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Chevy Venture Engine Problems



  • If you are paying over $200.00 for a thermostat, I got a 4L60E trans I
    want to sell, and I only want $25000.00 for it, of course it's used!
  • I figured it was way high, but this past summer, the alternator died on this van. We replaced w/a GM replacement, which was very high priced, but the aftermarket alternator selections were only about $50 less.
  • rhamrham Posts: 1
    Has any one had or know of any information on chevy venture experiencing uncontrolled acceleration in reverse or foreward. My friend had a one vehicle accident when her Venture took off when placed in reverse. I would like to know if any one has knowledge of this type of incident. Thanks.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    What is the code that is being set when the SES light goes on? Hard to diagnose until we know what the computer says is the problem.
  • After a 150mile drive I noticed that under acceleration the temperature climbs under acceleration. Never past the 1/2 way mark though it will in traffic till the fans kick in. I know this seems like no big thing, but I noticed that it will also started to feel boggy like I was towing something as well. I have replaced the radiator, bled system, new coolant fans relays.. No codes but the long throw with the trans which I don't want to do til I get the heating underpowerd situation satisfied. Could the cause be the high pressure of the trans adding too much strain on the engine at acceleration ? I know the pump is working harder but will that cause so much drag that it is like I am pulling a heavy load ?
  • neustkgneustkg Posts: 35
    2002 Chevy Venture with the 3.4L V-6, w/about 105k miles with a coolant leak.

    History: In winter 2006, with about 45k miles, we noticed a coolant leak and took it in to the shop. They thought it was the intake manifold gasket and replaced it. Got the car back and it was still leaking. Took it back and they found it was the head gasket. They replaced the head gasket and pretty much compensated us for the intake manifold gasket, so we paid about $2100 total (which is their price just for head gasket).

    Now, with 105k miles, we are noticing another coolant leak and it seems to be getting worse (along with an oil leak, which I can deal with). I looked underneath hoping it was coming from the radiator, but no such luck. Looks like it's coming from the engine area, which leads me to believe head gasket again. Any other possibilities? I guess I need to call the shop that did the work and see if it is covered? Any chance that GM has a recall or something like that for this vehicle right now?

    I hate to spend another $2k plus, but we don't really want to spend money for another new or 1-2 yo vehicle right now.
  • It started over heating i changes water pump, thermostat, rator cap , i also flushed the rator, went it starts to over heat i noticed that the over flow tank is full when you take the cap off it drains back in the rator threw the small hose .. why is it still over heatingcan you tell me what is wrong ????
  • !! YES !! YOU need to replace the intake gaskets , they come in a kit , 2 upper gaskets ( PLENUM) and 2 intake gaskets , you need to get the service manual for this vehicle for proper procedure , these gaskets has been specially design to correct this problem , make sure you get these gaskets at GM . Theres also a set that comes with more parts to replace the cylinder gaskets and injectors gaskets and thermostat plus other parts design by VICTOR FLINTZ at GM , MAKE SURE YOU GET THIS SPECIAL GASKETS , its been design for this overheating problem , keep me posted AJ
  • if it s the gaskets why did it just start some one told me it can be air bubbles and or the heater core can that be true?? How much will thoose other parts cost!!!
  • If anyone is still interested in a response to this question, I ran into the exact same problem (sounds like)...

    Oil pressure switch is directly above the starter. Jacked the car from the passenger side and you can see a steady stream of oil coming off the connector into the pressure switch. Replaced the switch (costs about $7 at AutoZone) and leak went away. You'll also need a special socket to get this thing off, so pick that up if you don't have one.
  • Thought I'd give an update on the overheating problem. In December, we noticed the Venture was leaking coolant. I finally took it in in January. Turned out the intake manifold gasket was leaking (I had it replaced in spring 2006). The dealer shop also replaced the thermostat and crankshaft sensor (he recommended it since the mechanic noticed it was partially disconnected). Had it flushed well and replaced the coolant (switched from green to dexcool). No more leak, so I was happy about that. This weekend, we drove into the mountains the same route where the vehicle overheated last fall. It held temperature well the whole way. So I'm very happy about losing the overheating issue.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    You don't say where it looks like its coming from...if you can see where its coming from its a lot easier to help you guess what it is.

    about 105k it could be the water pump...
  • Sorry, I didn't update. Turned out to be the lower intake manifold gaskets. Had all the gaskets replaced by dealer and leak stopped. Also replaced thermostat. Was hoping it was water pump. Prob. would have been cheaper.
  • hogmohogmo Posts: 2
    As a follow up to this post, the overheating problem is definitely the sludge. And given that I'm not a mechanic, my management strategy is to just put the same DexCool into the cooling system. After going just 20,000 km, the sludge had built up terribly. I had the system chemically flushed at Mr Lube and now its working properly again, no overheating problems. There was an awful lot of sludge in the system! So, I guess it will be another flush, same time next year.
  • groelzjgroelzj Posts: 1
    Russ23, I saw you mention that you had done a writeup on replacing the engine/rebuilding it in one of your other posts. I don't know if you still haunt these forums, but I'd love to hear what you ran into in doing this. I just picked up a 2001 Montana with a blown head gasket. I grew up on a farm, so I'm not terribly intimidated with pulling the engine, but it's nice to know what all needs to be looked at or even replaced.

    Thanks in advance,
  • fleastifffleastiff Posts: 51
    edited March 2010
    I have a 'new' engine from a different 2000 Chevy Venture and the Service Engine light won't go off, the coolant overheats with an orange or a red warning message, the engine runs at normal temperatures only if I add two or three EXTRA quarts of oil beyond what the dipstick indicates is necessary. The car also often stalls at stop signs.

    So what is the real problem?
    Oil pump?
    Coolant pump?
    Amount of coolant? Type of coolant?
    The engine is getting too hot, but is it due to coolant or oil problems?
    Amount or type of oil?
  • fleastifffleastiff Posts: 51
    Mainly I want to know what I should DO now?
    I've had hot coolant messages too often and I don't like adding oil if I'm not sure I need it.
  • azuazu Posts: 84
    I would stop driving and have it looked at. You do not want to overheat these engines once! Sounds like head gasket and/or intake problem. Adding more oil than max is a very bad thing. Lower end bearings may be shot.
  • I am intreasted in finding any ideas or places for mods or origanal rocker pannels and fenders and front drivers door.
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