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Honda Accord vs Nissan Altima



  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    It's really too bad the G35 is so expensive. I just have limits on how much I'll pay for a car, and the Maxima is right there. The only reason I will even pay the Maxima price is because the car is so good. Even though my car was built in 10/02, it is just rock solid and hasn't really seemed to age. I took delivery of the thing 4 years ago from last Monday, and it is just bank-vault solid. On Michigan roads, no less.

    If it were my money, I'd go with the Max, between those two. The G35 is just so small compared to what I'm used to.
    At 4 years old, your car is just getting going. My buddy's '97 Maxima GXE Automatic is still running just fine (equally as good as my '96 Accord - both have over 170k miles, I don't know what repairs that have been done to his car though). Still runs smoothly, and only has some rattles and two blown rear-speakers (they were blown when he got the car last summer).

    If that car is any guide, your current Max will still be running fine years from now.
  • geoshillgeoshill Posts: 27
    If you want a V 6 medium size car then the Altima is your car. The Honda V 6 has never ending engine troubles and the Camry V 6 has tranny troubles. Why buy troubles?
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    The Honda V 6 has never ending engine troubles

    Would you please elaborate on these Honda V6 engine troubles. I guess my engine is very shy, and doesn't want to open up to me.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Gee, haven't heard of these "never ending engine troubles" on the Accord. I have, however, heard of a whopping 160 Camry V6 transmissions being replaced for free.

    Show me the 2007 Accord V6 "never ending engine troubles" please, or just don't make comments like that without backing your comments with some facts, or it comes across as empty Nissan bias.
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    At 4 years old, your car is just getting going. My buddy's '97 Maxima GXE Automatic is still running just fine
    If that car is any guide, your current Max will still be running fine years from now

    Nissan builds the best running cars hands down. I've owned 2 others besides my 07 altima. between them i had/have 360,000 miles. one of them i still own and is running fine, the other i traded in (still running) with over 220,000. between those two cars, over the course of 360,000+ miles and 17 years, i performed the following,
    5 brake jobs, 1 replaced cv boot, 3 batteries, 1 muffler, 3 halogen bulbs, 2 brake lights, 1 oil pan (the wife's fault) 1 belt, and the rest is regular maintanence. and both my other nissan's were standard transmission and never needed a clutch replaced. they are simply the best cars built. bar none.
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    Not that I'm complaining about the car, it runs great is very reliable and gets great milage, but i just can't help but to get that "budget car" feeling from it. Perhaps the Accords offer much better quality,

    Come on now. You are comparing a Civic to Altima and Maxima. If you really want to get that "budget car" feeling, the Sentra will give it to you. I had a Sentra, and the "budget" must not allow for padding in the seats, because you can feel the springs on your backside.
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    We all have different experiences... Nissan wasn't reliable at all for me but Honda has been stellar. Good thing there are choices! :)
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    The civic has been reliable for me too. about 100,000 miles on it, and nothing but oil changes, radiator flushes, 4 tires and a timing belt. Its the fist honda i've owned, and the most miles I've put on one, so I can only speculate as to what it will be like in another 100,000. And I'll give a nood to honda, because my wife primarily drives it, and thats extreme driving conditions if ever there were such a thing. :P
  • I admit, like elroy5 said, you cannot compare a Civic to an Altima because they are basically two different classes, but with that said, I can say the following:

    My wife has a 2001 Honda Civic she bought brand new. 80,000 miles, no problems at all, just oil Changes, brakes and one motor mount (last month). Still runs great, great mileage and in my opinion, the engine is probably barely broken in because those cars go forever.

    We just bought a new 2006 Altima to replace it though, because the seats in the Civic are horrible, it causes back pain. I have driven in Accords and the same thing occcurs, my friends who own Accords have the same problem. Something to do with the padding or just the angle of the seats in the Hondas. That is truly the only bad thing I can say on the Accords.

    We did look at 2007's, but my wife didn't care which one, and we got the 2006 fully loaded for $21,900+TTL when MSRP was $27,300 and I looked up the invoice, which was $25,200.
  • lilengineerboylilengineerboy Posts: 4,116
    I looked at the '07 Altima 2.5s this weekend and I really liked the ride and the styling. Unfortunately, Nissan is pushing so hard on the CVT they don't have many manuals available. I was looking for a 6-spd w/ABS car (originally I wanted the tech pkg too, but that is unavailable with the manual). I got quoted just shy of 20k for a '07 2.5s 6-spd w/o ABS.
    Equipment-wise, the 2.5s is comparable to an Accord VP/LX, which are 2-3k less in transaction price (and includes ABS). I feel like I am missing something.
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    Don't you hate the fact that some auto makers won't include a manual with their top of the line trim levels or options? Let's hope Honda keeps it up.
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    It's impossible to give everyone what they want (to many options, and we all want something different) so you will always have to take something you don't want, or do without something you do want. That's life, I guess. I'm one of the lucky ones. The EXV6 had everything I wanted (I would have liked to have stability control, but it was not available in 03), and nothing I didn't want.
  • lilengineerboylilengineerboy Posts: 4,116
    Oh they do with the top of the line, just not with the 4 cyl. If I wanted the 30k Altima V6(which I wouldn't get anyway, if I was dropping that much I would get an E46 330i) or if I want the total base model with no options, then I can get a stick.

    In the 80s and 90s, Honda used to make the best FWD stick in the business. Now it feels a little like a rowboat on the 4 cyl (haven't driven a V6) but its better than nothing.
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    That's exactly what I meant: You can get a stick on the top of the line Honda 4 cyl. They are hard to find but that is better than impossible, like it is with some makes. And if I had wanted a V6, I could get a stick on that too. In fact, the V6 manual IS the top of the Accord line as far as features go.

