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Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission Problems



  • Mytylerjr, did you ever get a proper diagnosis? I have an '06 JGC 4WD with the EXACT same symptoms. Also has the same mileage....59k. If you ever got to the bottom of it, It'd really help me out to hear what the problem was! Thanks.
  • Well, blueridgeatl - the news isnt good.

    It turns out that some major bolt to the master output shaft had been improperly tightened in the past (the transmission mechanic said he suspects that it was when the vehicle was first assembled(!)) and simply worked its way loose, got stripped and was alowing the master output shaft too much travel and shaking, and things got stripped.

    The gears themselves were fine (no wear after 59K) but the master output shaft and collar (and torque converter) were all damaged from the tranny moving around too much.There were other contamination issues. The warranty company sent two inspectors out to see the damage.

    In the end, I needed to have the entire transmission replaced, for $2750.

    Since the failure started just 4-5 days after I bought the vehicle, AND I bought an EasyCare "Total Care" extended warranty, I would have thought it was covered.

    EasyCare however, balked, and said "Too soon - must have been preexisting, we're not going to cover it" and the dealer said "the jeep was sold "as-is" with a 3rd party warranty - you need to work with the warranty company" - I am apaprently out of luck.

    Obviously I have been complaining to both parties, and I think they may be actually reconsidering my claim, and -may- still cover part of it. I am still waiting to hear back from a manager at EasyCare, and the dealer claims they have heard that there is a "Maybe 60% chance they will cover some of it as a special circumstance" - but I am still waiting. I very much hope they cover all or most of it - or I will be detailing this experience onthis and several other forums, to make sure people know.

    The good news is, after replacing the tranmission, the jeep runs GREAT.

    Im sorry that I dont have a magic, cheap fix to reveal to you. I wish I had had one.
  • I just bought a 89 JGC and the transmission just started to make a popping noise as if it were hitting somethoing else in the transmission box. It makes the noise in drive, reverse, 2wd, 4h, and 4l. I have cut the engine off and left it in neutral and when i pushed it it still popped. Any Comments Or Suggestions On What This May Be?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!
  • Since you hear the "popping" when you're in N (i.e., transmission disengaged), that suggests to me that it is not your transmission at all. Does the sound change with vehicle speed, turns, etc.? Please provide more information.
  • I have a 2007 loredo with the same problem!!! The thing that sucks is, it doesn't do it all the time, just once in a while. so you take it to the dealership and it starts right up so they don't see a problem. Last time they changed the ignition switch and that didn't work. I am going in for round 2 today. Any suggestions???
  • Hi 'jeepcreep', did you fix this problem. My 98 GCL got stuck with no reverse - couldn't even push it back, so towed it back with locked wheels. Can't work out if it's in the transfer case or the auto transmission. As you say, I can turn the shaft to go forward but not backwards. I'd appreciate some help on this. :shades:
  • Ok, I have been read all of those and I see the same problem what I have on my 94 Jeep G.C. Laredo. I tried replace TPS and CSS. Nothing change. So I decided I replaced the E.C.M. and its WORKED!!!!!!!! I m mechine all my life.

    E.C.M mean Engine Control Module ! I removed bad E.C.M. and replaced it. SMOOTH and DRIVE! E.C.M. is control for Engine and Transmission.
  • Hey there. I have a 96 sport with an auto transmission that is having troubles right now. It doesn't happen every run but once in a while it's like it's starting in 2nd gear. There is virtually no power on initial acceleration but once it slowly picks up speed it seem to be fine at higher speeds shifting into subsequent gears until I slow down to a stop or near-stop and try to accelerate again. Additionally just recently it accelerated normally from a stopped possition but it wouldn't shift out of 1st gear even with RPM's upwards of 6000. I had to pull over and move the shifter through the possitions to get it to go into other gears.

    Again both problems are intermittant and most days the tranny is fine. Just curious what's going on. I plan to drop the pan and do a gasket and filter swap in the event there is some sort of blockage in the filter or pan somehow affecting the shifting. But aside from expensive tranny work I'm at a loss as to what's happening. I really need this thing to last me a few more years if possible.

    Any help would be great.

    Mudder Trucker
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    i would change the tps and see if that takes care of the prob
    AS the tps tells the trans where the throttle is at dont use cable to tell what posion the foot feed is at
  • Thank you for the response but you'll have to clearify for me... whats a TPS? I love working on my Jeep and my old Pontiac but I'm not always familiar with the lingo.

    And in case anyone is following this question, I replaced the tranny fluid, gasket, and filter and I am still having the same issues. The fluid was at least 50KM old but had no burnt smell and was still clear. The magnets in the pan were intact and had only very small almost graphite-like particles attached to it (no obvious metal filings). The filter looked clear and a visual of the tranny guts seemed fine too.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond.

