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Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission Problems



  • jeeepjeeep Posts: 5
    I have this Vibration /shutter. Its been doing it for 5 months now. I'm not sure how it started or really when but I think it may started from when I had to give it a lot of gas from not getting hit from someone?? I also had to have the throttle body replaced before then too. Its a 03 4.7v8 with 36 thousand miles on it. I have taken it to the dealer 3 times. Had the 30,000 tune up done also. I also get engine Vibration sitting still with in park and rebbing it to 1300rpm -1700rpm that's were it really like to vibrate in that area. I can feel it in the steering wheel and pedal when driving as well. So I don't know what it could be. The dealer just says it normal, the maint guy said it feels like a Jeep. I think it may be the Transmission ?? That acts up too, when I shift from R to D it will want to die some times??? some times when it shifts from 1st to 2nd or 2nd to 3rd I get a shutter.Will the Transmission make the car Vibrate /shutter when driving and sitting in park?? Any ideas? I don't know what I should try next. I hate to drive it on long trips because the Vibration /shutter is so annoying and maybe doing damage to something. Other than that the engine runs strong.

    Please if anyone can help with any ideas.

  • codyp08codyp08 Posts: 1
    My 2004 jeep grand cherokee is equipped with a quadratrac II transmission. It has recently began to lock up on me. Earlier today it locked up completely. I checked the transmission fluid level and it is good. Is this a problem with the transmission or possibly the 4 wheel drive?
  • trek87trek87 Posts: 49
    it could be a number of things, but it's probably the transfer case (since it's all-time AWD) or the transmission. please provide more details.
  • When I start my 2006 Jeep GC (less tha 30k miles) and start moving on a cold day it's fine, but the very first time I stop at a light or stop sign, when I give it gas the engine revs and the vehicle barely moves. Giving it more gas doesn't help, you have to let off and proceed slowly untill it resolves itself, usually within 5 to 6 seconds. Once it does this it usually doesn't occer againg until the car sits overnight, but on occasion it has happen again even when the car warms up. Even though it's auto trans with full time 4WD, it's as if the clutch was slipping on a standard transmission vehicle.
  • A friend has a 2004 JGC V6 special edition. She says it is shifting late (5000 RPMS) in all gears regardless of demand, load or speed. She also stated it is shifting rough/slow when it does shift. No other problems with the car. I had her check the transmission fluid and it is full. I am going to have her change the fluid and filter but thought I would post to see if anyone had experience with this problem and it's possible cause (TCM, TCC solenoid, etc.). I am unfamiliar with Jeeps but I am a solid shade tree mechanic (mostly Audis, Volvos and Chevys). My only Chrysler was a Eagle Talon AWD (Mitsubishi engine/design). Thanks in advance.
  • My Malfunction Error message came on during my drive home. I have been having problems with what i think is the transmission not wanting to shift correctly. It is equipped with the TPS shifting and every so often it will not let me downshift. I went to check the transmission fluid, however there isn't a dipstick, just a cap. Any suggestions?
  • chaxx16chaxx16 Posts: 3
    Hope you found your problem by now since it has been months since your post. I'd just like to say that in my experience - never listen to a transmission mechanic - unless he's family. Anyone I've ever known with a transmission problem gets bad news when they take it to transmission specialist and most of the time when your car wont shift or is making noise its either in need of mere adjustment or more fluid.Your transmission adjustment cable is right next accelorator cable on your throttle body and make sure if your having someone else change your fluid that it is the right one cause you'd be surprised how it will change the feel of the shift. Good luck.
  • chaxx16chaxx16 Posts: 3
    To check your engine mounts - pop your hood - put the truck in drive while holding the brakes tightly(make sure no one is infront of the truck when you do this) and give it some gas. If the motor moves moves side to side more than 2-3 inches or clunks- the mounts are bad.Almost everytime you have a problem like this though unless it happens suddenly while on a trail its got to be simply out of tune and the trick is to find what sensor or wire etc.
  • chaxx16chaxx16 Posts: 3
    My engine vibrates at idle. I have no check engine light and have just passed inspection. It starts well anytime of year but seems sluggish to respond and is a little low on power. I have tuned it up but that had no effect. One clue might be it runs a little better on 93 octane rather than regular. Thanks.
  • mfebusmfebus Posts: 2
    hey did you ever find the solution to your problem i have a 94 jgc with the same problem all the gears change fine it just doesnt kick into overdrive it does it once in a blue moon when ive been driving for a while the damn mechanic says i need it rebuilt for $900 i dont think its that serious a problem to do a rebuild so any help will be appreciated thx
  • Jeepster95Jeepster95 Posts: 2
