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Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission Problems



  • I have an 06 with the same issue, slips in cold. i have owned it less than a month...and i've noticed that i do not have OD for the most part unless you have it to the floor. once the vehicle is warm it is better, but not as good as it should be. My tranny light came on on the way home...i noticed a puddle the size of 2 basketballs on the garage floor. less than a not good...i am going to the dealer to B*$# them's under warrenty for a couple months at least...but it still is upsetting. I have a sealed tranny too so I coulnd't check the fluid to see it was low. I am hoping that is all...tighten the pan, top it off and i will be good. I guess we will see. anyone feel free to help on this on things to watch. it's my first jeep and this site is making me worried about the decission. it drove GREAT when i test drove it. on the highway and all...but it is not so hot anymore.
  • trek87trek87 Posts: 49
    you can usually test the transmission fluid level via a dipstick located near the firewall under the hood. this site shouldn't make you worry about owning a jeep - they don't have any more issues than other cars, it's just that there are a lot of us out there and a lot of us that really care about our own. besides, you'll be the only 4wd vehicle heading up the mountain that doesn't get stuck ;). good luck.
  • Unfortunately i have a sealed transmission...only a dealer can access it to check levels. i had a leaking sensor that needed replaced for 200. on my way home now i have another check engine light. took it back (less than an hour after i left the dealer) cylindar 3 is misfiring. they blamed i on the car wash on the way home and canceled the code. just went to the store...came back on. grrr.
  • my 2001 JGCL 6 cylinder engine rpm's every so often increase while in park. Had it in the garage for oil change, tech said that it may be transmission pressure sensor that needs to be replaced. The rpms' also seems to increase while driving without any speed change or notice of gear shifting. Please help! It has currently 115,000 miles.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    It could be something as simple as a faulty O2 sensor.

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  • I have a 99 JGC Laredo. Yesterday, I was driving down the road and the RPMs were steady but my speedometer kept dropping...while my foot was still on the gas. Thought maybe my tranny fluid was low, but it was fine. Just to be sure...had it drained and replaced, and even put a new speed sensor in it. No shavings in the old fluid or nothing. After all that, it still sits running, but when you go to put it into gear, it won't shift into drive nor reverse. What's going on? Any ideas?
  • My wifes 2000 cherokee has a 4 wheel drive light that is not lighting up, also when we put it in 4 wheel drive it's a little tough at times, is there a specific speed that needs to be attained while putting it into 4 wheel drive, 3-4 mph sufficient and does cold weather affect how it all works,...if we dont get it in all the way does that affect the switch on the light and also cause it to slip out, is working now ,...and are there any fluid or grease issues to deal with ? Thanks,Lenny
  • ez2ez2 Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 JGCL WITH 5.9 it drove just fine until last parked now it will drive in reverse but nothing forward,checked in all speeds and HI/LO I checked fluid, relay and shift links all are ok, WHATS UP!!
  • I just fixed my 99 JGCL also that needed the governor pressure transducer and governor pressure solenoid replaced. Remove the transmission pan and filter and u will see both parts. remove a a few 7/16 bolts and torque head bolts. Fixes the prob.
  • 1998, 6 cyl, auto. 200K miles. GREAT vehicle, with a history. i have had trouble twice before with backup lights not coming on, tranny wouldnt shift into OD etc. removed transmission switch on pass side of vehicle, disassembled it, did my own rebuild, sanding it smooth as the copper swipe bands indicated wear. cleaned and replaced dielectric grease. this fixed the above both times. Now, I start the vehicle, select any gear, no shifting. level on driver side (linkage) moves, but nothing happens. repeated the above repair, but to no avail. Fluid level is clean and at proper level. Ideas?
  • TSB has been used twice and transmission still slips after sitting for even a few hours. The slippage lasts from 2-8 seconds. Chrysler's response - "transmission operating normal at this time". Driving uphill at 65mph cruise on, speed slows by 5-7 mph and then the transmission shifts to 2nd unless I manually shift it before losing speed. PCM is not matching engine performance to transmission gear ratio to maintain speed, for 3 years have been told software is on the way. Engine is 4.7V8.
  • trek87trek87 Posts: 49
    ideal shifting speed for the transfer case (TC) varies slightly - check your owner's manual. cold weather mainly affects the TC fluid viscosity, but if everything is operating correctly, at most you would just notice a slight stiffness in the shifter and maybe some additional noise.

    you should service the TC and both differentials every 30K.
  • WmGWmG Posts: 1
    Scoped my Jeep yesterday to get back a 1762 and a 1763 code..Gov. pressure at 57 psi and never moves. I thought new transducer/sensor/or solenoid would help. But they say,"no" we have to tear down the transmission to see the real problem ($978 just to start) Signs of small meatl shavings in fluid, they say. Is that not common in 8 yr old vehicles.Am I being taken for a ride? Supposed reputible shop, but I trust no mechanics since I am not one. Thanks.
  • rewirewi Posts: 2
    I had a problem with my 2000 - it dropped out of over-drive and the transmission over temperature light came on. I allowed the tranny shop to go the route yours suggests. I thought they were the experts with their computers etc... Big mistake. Same problem re-occurred - they were mystified. Only happened when the weather was really hot. Turned out to be some $100 part which I don't remember but which was not part of the rebuild. Might have been the governor. Anyway, when they finally replaced it the problem went away.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    could be the solenoid and pressure switch assembly replaced as a compleat part mounts on side of valve body inside of trans oil pan
  • My jeep drives fine when cold in the morning, but when the tempeture reaches normal operating tempeture it will not go forward or backwards, the dipstick shows that it is i pint over full when in neutral. From reading all of the blogs. they say to check the tps sensor, or the governor control solenoid? The answer in "none" of these. If the Jeep moves Backwards it not a sensor, or control solenoid problem. It's an internal fluid pressure problem. You must rebuild it or get a good used replacement. Sorry the bad news.
  • My transmission won't shift into O.D. I changed fluid and filter checked fuses still nothing I pulled the plug off the back of the O.D. on/off switch plugged it in and it worked, the next day same thing no O.D., I unplugged switch and retried it but nothing. The indicator light only works on/off if the vehicle isn't running, When its running the light comes on right away then goes off but still wont shift into O.D. no response from switch (engine and trans are at operating temp)
  • hi I had a similar problem withh my tran tell i found the throtle cable at the intake had to much slack in it, so i resyncronized the throtle cable and trans cable. now it hangs a bit longer in lower gears but at least it goes,
  • I also have a 2006 JGC, and I have the same issue at stop lights. Not every stop light, just when I have been running at highway speeds for what seems 5 or minutes. I have also thought that I needed to put in neutral, but i have left it in gear and it never shuts off, just feels like it.
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