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Jeep Cherokee, Grand Cherokee Cruise Control Problems

My cruise control started acting weird awhile back, it would cut off when ever it wanted too and wouldn't even come on at all sometimes now it dosnt
work. It says in the haynes manual that it is controlled by vaccum but dosnt really help much it terms of where to inspect. So does anyone know where i should start looking?


  • I had an 89 Cherokee that did that and the problem turned out to be a wire chaffed through to the point that it was parted, but made contact every now and then, so some times it worked, sometimes it didn't until eventually it stopped working all together. The wire runs from inside the turn signal lever down through the steering column. The break/chafe was where it meets the steering column and makes a bend to run down inside the column. (it goes through a hole in the column with a sharp edge) The wire was too tight against the steel column and every time you use the turn signal it chaffed or cut a little bit each time. I managed to take the turn signal lever / cruise switch apart without destroying it and replaced the wire. I'm pretty sure I had to solder the new wire in place at the cruise switch but I can't remember if I just spliced into the old wire under the dash or replaced the whole thing (probably spliced). Gluing the turn signal lever / cruise control switch back together, while maintaining fully functioning switch movements after drying was a bit of a challenge I remember too. Good luck with that. :)
  • Cruise control worked intermittently, then stopped all together. Wires through steering column hole still look intact, and system still hold vacuum well. Cable to throttle assembly still moves freely. Any guesses from there? Control on turn signal assembly, vs. servo in engine bay? Anything else that it could be? Could it still be the wires into the steering column, even though the wire casing looks intact?
  • gabberedgabbered Posts: 1
    I have a '98 Cherokee with the same kind of intermittent cruise control problem. Did you ever figure out what was causing it?
  • bheiarbheiar Posts: 3
    Our 2002 Grand Cherokee cruise control just started cutting out. Switches are on the steering wheel. You can set the switch the first time when initially starting, but if you make any adjustments, it shuts off. Then it won't activate again when touching the on/off switch. Come to a complete stop and turning off the ignition, and then restarting the vehicle again, will then allow you to activate the cruise switch again. But then when you try to adjust the speed or hit the brake to temporarily inactivate the cruise, it then shuts off and you can't activate it again, until you shut the vehicle off again.

    Any ideas, before I take it to a dealer for service?
  • Sorry for the LATE reply.

    Still haven't gotten this solved. System keeps a vacuum with no problem, throttle cable not binding, etc.