    Mudder Trucker
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    tps stands for throttle posion sencer right by the intake tube next to engine
  • i recently bought a 94 grand cherokee laredo with 160,000 miles. When driving the tranny starts out in a high gear and stays there. if i put it in one of the two low gears (1or2) only one of those work. if i shift from 1st or 2nd into drive the tranny will shift into that high gear. is there a chance that there is a "easy fix" or is the tranny shot? i've had ALOT of electrical problems since i bought 2 weeks ago, and the tranny makes no noise.
  • nnealnneal Posts: 72
    Recently I had those same symptoms on my 1998 Cherokee with the AW4 transmission. At first, on rare occasions it would slip briefly out of the blue. Then wouldn't do it again for quite a while (or days) after. It was a sporadic symptom. At first, it wasn't affecting the engine. Finally when that began to happen, the engine would run terribly as if someone pulled a spark plug wire off. Finally it got so bad at a point (I deliver mail with it), it was stalling every time I stopped at a mailbox. Also you could smell the engine was running very rich.

    After scouring the web for answers, I ended up replacing the TPS and the problem went away (or so I thought). Sadly to say, after a couple of days the problem came back. It was only corrected (in my case) after I discovered the connector that plugs into the TPS had contacts that were "sprung" or weakened by the weight of the wire harness on it. I couldn't wait to order a new one, so with the help of my wife (needed four hands) we disassembled the connector and bent back the female pins so they would grab tight again. Finally the problem was solved!

    Apparently, when first replacing the TPS, I moved the wires enough to make a good connection again, only to last for a few days. By wiggling the wires at the connector, I could make it go from bad to good (and vise versa).

    Hope this helps!

  • nnealnneal Posts: 72
    BS, BS, and more BS. That's what you're getting from the dealer in my opinion. I had a shifting problem where when I stopped, it would not shift down to first again. If I shifted manually with the shifter, it was alright until I stopped again. I brought it to a transmission shop only to be told I needed a rebuild or new transmission. Later, I made an appointment with a dealer to scan for transmission codes and analyze it. For $100 they told me the same thing. So in my opinion, the shops out there only want to replace or rebuild your transmission because that's where the money is at.

    Finally, with nothing else to lose, I pulled the pan, tested the solenoids, and found one of them bad. I bought a solenoid kit off the web (way cheaper), and my problem was fixed! No thanks to the shops.

    Assuming fluid level is okay, from my experience, I would start out testing the TPS, and if that's not it, test the solenoids. I am a firm believer also, if the transmission is working fine except for misshifts, then it's a part problem and not the whole tranny.

  • I had a similar problem last night. The car started the first 3 times, but would turn off. Then it just would not turn on at all. I tried it again today and nothing. All the lights, radio, and electronics come on. My key remote also is not working. I just had the car towed to the dealer. Does anyone know if this is covered under the warranty?
  • hi
    just bought jeep grand cherokee, 87000ml, had engine problem, fixed it easy, but now trans is playing. on D it would jump from 1st to 3rd, would need to rev engine quit a bit to to it. and would not go to 4th. but if i would start drive on 2, not on D, it would shift from 1st to 2nd(would still need to rev it hard to get it done) and when driving on 2nd when i change to D, it will shift nicely to 3rd and 4th. no fault codes present, had it check at few garaged and they cant tell whats wrong, they say what need to take gearbox out, look inside. and it would cost a lot.
    and O/D button isn't working, o/d on all the time, but they say it's nothing to do with it. any thoughts?
    thank you for your help
  • I have to replace the ring and pinion in the front end, the jeep is a quadra trac with 3:73 gears and 249j tranfer case. I have pulled the ring out, both axels and now need to pull the pinion. Please help? I will aslo need help to put the pinion back in place.

  • loosenutloosenut Posts: 165
    OH YEA! ! !.. sounds like you found the problem-bad connection in the t.p.s-contact- then fixed it!..the only thing i might add is a habit i've gotten into,and coated the contacts with -dielectric's non conductive(won't short anything),and keeps contacts from rusting/corroding ...should be at the auto supply,in a tube,or at a electrical supply..i use it whereveri fix a connection,and especially on the trailer hitch plug !..keeps the water out..
    --your tip about the pins on the connector for the throttle position control sounds like exactly the problem..glad you fixed it,and shared it with us!
  • Mine is an auto, 6 cyl, 4x4. When in drive, only the high gears work. I have to start in 1st/2nd then 3rd then up to drive. I was told the solenoids need to be replaced. The tranny is an AW4. Can I try to reset the computer with the negative off the battery, foot on the brake pedal, key in ignition turning on/off 3 times or do the solenoids need to be replaced? Thanks.
  • My cherokee has a factory hole in the column at the top that may have been where the tilt lever was. My cherokee is the bone stock model with reach across locks and crank windows. Could it be missing the lever or was my year/model not have this option?
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