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Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission Problems



  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    have to remove trim around shiftre unit probley have a cable unhooked
  • Thanks for that but does that explain why the button on the gearstick is jammed? I mean really does it, I'm not being sarcastic, could a cable dropped off cause the button to jam?
  • Hi. Can anyone tell me what P0703 torque converter/brake switch B circuit malfunction actually means. THanks. Stewart
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    yes there is cable that hooks to brake that when you push brake down unlocks button
  • Excellent I'll give it a go. Cheers.
  • ulyssulyss Posts: 1
    I have a 99 JGC it makes a sound like if something hits you from behind, this happens only when I stop the vehicle for about a minute. Also the check engine light is on but the suv runs perfectly
    any ideas?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    auto zone or checker will read your codes and tell you what they mean for your check engine light

    sounds as if the top mount on the diff in the rear is worn get under the jeep at the rear and see if anything looks loose
  • I just had the same problem today with my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee. At the stop sign, I tried to make a right turn, but the car wouldn't go. The tires seemed to make noises, but the car stalled and wouldn't move. When it finally did, I lost control of steering, and the car swerved left and right, finally hitting into the pole. The dealership had said they couldn't find a problem when I sent it for service months ago. Have you heard of any new developments? thanks.
  • '96 5.2 V8- since changing water pump 5 months ago (disconnected batt=reset), it has been somewhat reluctant to shift into overdrive and will not do so until 60-65 mph, almost 3000rpm. Will sometimes go a minute rapping at almost 3000rpm/60-65 before shifting. Changed tps, no difference. Any ideas? Do I need to fix this?
  • I need a TV cable for a 93 1/2, 2wd JGC, with a 42re. No luck at the dealer or Autozone.
  • hello i hope u guys can help me i have 89 jeep cherokee it takes a while to star in the morning or any time we did a full tune up beside change the fuel regulated my second problem it stared today is the car is running i put on drive and it takes a few seconds to get up and go so i change the filter and fluid and it still there the other problem is that if i go to put the car in first gear is been doing this for a while it wont go in to first thank you for all your help william
  • Hi. I am wondering if there are others who are having problems with their Jeeps 05-07? I have had my jeep for about a year and a half. The car has a shuttering or vibration when going up hill. It also slams into gear. We have had the torque converter replaced twice on recommendation from the dealership. The have also checked for debris in the transmission and done transmission flushes. The problem has been the same from 27,000 miles until now with 48,000 miles. Now they want to open the transmission to see what is going on. Anyone out there with similar issues?
  • ....I have a 2005 Hemi....No problems yet....39,000 miles. What tranny do you have? :blush:
  • 3.7 Liter V6 automatic with Quadra trac w/ manual option
  • replace the idle air conrol and throttle position sensor
  • 5213252132 Posts: 62
    We have a 2001 JGC 4.0L with a 45RFE transmission. We went to AAMCO to get a pan drop done. After that the fluid still kinda smelled burnt and was dark in color. While jiffy-lube was doing an oil change on it, they said they will give us a discount on the transmission fluid flush. So we did it. Then the problems started, we heard that ATF+4 was the only fluid that you can put in it, but they said that all transmission fluid was the same. I don't know what they put in there, but there are BUBBLES in the fluid. It's not over filed and I don't think it's contaminated with coolant (since it's not milky) or water. Also I noticed that this fluid is thinner than the old one. Can someone help this is becoming a headache :sick:.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    jiff lube is wrong you want to get the trans fluid changed soonest as the trans oil will glase the clutches
    hope the didnt ruain the trans
  • 5213252132 Posts: 62
    You were right! I did the fluid flush as well as many other "might as well do it" stuff. The bubbles are gone and the transmission shifts smooth. Here is a note to all Grand Cherokee owners, change your fluid with ATF+4!
  • Subtle transmission fluid leak from the gasket area with visible signs of streaks on the bottom of the pan. I am surprised that this is happening as this vehicle is just over 1 year, bought new.

    I checked the fluid with the car at operating temperature (shifted gears beforehand) and the fluid is still at the correct level on the dipstick.

    Is this just a matter of perhaps the pan bolts not torqued correctly or could this be a common occurrence after only 1 year for the transmission fluid to start leaking on a Grand Cherokee? Planning on dropping off the vehicle at the dealer, but curious to know what has caused this.

  • when i accelerate through 1 and 2 its seems to be fine as soon as i hit 3 the rpm's increase but no acceleration when i come to a stop the rpm's drop down and so does the battery cage i hear a little bit of whining coming from i think the transmission i dont know if its maybe a sensor or a transmission problem ?
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