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Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission Problems



  • ddawg71ddawg71 Posts: 1
    Its called the pressure control solenoid (PCS), wich is 134.00, and you will want to replace tranny oil pressure solenoid, wich is about 40.00, you might want to replace speed sensor first, its on the side of your tranny not inside.thats only 17.00 it might be the problem. but in any case YES they are rippin you, get some other qoutes, theyre charging you about 1600.00 - 2300.00 just for labor wich is about 5 to 6 hours of work.
  • Im having the exact same problem. 93 grand cherokee. What did you find out from any mechanics? What part/s were causing the problem? How much was the cost of parts and labor for the repair?
  • I recently bought a 94 jeep cherokee and was driving it fine... in may i took a trip that was about an hour and half away and she did great, a week and a half later she started having shifting problems... wouldn't shift normally, rpm's reved up... anyhoo, this went on for about 4 days and on the 23rd of may she just wouldn't move and had a real bad like grinding/whining noise happening. some have told me that i need a new transmission but i can get into it and drive it around the block but after about 15 minutes of driving it'll start slipping again. now i know a lil bit about cars and i don't feel that it's the WHOLE transmission, what exactly could it be???
  • nnealnneal Posts: 72
    Check your Throttle Position Sensor (TPS). If that checks out ok, wiggle the wiring going into it while the engine's idling to see if anything changes. My 98 Cherokee took off normally in 1st but the gears after that started slipping. My TPS checked out ok but the wiring plug going into/connecting it had prong sockets that were "sprung" and not making good connection. At the time my Cherokee had about 180,000 miles.
  • my automatic transmission shifts good when i first take off with my jeep,after it drives for 10 miles if you stop it will not upshift just revs like its slippingi reploaced the transducer the oil filter and oil any ideas
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    solenoid pack
    it is inside trans also could have leak on filter o ring did you install as instructions?
  • rwengrrwengr Posts: 177
    Make sure you check fluid level HOT. Also, make sure transmission cooler lines are bone dry. No leaks. It affects the pressure even if it you are not leaking enough fluid to make the dipstick show low. Next, begin to troubleshoot any sensors. I think your trans is basically OK, but something is throwing it off balance.
  • I have a 2006 Jeep GC Laredo w/112,000 miles. About a dozen times+ in the past month it's been slipping out of gear completely and/or not shifting into higher gear (ie: when I'm on the highway). Took it in to the shop and there is no leak in the transmission fluid and I'm not low on any fluids. Given the high miles, would that mean my transmission is going? Not sure if I should bother spending the $$ to fix it given the mileage. Would love some professional opinions! Thx!!
  • darcysdarcys Posts: 5
    I have the same Jeep GC Laredo, 2006, 3.7L, 186,000KM, and the tranny had reacted the same. Had the tranny fluid and filter changed, the problem went away, but it is slowly coming back to the awkward shifting etc.. Think I might try replacing the speed sensor next.
  • Thx for the reply! I replaced the speed sensor last year because I started having problems where it wasn't shifting gears properly. Once the speed sensor was replaced, the car was totally fine ... until now. I just don't want to start dumping $$ into a car with such high miles. Ugh! What to do!?!?
  • kronekrone Posts: 1
    so i have a 93 grand cherokee and it seems when the trans fluid is cold it works fine. as soon as the fluid gets warm my over drive wont work and first gear kinda slips at first and sometimes takes awhile to completely engage..kinda like it has a centrifical clutch. so if i leave first time for the day it will shift fine and go into over drive but as soon as it heats up and i stop from a constant drive and take off again it wont go into over drive n takes a little bit to go in first gear. any ideas??
  • Hi, has anyone experienced vibration with your 4l cherokee. It is definitely not an engine
    miss, its running fine but vibrating. I have checked all the engine mounts and they are fine, I even replaced the transmission mount for nothing cause I felt it had some play in it.
    I am thinking of going after the vibration damper next unless someone has a better solution.
  • topat46topat46 Posts: 19
    I had the same issue with my 2004 GC limited v8. I put in Techron fuel injector cleaner and after one application the vibration was gone.
  • Thanks for your input I will surely try the Techron fuel injector cleaner
    and will let you know if that did the trick.
  • flash30flash30 Posts: 1
    Have the same problem have you tried anything that worked because I am thinking of selling my car because seems to be giving some problems now (jeep leredo 2000) if it is just a matter of changing filters and oil its easy but i think the gears might be going on my car took to the garage and they say gears are slipping in our curreny in South Africa it works out to about R19000 rand and the say I have to replace the whole gear box my car have 190000KM ANY ADVISE ?
  • I have a 98 and I am having the same problem. When the Jeep is cold I have never had any problems. When I drive for an hour or more and I stop briefly, I then have trouble with it shifting into third gear. Sometimes it will even slip for a while before engaging in any gear. Sometimes it gets so bad that the tranny just slips and barely provides any power to my wheels (luckily the two times this has happened I was very close to home). I changed the fluid and filter (which was probably needed pretty bad) but I still am having the same issues. I am preparing to have to put in another transmission but I am hoping it may be something else. (There barely any metal on the magnet when I changed the fluid and filter). I have heard that overheating can cause similar issues. Should I be checking the cooling lines to see if they are flowing freely? Am I too late for that?
  • Ive been having problems with my 07 JGC. On my way into work I was going about 40mph, when I heard a ding, about 5 minutes later, still going 40mph, I lost my speed and rpm's. I was going about 20 mph and gave it some gas, my rpm's jumped to 5 and I didnt accerlate. I was able to pull of into a driveway. I put it in park, sat for a minute, put it into reverse hit the gas and nothing happened, so I put it back into park. Turned the car off, turned it on and it was fine. This has happened twice so far. Nothing came up on my dash and my check engine light is NOT on. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  • This is my second Jeep. My firt 2001 Laredo experienced locking or freezing of the suv. Very scary-driving down the interstate when your SUV freezes and you have no power OR control,- no power steering and you have to pray and glide to the side of the inner side of the HWY. This happened to me 5 times.
    I traded it, and bought a 2006 Laredo and thought my problems would be gone. Just the start! With 60,000 miles on it I have the transmission light going off and the system goes into a slipping out of gear or a revving. I have to shake the gear knob to get it "out" of the malfunctioning mode!!
    I have read a lot similar problems! Besides this not so scary problems, are the following; the seat belt light is on with the @!#$% chime on, the air bag light is on, the check gas cap is on, and my low tire light is on. Believe me, my husband has checked all four tires with the gauge, filled them properly and there is nothing wrong with the tires! I will never ever buy or suggest a jeep to anyone! I hate chrysler and believe me they are aware of these problems.
    Today I am on my way to shop to see what they can or can't do to the jeep. Last time when I had the trany light problem the shop said well it isn't on now! Well that is murphy's law! It was on all the way down 44 miles to service shop but then when the crap JEEP is being looked at, the light isn't on. I guess the light has to be on! This is a nightmare!!!!! Well today Sept 19, 2011 I am taking it down for the oil change and they have check out the problems. I said to them they are keeping this jeep, pronounced HEEP in our family, until they figure out what is wrong.
    NOW THE SECRET. it is called the secret hidden warranty. PLEASE CALL
    1-800-992-1997 Chrysler covers the four-speed automatic transmissions from some years through 10 years or 100,000 miles.
    for any JEEP ISSUES. I called today and Kelly customer service said that they do not have records of my transmission light and slipping issues on the 2006 jeep 60,000 problems. Then she said, "do you want to be transferred to the service contract warranty department?" Yes I do!!

