2005 jeep grand cherokee with the 4.7 v8, in may of 2006 it only had 9800 miles on it. Since June of 2006 I had experienced a delay when putting the truck in reverse after it sat for a period of time. I brought it to the dealer and they did a transmission cooler filter update (which supposedly was the problem). I still had the same problem, brought it back they did "another" update, well that turned out to be the same update. Since then I am still experiencing the same problem, slipping when putting it in reverse when the truck sits. I just had it to the dealer for other problems (exhaust manifold leaks, sun roof not working, climate control head lights not working differential noises, and engine noise on cold start). The fix everything but the transmission problem, engine noise and differential noise. The transmission problem the service manager told me is "normal" that you have to start the truck let it sit for approx. 30 seconds than put it in reverse that the problem I am having is normal. Any body experience this problem? and what solutions were found Please help. Im sick of the dealer run around
  • I am experiencing this probelm also. When I went to dealer they stated that I need to get my transmission flushed. I too have a 2005 JGC. I have been traveling a lot so my miles are now over 30K; however, this vehicle should not be doing this. I am also experiencing problems with the 4wd system however they are unable to determine what the problem is.
  • I have had problemn with tranmission slipping and is getting worse. When going down the road the car shudders from time to time as if the engine and trans are missing each other. We have had this car since new and are meticulous in our maint. The car repair place we had been going to said it was just wear problems but the shuddering is getting worse and I'm afraid the car is becoming unsafe. The rest of the car looks and acts brand new and engine is in top shape. Am I missing somethin here? Trans problem or something else. Should I put a new trans in? We'd like to keep it for a good spare vehicle.
  • Let me tell you from experiance freind to never ever be gotton again reading all these post makes me feel as if i am reading my onw "jeep life stories" for the past two year. I have a 2000 GJC Limited and when i bout it i loved how it looked it looked great - I was a little hesitant to buy it because I did not feel right about it for some reason i don't know i belive it was becasue of how it shifted in and out of gears which wasn't a brilliant smoth transision I did buy - I convinced myself that I was being to picky and bought the darn car. What in the world was i thinking guys the same thing happens to me when i'm on the road the jeep acts like it some times dosen't want to get out of second gear and it rushes high and cathes itslef all the time - now get this - I have taken this car to the dealer many many many many times and have asked what in the heck is wrong with this car they all tell me it this or its that I ask is it the trans they say no they say just get it serviced sir well I've done that and it still slipps and acts sick mean while the dealer wants to brainwash me into thinging that all is ok - all is not ok I have spent over 2500+ plus on this vehichle replacing parts to serviding the jeep yet still I am never without these dumb slipps - i am more than conveniced that this is no longer a small problem with the jeep but that chrysler has really put together a terrible car for there customers how dare them put me through all this how dare them - I am more certain that these jeeps are more like trash than good runing SUVs when i read the ladies post above she has a 2005 JGC and her is acting stupid too - I wonder do the people actrully drive these cars they seel i'm mean really if they did they burn them all up because they are useless - us consumers spend thousands of dallars for these cars and many of us are told by the very sells people "hey great car, no need to worry itall run like a pearl...." this is a bunch of hog waist they do everything but run like a pearl they run absolutly terrible! I will be done paying for my jeep this year! you can be sure I will never ever purchase another JEEP!
  • If you go to this web site you will find a simular problem with the transmission:
    Jeep Grand Cherokee TCC Solenoid
  • Likely a Throttle position sensor
  • Okay- I've had my 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo for 2 years. Bought it with 130k miles on it for a decent price. I put some regular matinence into it (CV boots, breaks, tires, belt, and most recently a radiator)about 1000 miles after putting in the radiator I was driving across country when, after going thru some MAJOR rain, the transmission started 'bogging' or 'hogging up' after shifting @ 45-50mph (most noticable up-hill) I brought it to a tranny place, they said nothing is wrong with it- and it was a 'drivablity problem' so i brought it to Midas, they said it was the tranny- ugh. So a few days ago driving about 60mph it started giving me a jumping sensation, as if i was pumping the gas fast (altho i wasnt)- Today I started it up (yes its getting cold out) put it in reverse and got a Weeerrrrring sound.... Should I bother getting the tranny flushed? Does anyone have any other suggestions? :sick:
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    glad that it will be paied for this year then you can drive in the lake and be done with your head ake
    buy a toy and you will be happy??????
  • I have a 2006 65th Anniv. Edition JGC and have been experiencing mild transmission issues. Randomly (and mostly when the motor is cold), the vehicle pulsates while I am steadily pushing in on the accelerator. Almost like I am pumping the gas pedal. Just the other day, I was going along fine in traffic and pressed in quickly on the gas to accelerate and pass another car. The truck sounded like I threw it in neutral and revved up the motor. That's the ONLY time that has ever happened. And lastly, twice, I have been sitting either in a parked position or at a redlight and the engine starts to sputter and sounds like it's smothering. I thought it was going to die at the redlight one day, so I put it in neutral and gave it a rev and it was fine. Anybody else with a 2006 having the same issues?? I've already had the leaking valve transfer case and had it replaced. That didn't resolve the problems.

