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Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission Problems



  • 1stx_jgc_owner1stx_jgc_owner Posts: 1
    edited May 2012
    A couple of weeks ago I bought my first JGC loreado, I AM SO IN LOVE WITH IT!!!!!!! Its a 2000 with a little over 110,000 miles on it its a V6 inline engine (4.0 litre I think the dealer said). However the last few days I have noticed that it shifts hard sometimes and it takes time for it to speed up and sometimes I dont feel like Im going 55 when the speedometer says 55. But then again I am used to driving a 2001 oldsmobile Intrique and I know that every car feels different form the inside when it comes to how fast you are going. Plus it feels like the time (in the Jeep) I had problems with the crank shaft sensors in my old olds. to day I went out of town and I had the cruise on and the RPM went up to 3 from like 1.5-2RPM and then back down and I was on flat land no hills no curves. plus the over drive turns off sometimes and I dont touch it but I notice it when I go up and down a lot of hills at 30mph so I dont know if that is normal. The dealer I bought it from said that there was nothing wrong with it. and that the owners before me took very good care of it. and I sort of belive them because I know the former owners from the title (I live in a small town) I know that it needs a new muffler Or exhaust or whatever its called because it is loud when out side of it and when you rev it up, but Im not to concered about that right now unless it has to deal with the problem I am having. I am thinking about on payday or the day after taking it up to a different dealer (my moms cousin) and have them put it on the computer to see what if anything is wrong with it. I have already decided that if it needs a new transmission I am only putting one in it once. Im hopeing that there is nothing to badly wrong but if there is something wrong I hope its not to expensive.
  • I have a 2003 Grand Cherokee with the Selec-trac transmission and 144k miles. About a month ago I started it and put it into gear. The rpms climed and the jeep barely moved like I was "riding a clutch" in a manual tranny. I pulled over and put the jeep into park then drive again and it was fine. A week ago I was driving and out of nowhere it did the same thing. The rpms would go to over 3k and it was just crawling. I had to put it into 4 low to get it home and it STILL wasnt acting right in 4 low. I get in it the next morning to pull it around back b4 I call the transmission shop and it goes into gear and acts fine. It happened again today and hasn't cleared up. I will be calling transmission shop tomorrow. What confuses me is if the transmission is "shot" why would it correct itself from being barely able to move under its own power and then mysteriously clear up. Could it be something electronic and not the physical tranny. I had fluids changed last week and there was some gunk on magnet but no chunks.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    your trans is shifted by electric solenoids not to expensive to change can change with trans in car
  • davides8davides8 Posts: 2
    can a person change these solenoids at home?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    yes if you are machalicle inclined can get them off ebay need to get under car and get numbers off trans so get the rite ones

    also need to replace pan gasket and filters
  • I have a 2011 JGC, I've had it in three times and Jeep has done several flash updates, but acceleration is very poor. Between 20 mph - 40 mph, its very sluggish unless you press the acceleration hard. Risky in rush hour traffic.

    Has anyone had any results with Jeep on a fix? They don't seem to care about the quality.
  • gbeesjeepgbeesjeep Posts: 21
    Unfortunately there is nothing to fix. Jeep has set up the shift pattern on the JGC to up-shift as fast as possible to try and get a reasonable mileage rating. When you are driving around town, it will shift from 1st to 3rd before you get through the intersection unless you floor it. Because the engine gets most of its torque at high rpms the engine cannot handle the low speed (20-40) runs when it up-shifts so fast.
    You can either run it in Sport Mode if you have the option or manually shift into 3rd so it wont jump into 4th and 5th gear around town. The 8 speed tranny should help but the mistake they made was putting a high rev engine into a heavy vehicle like the JGC which need lots of low rev torque to get moving. For me I use 3rd gear in the winter and Sport mode in the summer around town and it runs ok. I thought about a cold air intake and new exhaust but I don't think this will help enough compared to the cost.