    I found out that its one of two things, both require trans pan removal its either the Govenor pressure sensor(my problem)or the govenor pressure solenoid not difficult to change either one there are a few sites I found with step by step instructions and photos the cost new on these items are about $100.00 each from NAPA I got mine used from a junkyard either way its cheaper than a $900.00 rebuild! My mech. says this is a common Chrysler problem the 42RE is a tough tranny most of the time its just somthing simple like sensors or fluid levels filters solenoids ect. hope this helps
  • I had a similar problem with my 2006 grand cherokee. It would ocassionally have the check engine light come on and then would not shift properly. TPS shifting would not work and it would either not let me out of third gear and one time would not allow me to exceed 3000 RPMs. I brought it to a transmission specialist and it turned out that the sheild over the wire harness had worn away the insulation of a few of the wires causing a short. Got it fixed along with a transmission service (at 50K miles) for $450. Glad I was able to avoid going to the dealer and ending up with a new transmission.
  • rfl1rfl1 Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 limited with the 4.7 HO motor, it has 98,000. I just started having a issue that is inconsistent, and I was wondering if anybody could help. Sometimes the tranny is not shiffting out of 2nd or 3rd, RPM'S go up but it will not shift. If I let off the gas and cruise for a bit it usually then engaes the next gear. Also when this is happening I hear a thumping sound and a slight jerk as it down shifts (0nly in the low gears). As I said it does not always happen and tempature does not seem to make a diffrence. It runs fine on the highway no problems or loss of power. It's like it's not shifting at the proper time up or down when cruising at low speeds. Then other times I get in and it's fine. I checked the fluid level and it is fine. No burnt smell or dirt, nice and clean. This vehicle has been a thorn in my side since I bought it (20,000 miles). It's a piece of SH*T. It has always been well maintaned and never beat on. Used as a secondary vehicle. Every time I turn around I'm dumping money into it. Significant money over the years. I will never by another Jeep again. And I have owned many. Any help would be greatly appreciated, THANKS! Oh and one more thing every time I start it it runs up high (2,000) and then slowly drops off to where it should be. A little jumpy at first, then calms down. I know this is a seperate issue, could it be a sensor? That's what I was told.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    i would change the tps and see if that dont fix all your problums as the trans shift points are deriver fron that sensor same as fuel mixture lot cheaper than pcm
  • lx12sqlx12sq Posts: 1
    Hey all, I have a 1995 Grand Cherokee ZJ Laredo L6 4.0 engine. Recently I have been having trouble w/ the transmission (automatic) shifting and it shutting off the auto O/D upon start-up. Turning over the car will start, there will be a definitive "click" sound and then the O/D Off light turns on, and when I hit the button, the light stays on. When going to accelerate, it takes until about 2200 rpm before it moves and gets speed, and then wont go over about 60 mph w/o being at about 2800 rpm high rev'd. I took it to a mechanic who said 1st gear was completely sheared, another, one replaced the input/output sensors on the transmission to solve (which didnt work) because the problem is sporadic and random at best, can never determine when. I have noted tho if it does turn on and the problem is there, starting out in 2nd and then shifting to D helps accelerate better, but I wanna clear this problem up, any suggestions? No check engine light code (light is never on) is 42RE auto trans, approx 185K on it. Thanks
  • hemi572k5hemi572k5 Posts: 2
    Dear all,
    I have fixed four new Perilli 245/65 R17 ATR tires for my Hemi JGC 2005 but I noticed that they are too noisey at the inside while driving. I was told that because they are off-road hard tyres.
    Can any one advise me what are a better performance and more quite/smooth on-road tyres for this Jeep. I'll be able to resell them over here with minor loss.

  • trek87trek87 Posts: 49
    I've had Goodyear Fortera SilentArmor 245/70/R16 tires for my '98 GC and I absolutely love them. I upgraded to these when they stopped making the Wrangler HPs. I noticed the smoother/quieter ride on the highway immediately, and they handle really well in rain/snow. I wouldn't bother with the TripleTreads, since you're sacrificing performance on anything except dry, smooth pavement.

    I have full-time 4WD, but the treads have lasted a while, and they will for you as long as you rotate them often. When I get new tires later this year I will be getting the exact same ones again. Good luck :)
  • rfl1rfl1 Posts: 2
    Yo Dude, Thanks for your help with the TPS. Seems to have been the issue. Much Oblidged!
  • prl1prl1 Posts: 1
    my sons 95 grand cherokee quit moving. had it towed home husband changed filter and fluid(atf4) worked great for 10 miles now acts like it shifts into neutral and won't move. let it sit for awhile goes again then same thing happens. will reverse and forward enough to get it mowed around but can't be trusted. any ideas
  • jonbontimjonbontim Posts: 1
    I'm having the exact same problem that you are. Have you been able to figure out what it is? I have a 95 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0L AutoTrans 42RE 220K miles.
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