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Chevy Venture Engine Problems



  • The check engine light (AKA service engine soon) light should not be ignored but as a rule of thumb always have it checked out ASAP. With the radiator repair, was the wiring harness properly re-installed meaning off of the top of the radiator and away from the fans??? I just had to have my Venture rewired because the harness clip that holds the wiring harness broke and the harness fell into the fan. It ran fine but no check engine light at all even at start up, I didn't realize this until I failed emissions inspection and there were several codes. Please at least take a look at the harness to see if it is supported properly. If not have it looked at but not a dealership. They wont "repair" a harness they will replace it at a quoted cost of $600.00 and up. Good luck.
  • hey this sound like my van.....
    after i bought mine like 3 weeks after i had it the check engine light would come on stay on for about a couple hours the i noticed it really didn't have lots of power and when i give it gas it would act like it was bout to shut off so i brung it into my job we scan'd it for the fault codes and it came back as a dirty air filter....
    got a new one and it still did the same thing so i did a re scan and it come back with the fault for a cyl misfire . ggrrrrrrrrrr .... then i sent it to team in vallejo come to find out it was a fuc*ing mass air flow sensor and now it runs like new after 500.00 .
    ************************* but *****************************
    The check engine light will come on for the smallest things also.. as per:

    Dirty Air filter
    Loose Gas Cap
    Low Coolant
    Low Oil

    i hope this was helpful for you
  • ul00173ul00173 Posts: 3
    We have had this issue in 1999 Chevy Venture for about last 4 years. Fuel injectors are our problem. When the light comes on, we add a fuel additive for about $10 that cleans the injectors. Wait a few gas tanks and the light will go out. Sometimes if very badly gunked up injectors, we will add two bottles of additive....This is all a whole lot cheaper than the fuel injector cleaning we did the first time for about $200......hope this helps you..
  • :( Why would a van with a new thermostat, continue to overheat?
    I just spent over 2 grand having the waterpump replaced, thermostat replaced, radiator replaced. Yesterday my husband had to pull off the hwy, because the van overheated & the engine shut off. When he opened the hood, he said there was water dripping out of 2 bolts/screws on top of the radiator. Does this mean it needs replacing again? Have had the van only a year and it has been in the shop like 4 times so far.
  • coloniccolonic Posts: 1
    I had the same problem with my 2001 Venture, but my symptom was a fluctuating temp gage. The problem was intake manifold gasket was leaking causing the change in temp. Sounds like yours went undetected resulting in overheating. This is a known problem and I would have the dealer fix it under good faith.
  • We get a stinky smell coming from under the hood again, like antifreeze burning. The van overheats even more when the ac is turned on. Husband thinks it is the heating coil. Smoke pours out from under the hood, even when ac is not turned on and that stinky smell appears. Anyone ever heard of this?
  • Are these vans worth buying? My sister paid ten grand for a used, 1999 chevy venture as a gift for me. I had it for 1 year & it has been in the shop 5 times & counting.
  • ahowlerahowler Posts: 1
    Ok I have a driveway that is at about a 50 degree angle when I back down and park on the incline to hitch up my boat I have a bad oil leak. I took it to the shop spent $900.00 for oil pan gasket, sensor, rear seal, and filter seal. Took home and I still have the leak. Anyone else have this problem and did you fix it. By the way it has a 120,000 miles on it.
    Thank You
  • Oh my. I have a 2001 Venture with 107,000 miles on it. I purchased it in 2001, with about 15,000 miles on it. I got about 18 months of warranty out of it, and had myriad problems with the a/c and transmission. The tranny really went south around the 50,000 mile mark, and I had it replaced at about 60,000 (rebuilt,about $1,800). After that the problems intensified: various a/c issues; lots of brake/rotor issues; intake manifold gasket; water pump and water pump housing. For the last year it has run hot hot hot, I've had it in and out of the shop, replacing various hoses and parts and finally the radiator (and less you think the mechanic is taking me for a ride, he's my BIL and a superb mechanic and the ONLY reason I've kept this car for so long.) It's been 2 months since we replaced the radiator and it's overheating again on rides longer than 15-20 minutes, and I sure as heck can't idle anywhere. We have both given up on it and I am now shopping for a Nissan or a Honda. After much Internet research I am finding that the burning coolant problem is very widespread and seems related to some sort of problem with the DexCool coolant system GM liked to use in these vehicles in the last 90s and early 2000s. Another problem is the way the engine compartment is laid out -- everything is jammed in there so tightly repairs are pricey because the mechanics have to dismantle the dang engine everytime they want to work on anything of any importance. So. My advice is to dump it as soon as possible! I LOVED this van, the way it rode, and comfort and styling, and I'm thankful to have driven it for as long as possible, but as I said, without a relative to do the repairs, it would've been in the junkyard long ago!
  • Will soon need to swap out my 98 Venture engine. It runs great, but has metal filings in the oil every time I change oil. This is probably from coolant and oil contamination from an intake manifold leak that was not caught in time.