    I'm surprised that you don't like the newer sticks. I find my 06 Accord manual is so much smoother than my 95. And the difference between the auto and manual on the I4 is huge, IMHO.
  • lilengineerboylilengineerboy Posts: 4,116
    I think the throws are a little longer than I would like, at least it felt that way from my seating position.
    The last time I test drove one, we were looking for my wife so I wasn't as particular about making sure I was totally comfortable. We test drove an '05 LX. We ended up going with something else that met her needs a little better but maybe I should give it another look this time around, although I think I would be looking at the VP model.

    Oh, and I agree with you about the '95. I think the '94-96 Accords were my least favorites. We kept our hand-me-down 93 Accord EX even after being offered a hand-me-down 95 Accord EX.

    And I agree about the stick thing, I won't drive an automatic so those vehicles aren't on the list.
  • gasmizrgasmizr Posts: 40
    I have an '07 Altima 2.5S 6sp. Had to wait a few months to find and drive one. I was and still am a Honda fan but between the Accord 4 5sp and the Altima I voted with my dollars. Yes the Honda has ABS but to me that is no deal breaker. My Ins does not even give discount any longer for ABS. Did a Little research and for experienced drivers it really does not make a difference or it may be a little worse. The fact that I could get a power drivers seat, something you can not get in an Accord at any price, made a big difference in comfort to me. I had an Accord then went to a Civic and now to the Altima. The seats in both the Accord and Civic are the same, low with a forward tilt. They both made my right hip hurt on long trips because of the angle my foot had to be at for the gas. With the power seat in the Altima it is very comfortable and you get better thigh support. All things being equal both are nice cars but the Altima just had more comfort and a better overall package for me.

    The other thing is the Altima has more power, better acceleration and to top it off better gas mileage. I am getting combined 32-33MPG. This is a little better then my '96 Civic that was getting 31-32MPG. My daughter will be driving the Civic now.

    As far as maintenance on the Civic; 185K 2 timing belts. 2 complete exhausts from cat back, 1 extra muffler, both front axles, 5 sets of front brakes, 2 sets for the rear, 3 sets of front rotors, all belts replaced with timing belt and water pump. 1 cat and now getting ready for rear struts. Not to bad over 10 years but still not "repair free". My Accord was about the same with the added inconvenience of the rear passenger side upper control arm breaking. I sold the Accord with 185K as I just did not want to deal with it any longer. No bad for either car and the engine and tranny never gave me any problems. Changed oil on both every 3-4K and change all other basic maint items at about 1/2 the recommended intervals. Both cars were driven 65/35 highway/city.

    Both MI and NY are hard on cars. Lots of salt and bad roads.

    If I get the same or better from the Altima I will be happy. :P
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    If I get the same or better from the Altima I will be happy

    I think you will. As I've posted before, IMO, nobody builds cars better than nissan. My 1998 200sx-se now has 143,000 miles on it. I've replaced the tires once, one headlight, 1 battery, and the front brakes. Thats it. every other part on the car is original. that's including the muffler, rear brakes, belts, and hoses. The car runs and looks as good as it did the day I bought it. And, the car has never broke down, and has never failed to turn over with the first turn of the key. In 9 years, I've never even had to crank it twice. In fact, thats the reason i still own it. When i bought my '07 altima last month, i decided not to trade in my 200 because the money they would give me for it wound not come close to buying a car like it. Just take care of it, do the maintanence when your supposed to, and it will run forever. wash it every month or so, and wax it twice a year, and it will look like new 10 years from now.
  • vmokhutovvmokhutov Posts: 23
    How you find stick and clutch in altima in comparison to honda's manual?
  • blackexv6blackexv6 Posts: 490

    Could you comment on the ride quality of the '07 Altima compared to your past Hondas? Road noise & road shock is usually one area where Honda scores low.
  • gasmizrgasmizr Posts: 40
    The only recent Honda I have to compare to for the stick and clutch is my friend 06 Civic SI. Nice fast car with high revs. The clutch is about the same. The stick is a little smoother but not by much. Both seem to have a throw that is a little long. My last Honda stick was my 84 Prelude. That was very smooth at the time with easy clutch and short throw. I bought that in 87 when I got out of college so the memory may be a little nostalgic but I did love that car. I had a Buick Skyhawk in college with a v6 and 5 speed. Very fast but the stick was not as crisp as the Prelude. All I can say is go drive them both. Get what is best for you. BTW my friend is can not believe the gas mileage on the Altima 2.5, 32-33 combined. I have 1500 miles on the car and the mileage is getting better as it breaks in and I am now pushing it more since I am pass the break in period.

    I find the ride quality on the Altima very good. It is VERY quiet on the highway compared to both the Accord I had and the Civic. It also absorbs the bumps pretty well. My wife and and I were driving the other day and I saw her cringe just as I hit a big pothole, could not get around it, and then nothing. Just a small thump and bump that would have been a jaw rattler in my Civic. My wife just looked at me and smiled. That was when I knew she may not like the way the car looks but she likes the way it rides. The other thing I like is that the seating in the car is up higher. You do not "drop" into the seat like you do in a Honda.

    Do what I did if you want to be sure. I took the Altima out a number of times on back roads near the dealer that had plenty of filled potholes and pavement heaves. The cars suspension just sucks the bumps up and does not transmit them to the cabin. There is also no wind noise to be heard. It is amazing that I can now keep the radio on very low volume and hear it fine. In my Honda's when I would get back in the radio always seemed to be blaring. The car also handles very well, no problem coming off a hard exit ramp curve at 50+.

    As an aside I could just never get comfortable in the seat of the new Accord. That was the deal breaker for me.
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