    By the way, I have 30,000 KM and I have already had to have the front bearings and the drive shaft changed and I don't even do any 4 wheeling with it. Not a good sign for long term reliability.

    Good luck.
  • kath10kath10 Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with the 5.7L Hemi w/ 192K on it. The Jeep has been running and performing perfectly until a couple of months ago when I took it to the local Chrysler Dealer to service the transmission. As soon as I picked it up I noticed there was what they are calling a "shutter", at 40+ mph. It feels and sounds like the car is going over rumble strips, this goes on intermitently. It has been at the Chrysler garage for over 7 weeks and they can't figure out what's wrong with it. They have replaced the converter, a valve in the transmission, all fluids and filters, replaced all 16 spark plugs. Now they're are trying to tell me it's the gas, so they keep having me pay to fill it up while they drive it around. As you can see by the mileage I drive I put a lot of gas in it, I fill up at different gas stations and run either 89 or premium in it. It doesn't feel to me like it is coming from the engine, could the AWD be jumping in and out?

    I did e-mail the CEO of Chrysler and he responded within a few hours, Monday they are flying a tech in to look at my car.

    Any ideas would be a great help.

    Thank you
  • mval09mval09 Posts: 1
    I have a '11 Grand Cherokee with a 5.7L with 9,000 miles on it. For the past several months the transmission will fail to engage for 3-6 seconds when it is cold. On most days I will shift it into reverse and it will engage in 3-6 seconds then some days it will engage immediately then it will disengage for 3-6 seconds before I can continue driving. The dealership is trying to convince me that this is acceptable. The transmission is sometimes "clunky" when coming to a stop or starting from a stop. One morning I shifted the transmission into drive and about five seconds later the indicator showed that it was in fourth, when I tried to shift it either up or down nothing happened. It remained in fourth until I turned off the engine and re-started it. I also has had an issue with it shifting into overdrive one day while driving at highway speeds. Last week the dealer flashed the transmission with a new software version (which they said had just come out that day) and they tried to convince me that this would resolve all of the issue but it didn't. I have contacted Chrysler customer care and they asked if had driven any other 2011 GC's to see if this was just mine or all GC's. Has anyone else encountered this type of transmission issues and how were they resolved or is this "normal" of all 2011's with the 5.7L
  • gbeesjeepgbeesjeep Posts: 21
    I went through that shutter issue with my 2011 JGC (V6). It would shutter as it shifted and when it is at 2000rpm. They started changing parts but the issue was resolved by changing the drive shaft. You may want to suggest this to them. The drive shaft issue seems to be common. Pretty sad commentary for the reliability of the JGC.