    Does anyone know the interchangeability of Venture engines? I would like to get a newer, lower mileage engine.
  • We had metal filings in the tranny and it had to be rebuilt.
    We had to change the tranny and engine at 114 000 km.
    The engine could not even be rebuilt had to buy all new.
    Good luck!
  • writerwriter Posts: 119
    As time goes on I am starting to believe that it is not worth trying to save money by avoiding dealership service and repairs. Modern vehicles are getting too complicated for general repairmen to keep up with all the brands. And if you have to sue the manufacturer it is probably easier if a dealer did all the work.
  • Hi, guys. I'm new here but I'm hoping someone will help me with my Venture '98.
    It all started about a month ago with a P0302 and a camshaft sensor fault codes.The van was running rough and barely stayed alive at idle. Long story short, I fought with it and replaced the CS sensor and spark plugs and wires.It ran fine for about 3 weeks until last week when it started with this Cylinder no. 5 misfire code.It is running like on 5 cyl. instead of 6, no backfire though.When I had the cyl. 2 misfire , just changing the spark plug seemed to make the difference.Unfortunately I would have to rotate the engine again to get to no.5.I remember I really made sure all plugs and wires on the back side were fitted perfectly, knowing that it would be tough getting to them again.
    Today I checked the air filter and it was not blocked or dirty; also did a vacuum test and came up with perfect results, which is kind of weird considering how rough it's running...
    Anybody have any ideas where I should go from here? Thanks in advance for any help...
  • My wife's 98 Venture overheated on a 150 mile trip about four months ago. We had a local shop change the water pump and the van ran fine until a week ago when it started overheating at red lights. As of two days ago the temp gauge fluctuates wildly and drops to cold on startup then back up almost to normal range.

    Anyone got any ideas?
  • chaseschases Posts: 41
    If your looking to a cheeper fix before you do a headgasket:

    Get your cooling system flushed professionally. The over-the-counter flush is ok but will not get the gelled stuff unstuck. The DEX-COOL in these vans gel when it gets old.

    I had to get my system flushed twice just to get all the coolant passages clear. This means changing your thermostat, inspecting your water pump and new/non-corrosive coolant.

    FYI: open your themostat to heat the rear too. Opt for an aftermarket water pump when you replace, don't go for the like/factory water pump.
  • chaseschases Posts: 41
    You have a air/DEX-COOL gel gap at the guage sensor.

    Flush your system or get the air out of the system.
  • chaseschases Posts: 41
    Look for a small coolant leak!
  • chaseschases Posts: 41
    These engines are very common. Look for one in a wrecking yard.
  • russ23russ23 Posts: 25
    I pulled the engine in my 1998 Venture and tore it down to find the source of metal shavings in the oil. Turned out it was the cam shaft bearings. Probably could have gone a bit further (132k miles), but did not want to take a chance. I am a mechanic (retired) so I was willing to take a chance on it. For those of you brave souls, I querried IATN (largest mechanic group) on how to pull the engine. Everyone (12) said you had to drop the engine by raising the car. Well I do not have access to a lift. I was able to pull the engine the regular way. A bit complex to list here, so if you want to know email me at It turned out to be pretty easy.
  • Hi,
    Similiar thing happened to me. I changed the water pump and after filling the radiator up, I started the van and let it warm up for a while. When the temp guage started climbing again, I loosened the bleeder screw on the thermostat housing and waited until some of the coolant squirted out. I closed the screw and by the time I checked the temp guage, the temp was down to the normal spot. The guy at autozone told me that I had an air pocket in the system and the air got hotter than the coolant, thats why the guage was fluctuating
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