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Jeep Cherokee, Grand Cherokee Cruise Control Problems



  • Hi there,
    I had cruise control added after-market to my 94 Jeep Cherokee Sport at the dealership a few years after purchase. It looks just like the one in the manual. It was working perfectly until a year or so age, now I'm trying to get it repaired. A different Jeep dealership says it needs a new powertrain module control - I've left a post about that.
  • Did you replace the Plastic tube or rubber hose at the servo
  • I have a 2001 Sport and I need cruise. any answers to install one? I broke my back a few years ago and I need to give the leg a break. Best vehicle I ever owned. no trouble at all for 90,000 now Help.
  • I was reading through all posts about this problem and it seems to be a problem with a lot of jeeps. I have a 1995 cherokee and my cruise control has never worked and neither has the AC. Also, my heat only blows out of the defrost. Do you think that fix will work for this as well?
  • cmoss4cmoss4 Posts: 1
    Recently replaced original starter (not bad for 162,000 miles and 11 yrs) and the car starts great but now cruise control is out. On/off switch no longer lights the dash indicator so I am guessing electrical vs. vacuum problem. Any suggestions on easiest way to check this? Did not seem to have a dedicate fuse that i could find that was bad
    Thanks for help
  • The Cruise control works fine when it works but if the car goes over a pot hole or a rough spot in the road it shuts off just like I had hit the brake or something. Any ideas?
  • maybe a lose vacumn hose
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    brake light switch needs adjustment
  • gmaiergmaier Posts: 1
    I just recently bought a 2004 Jeep grand limited and the cruise control is the only thing that won't work. The light in dash comes on but the set botton won't set the speed? Read your post, thought you might have found an answer. Can anybody please help, I have a long trip to go on soon.
  • speglowspeglow Posts: 2
    My cruise control no longer works. The light will not come on in the dash. I looked behind the airbag and there doesn't appear to be power to the "on-off" switch? I can not find a fuse? My airbag light is also on in the dash. Not sure if they are related?
  • Mine has just gone the same, I have a 2000W Cherokee Orvis, my cruise contol has stopped working plus the airbag warning light is on all the time PLUS Ive no horn. I wonder if theyre all linked.....seems a strange coincidence if theyre not linked.
    If you have any ideas please let me know.
  • speglowspeglow Posts: 2
    Have you found a solution to your cruise? I'm being told that mine problem is probably the clock-spring behind the airbag in the stearing wheel. Unfortunaetly it can only be purchased via dealer at $185-$195 bucks. I'm putting it off because I hate to spend $200 and it doesn't fix the problem. Looking for the part in junk yards, but it's only on a 1999 so I'm told?
  • My cruise is fixed! After reading this forum, I wondered if it was the vacuum hose or whatever. It was a $30 part and a quick fix! Not the over $200 I was told. Runs like a charm now!
  • darryl6darryl6 Posts: 1
    I had a problem with Air Bag light, CC, horn and radio controls on my 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Each one went out one at a time. I replaced the clockspring which transfers all controls from the steering wheel to the rest of the car. Now all of the controls work and the airbag light is off. The CC light now comes on but the cruise control still does not work. It was not working before the clockspring went out. If you turn on your CC and the light does not come on and/or the airbag light is on, then it is most likely the clockspring. I think my CC problem is vacuum related and still have to take a look at it.
    BEWARE - if you decide to replace the clockspring, make sure you get a very good steering wheel or gear puller. The one I bought from Kragen that was made for this car snapped. I got an 8 way reversible 2/3 jaw puller from Napa that did the trick.
  • Just bought a 2000 GC two weeks ago. Yesterday the vent selector stopped working the the CC went out. After reading all the post, checked the vacuum hose and found one end off. Thanks,
  • Hey men i have a question, the problem in my 2002 jeep grand cherokee, i think is the pcm but i see is no fuse or anything the can make it prevent from mess up the pcm, so they should make a recall for it , but how did you make dealer to give you a new pcm at no cost.?
  • 2001 jeep Grand Cherokee cruise control works good, but when driving with cruise set and outside air temp goes below 40 degrees, the engine rpm will jump 300 rpm and drop back to where it was running as set. The driving speed will not change, only rpm increase. I can duplicate the same jump by hitting the CANCEL button and instantly hitting the RESUME button, allowing the engine to increase rpm's before catching again. Vacuum lines were replaced back in the summer when AC would not work and Cruise would show some of same symptoms in the summer, solving that problem, but not this. Any ideas of what to check?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
    That sounds more like the torque converter locking and unlocking.... than a problem with the cruise control.. (not an expert)

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  • Only does it when cruise is on. I have been driving from Tennessee to Houston TX several times and I can watch the outside temp gage when traveling south, as it gets above 40 degrees, problem goes away. When I return, as outside temp goes to 39 degrees, jump comes back. I turn cruise control off and hold rpms constant, it never jumps, runs smooth. Can not find any problem. Any other suggestions?
  • haniwowhaniwow Posts: 1
    edited January 2011
    What was the part? My cruise control, doesn't work either and airbag light is on all the time... want to bring it in monday, but with my own info. Thanks so much.
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