    Spoke to the service contract department and this is the following info. On my particular SUV-VIN # GIVEN- I DO HAVE THE FOLLOWING WARRANTY up until 80,000 or MAY 23, 2014.
    My service contract will cover the following:
    transmission case-internal parts
    Torque converter
    transmission control module------ PROBABLY-THE CULPRIT IN MY SITUATION
    Transmission range switch
    Bell housing
    Oil Pan
    seals and gasket for the listed comp above.
    CHRYSLER needs to know. about these problems CALL THEM AT THE 1-800 LISTED ABOVE
    I hope this is helpful .
  • drzjmzdrzjmz Posts: 1
    Runs good. Does not slip when changing gears. however...riding along at 60-70mph the rpm goes up and down between 18-20. when climbing hill it downshifts fine and stays steady until you get back to just riding along 60-70 mph
  • rwengrrwengr Posts: 177
    I suggest you analyze how the engine or engine computer is feeding information to the transmission. If the transmission has a computer and talks directly to the engine computer (digitally) then you will have to look for a sensor being used by the engine computer for that purpose. Look for any fluid or oil leaks that may have contaminated the sensor or wiring at the transmission. One problem with oil leaks is they blow back on the transmission. I lost an oxygen sesnsor that way.

    If you see any wiring or a sensor covered with oil, repair it.

    One other thing you should do is check all the ground wire connections for the transmission electrical components. Get an ohmeter. One end should be conntected to negative terminal of the battery. It should be 0.00 ohms. Set your meter to this scale. Good luck. My guess is transmission thinks engine activity (example throttle) is changing when it really isn't.
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