    Good luck

  • I have a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo that has about 210,000 miles on it. I bought it and drove it for about 4,000 miles before it started having some problems. One day I was towing a trailer and the engine started to get really hot and overheat. I pulled over and coolant was leaking out all over the ground and boiling. Ever since that day the Jeep has been overheating for everyday use. I drove it for about 4 months like that always being very careful to not let it get past a certain point and to keep the coolant full. I recently went to a mechanic to see what the problem was. They checked to see if I had a blown head gasket which I didn't thank goodness... They also hooked it up to a computer to check if it was the transmission. They said it wasn't. So the next thing they said it might be was the temperature gauge. I agreed to change the temperature gauge and it seemed like everything was fine. It ran great for the next 5 days! Like it never had a problem. All the sudden the other day I was driving it and I lost all power.
    When I push on the gas the RPM's go way up but the truck moves like a slug. I can so about 15-20 MPH and thats it. As I was trying to get it home I had to climb a hill to get it to the house it only made it half way up and stopped. I put my foot on the brake and waited a moment then I got it to go the rest of the way. At this point I am to scared to drive th truck anywhere because I dont want to get stranded.
    Has anyone had this problem before or know what it might be?
  • taffy3taffy3 Posts: 26
    To actually boil the coolant does not indicate a problem with the temperature gauge. Something is blocking the passage of water and it's probably a faulty thermostat, usually found between the engine block and the radiator hose. Your driving difficulty is no doubt a fault in the solenoids in the gearbox that get seized up due to overheated and burned gearbox oil.. The oil should be changed annually. It will be necessary to drain the old oil from the gearbox and probably fit a new set of solenoids (not expensive - at least here in Mexico) as a kit. i hope this helps.
  • Your message was very helpful!I actually got the thermostat fixed not the temperature gauge. my bad.... I havent driven it in awhile. I started it up today and drove it around the block and it seemed to go just fine. It did pull a little and have some trouble shifting into the gears. Then when I got back to the house to park it it started to make a whineing noise from underneath the truck. I think it was coming from the driver side. It only made the noise if I was in drive or reverse. If you still think it might be the burned gearbox oil and the solenoids I will be very happy!
    Thank you so much for your advise! Seems like every mechanic wants to do the most expensive thing to fix it.
  • jdm123jdm123 Posts: 1
    edited June 2012
    I have a similar problem. I just bought a 2012 Grand Cherokee Overland and my transmission takes 3 - 6 seconds to engage, but the problem is not consistent. So as you can imagine, the dealer cannot replicate the problem and the computer isn't recognizing any issues. One day I backed out of my driveway, stopped, put it in drive and it shifted so hard that the car died. It's the only time that has happened, but at least once a day, the hesitation on engaging occurs. I put it in drive or reverse and will just move slowly with the engine reving up, then I let off the gas until I can feel it actually fully engage. I'm about at my wits end. I only have a few thousand miles on it.
  • 2008jeep2008jeep Posts: 1
    I also own a 2008 Grand Cherokee with 3.7 litre engine which is having the same issue. Were you able to determine the root of the problem? If so, what was the solution?
  • biganth30biganth30 Posts: 2
    It ended up being my ignition and shifter module both.
  • My 2012 Grand Cherokee has 7600 miles and from day one experienced odd transmission issues. I have the Hemi V8/Overland package. About 1 in every 6 starts the vehicle lurches forward as if the trannie wasn't all the way in park. Dealer says "thats normal". When traveling at highways speeds the vehicle seems to be in a constant battle with itself as the cylinder deactivation and the transmission try to find a happy place. If you gently accelerate from 60 to 65, the transmission shudders; so much so passengers think that I am unsteadily applying the gas. Typically I use the cruise control on highway driving to help reduce the issues. Driving in traffic is another story. In daily driving when shifting from park to drive or drive to park, the transmission engages hard and often sounds like two weights dropping on top of each other. Dealer again says "sensors indicated all is normal". Often there is vibration during acceleration and gear shifts tend to "drop" into the next gear vs. modulate into next gear. Anyone else experiencing this problem?
  • kigginskiggins Posts: 5
    Hi have a 2011 JGC Limited with Hemi V8 and experience the same problems - exactly. I have been to the dealer and the reloaded some sort of software, but it has not fixed the problem..... Not sure where to turn...
  • Can anyone help i have a 97 jgcl 5.2 all wheel drive has a shutter when pulling out hard or when going up a hill slow starts making a grinding sound and acts likes its in neutral stops pulling till u let off the gas then gose agian
  • sgervinsgervin Posts: 1
    Did you ever get your Jeep fixed....I also own a 2011 Limited with a Hemi and have taken it to the dealer with the problem you described only to be told that the engine was built that way...hmmmm! I have also had problems with the cruise control engaging intermittently beginning about a month after I purchased my JGC as well as key issues. This past Monday I took my jeep in and the Dealer again told me they could not recreate issues I was talking about and finally after much discussion they found a problem with the keyless start and was given two new fobs/keys. The following day I again came across the cruise control issue and drove directly to the dealer did not shut off my jeep and got the service manager to come and see that I had recreated the issue. He immediately told me it was the win
    module....they have order it and will see if this fixes the problem. The transmission problem is still an issue! Can you provide me with the number I can call at Chrysler so I won't be sent through a bunch of hoops! Have your issues been fixed?
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