    THANKS :)
  • This is my second Jeep (previous was a 95 JGCLaredo, LOVED IT -- no problems) I bought the 2005 vehicle while I was overseas in Italy (Active Duty Navy-single mom) and actually had it made for when I came back to the states in Aug 2005. It's been very disheartening because this was one of the biggest things I was looking forward to after being in Italy for three years. Since I have had the vehicle the engine has completely shut off (four different times), leaving me with no powersteering, radio/lights are still on, gauges go to zero, and it's hard to stop the Jeep, which I have to bring it to a complete stop just to turn the enging back on. VERY DANGEROUS! Not to mention I have my six year old with me everytime this has happened. Happened in Jan 06(at a redlight luckily), July 06(on the interstate), Dec 06(on the interstate) and just recently Jan 07(in town - almost rear ended). I took it to different dealers, in July 06 and Jan 07 and both give me the same answer. "The computer isn't reading any problems and tell me that they are downloading some new software"...blah blah blah! Just looking to see if anyone else is having similiar problems before I go to Chrysler with a lemon lawsuit (before me, my son, or someone else on the road is hurt). :sick: :lemon:
  • kenjo1kenjo1 Posts: 1
    I've been having the same problem with my 05 Grand Cherokee. Took it to the dealer this morning; they called in the afternoon to report 7 codes on the tranny and they have to pull it to diagnose the problem. I should have it back in a couple of days. Still under warranty, and the dealer pays for the rental car.
  • These problems started when Chyrsler bought the Jeep badging. They started making an inferior vehicle with very cheap parts. I have a 99 Cherokee Limited. Fortunately it was before Chrysler messed with the drive train. Jeeps never ever used the electric swithces to put their vehicles in and out of 4WD for a simple reason. If it is done mechanically there is less potential for problems. The Daimler/Chrysler boys have ruined a good product. My XJ has had two power window failures, an AC evaporator failure and four of my friends with newer Jeeps have all had numerous power window failures. It seems Chrysler would want to make a reliable vehicle or at least have kept the reliable old Jeep realiable but they didn't. :mad:
  • ejv207ejv207 Posts: 12
    I have a leased JGC Rocky Mountain 05 3.7L V6 with just about 19,500 miles on it. I experienced similar problems around Spring 2006. This was AFTER the recall was performed on the vehicle. Water contaminated transmission fluid, caused overheating leading to under the hood fires. They installed a new grommet seal and water shield deflector. A few weeks after the recall, I noticed it was still leaking a bit of trans fluid and water, and brought that up at its next service. I was told not to worry about it. Car ran fine for another few weeks, but one morning the engine would not turn over. The lights and radio and interior lights were fine and I just hooked it up for a jump it started up fine. About a week later the car shut off while I was at a light, thankfully, I was not moving when this happened, I turned the ignition and she started right back up. Another few days went by and this time after being idle overnight, none of the lights were working and the clock stopped on the radio. I jumped it once again and drove straight to the dealer. I thought it was an electrical problem but I was surprised when I found out it was actually the transmission. There was a leak in the transmission and almost no fluid was left in the vehicle. This leak was not on the side where the recall was performed. They told me it was a faulty plug/seal towards the rear of the trans. Since then I haven't had any problems with the transmission. I will try to find that service sheet and let you know what they did. You can check the NHTSA website for complaints, service bulletins, and recalls. Some taller people have been hitting the ignition to the off position because of its position on the dash instead of the steering column, that may be the problem, but other people have experienced the stall for no reason like you and I and you can point that the dealer to the TSBs.
  • limbolimbo Posts: 1
    My transmission starting slipping after geeting warm. I replace the fluid drove 500 miles and replaced it again by dropping the pan. I also put some transmission fix it fluid (2 part) in it. At 60 mph the rpm is steady at 2700 on flat ground. This seems rather high. My guess from experiance with other overdrive transmissions it should probably shift up one more gear. The overdrive off button seems to work properly in that when activated the light comes on and the car then begins to slow down and it feels like the engine is engaged adding braking to the car. In overdrive, the engine slows down but does not add additional braking to the vehicle. If all this is right it seems the car does not go into high gear. My shift lever has 1st,2nd and D(with the circle indicating overdrive. Some Jeeps I've seen have 1st,2nd,3rd,D(with the circle indicating overdrive). Is it possible that I have a 2 speed with overdrive?

    If the final analysis is I'm missing high gear; can I drop the pan trouble shoot the problem and have some reasonable chance of fixing it? Should I try changing the fluid again?
    What are the most probably candidates, that can be reached without pulling the trans? Could the torque convertor be causing this. It probably still has a fair amount of dirt in it. Can it be flushed without pulling the tranny? :confuse:
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