    Next step is to try and replace the switch on the steering column. Haven't gotten there yet. Too many other things floating around.
  • Hi guys. I too had this same problem on my 95 Cherokee Country a couple of times. The first time my Cruise control would work but didn’t quite keep up my speed I set it at. What I found was that the vacuum line that goes to the reservoir behind the front bumper had a small hole in it from chaffing right above the vacuum reservoir. I currently had a problem where it would work intermittently then soon after not at all. At the same time my Air Conditioning went out too. My AC would not work on any of the regular setting and the fan wouldn’t even blow but it would blow cold air through my Defroster with the lever in the Cold position. After double checking the vacuum line in the engine compartment I found no Vacuum leaks. The recirculation part under the dash below the glove box side was working correctly and I could here the vacuum pressure bleeding off when I would slide the temperature slider. To fix my problems this is what was changed. The AC it was the climate control module thing. The whole assembly. That fixed the AC. For the Cruise Control it turned out to be the Brake Switch. In all I spent $502.00 dollars for $131.00 in parts on a job I could have done myself if I would have known. So hopefully this will help someone else out. Good luck.
  • When you say you had to change the Climate Control Module Thing, do you mean the actual unit that you turn the knobs on? Or some internal piece? Also with the brake switch, how did you change that? My 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee is doing both the same things as you mentioned.
  • mizermizer Posts: 6
    Yes, the whole module. The part with the selector levers for heat and AC that slide horizontal and the air blower half knob or what ever you would call it. That fixed my AC system. I am not exactly sure where the Brake switch is located. I took my Jeep to the dealer so they changed out the Brake switch but I would be willing it is not hard to change out. I would have to look through my Jeep shop manual to be sure though. Have you checked the vacuum lines in your engine compartment from the vacuum reservoir? The very first time I was having a problem with my Cruise Control I found a small hole in my vacuum line right before the reservoir where the line was rubbing on the framework. When I checked my AC I pretty much new it was that control unit after checking the vacuum that I had going to it. It is not hard to replace it is just a little time consuming. If you would like more info. You can e-mail directly if you like. Click on my name on above this post and it will give you my e-mail address and I can go in to detail of what I did to troubleshoot my problems as well as pictures of what was done. Good luck.
  • bheiarbheiar Posts: 3
    Have had my 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee in the shop 6-7 times in the past month and a half for cruise control problems($200 diagnostics charge) It would set a code in the computer, but as soon as you'd turn off the ignition the computer would reset with no code. When they finally did catch the code while the engine was still running, the code could not be identified (no one including tech support could trouble shoot the codes). The PCM was replaced(at no charge), but the cruise still cut out when test driven afterwards. FINALLY!!! Somebody started checking different switches and modules/relays that effect the cruise control. It was determined the the brake switch was not sending the correct signal to the PCM and/or cruise control assembly. I was told that the brake switch was replaced, and now everything seems to be working at this time. I have been driving the vehicle for about 6 days now(that's the longest I've had it out of the shop in the past month and a half. I'll keep my finger crossed.
  • I have recently purchased my third jeep. Unfortunately, it did not come with cruise control. It helps a lot on long trips because of an old back injury. I understand no dealer offers this anymore, but how about an aftermarket one. Also, any effect on the computer on a 2000 jeep cherokee?
    3rdjeepowner. :confuse:
  • :shades: To Steve and Tidester. I received no input on my request for info on adding on a cruise control,so I decided to research it on my own.
    I started on page one, and have been reading the many Jeep questions. I finally found an answer to a post that was made Aug 29th,'05. It seems OEM not available, and after markets unsure of effect on a Jeep computer.
    I like thank both Steve and Tidester for such a vast array of info that covers Cherokees from bumper to bumper.
    This forum has taught me so much in so short a time how to properly care and maintain my Cherokee for years to come.
    For all the regulars who contribute their knowledge on various subjects, I also would give thanks to them.
    I'm only half way through 2200 plus questions and comments, but I look forward to reading them all.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    I look forward to reading them all.

    Read it carefully - there's going to be a quiz on it! ;)

    Seriously, thanks for the kind words and we're gratified that you find the Forums so helpful. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I'm having this same problem. I stopped by Advance to get a brake switch, but it wasn't in their parts listing, and searching some of the online parts places hasn't turned anything up either. Does anyone know the actual name for this part?
  • mizermizer Posts: 6
    On my invoice that is what it was called. It's that little switch on your Brake pedal arm. Here is a link to what you're probably looking for. link">,carcode,1386783,parttype,10474">link title
  • My girlfriend's parents gave her a '96 Cherokee and she just used the cruise the first time and now she can't turn it off! When she starts the motor it revs so high she has to turn it off immediately,it sounds like the motor is running at 10,000 rpm. Is there a way to disconnect the cruise and bypass sensors and just not use the cruise? Any help is much appreciated.
  • ejljejlj Posts: 4
    Disconnect vacuum line on cruise actuator on left side underhood.
  • sstrallsstrall Posts: 2
    The cruise on my '99 Cherokee used to work great, then intermitantly, now not at all. Plus, when I switch from floor vent to defrost, it sounds as if it's not switching over all the way and nothing comes out the defrost vents. Also the horn used to work, then only when I locked the doors with the key fob, now only when I hit the panic button. Anyone know what's up?
  • mizermizer Posts: 6
    Read my posts in this thread Page 1. #7 & #9. Maybe they can help. I have no idea about the horn. Good luck.
  • sstrallsstrall Posts: 2
    Thanks Mizer!
  • jefft4jefft4 Posts: 1
    I have a very similar problem did you ever resolve this one?
    Cruise control only comes on for a second and then shuts off and will not respond until iginition is shut off and restarted. just started happening. what switch is involved is it the breake switch? Are there any relays envloved and were are they?
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