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Chevy Venture Engine Problems



  • Hey Kellermeier, or anyone else who has tried this:

    I'm having the exact same issue with a 2002 Chevy Venture, seems like there is this steam pressure buildup in the cooling system that prevents the water pump from moving coolant through the cooling system. I tried installing the maid-o-mist #78 with great expectations but nothing! It did not vent any steam at all, and the van is exhibiting the exact same problems. I need help! I just need something that will vent steam and not allow coolant to exit, a sort of purge system. The van runs fine when you purge the steam, the temp stays normal and the heat works, but as soon as the steam builds up it goes wonky again. Help!!!
  • Change the head gasket main one .
  • davy2davy2 Posts: 3
    Have you check the relays insiode the fuse box. There are two different ones that control the fans. Hi, low, and AC. If you turn your AC on they should both kick in. Try flipping them first, then replace 1 at a time....
  • Hello and thanks for your post.
    I was hoping you can clarify something for me.

    You indicated that you installed a 2000 Venture engine in your 1998 Venture.

    But then you say:

    “In the case of the transmission, the same transmission was used in the 1997-98, but it changed in 1999 and I do not think you can interchange a 99 into a 97-98.”

    So I am a little confused. If the transmissions are different then how did you install a 2000 into a 98?

    Also is it possible for you to indicate what specifically makes them incompatible with the different transmission? If it is just a matter of the lower end of the engine having a different connection to the tranny and is it possible to use the 98’s during the rebuild?

    I thank you ahead of time for any help you can offer!
  • russ23russ23 Posts: 25
    The engine is called a LA1 by GM. That engine fits a bunch of front wheel drive vehicles I noted in my post from 1997-05. The transmission for the first Venture/Silhouette/Montana vans were called 4T60E. In 1999 GM went to a 4T65E. The differences were a bigger torque converter (245mm to 258mm), different internal electronics, different final drive gearing and different valve body. None of that changed the configuration of the outer transmission bellhousing which married to the LA1 engine. I recommend you go to WIKIPEDIA and do a search on CHEVROLET VENTURE and you will see everything in gory detail. Click on the engine and transmission to see what I am talking about. In short the engines are interchangeable from 97-05 BUT the transmissions are not. I am not an expert on transmissions, so from what I read there are 12 different final drives in the transmissions so even through the engines are interchangeable, the transmissions are very specific to the car. In installing the 2000 engine into my 1998 I stripped the engine down to just the heads and block and had to reuse all the 98 intake, fuel injection with injectors, exhaust manifolds and old sensors. That really hurt to have to discard newer parts in favor of the old parts, but that is what it took.

    Since the discussion centers on transmissions I do not have any experience with the newer 4T65E trans. My old 4T60 E is absolutely flawless and shifts like the day it was installed at the factory. I have 176,000 miles on it and it runs circles around the two Fords (F150/Lincoln) my family runs. Those are somewhat clunky on shifting and both those vehicles have had transmissions rebuilt. The F150 at 62k and the Lincoln at 100k. Ford does not know how to build a transmission, but their engines last. In the case of GM the engines seem to be like Ford transmissions. So in the end there are both about the same.
  • Thank you for taking the time to respond. The way I read your original post I misunderstood what you where saying. So in short the LA1will fit a 97-05 chevy venture but not the same for the transmissions.
    This leaves me with one last question:
    When I go to buy the master rebuild kit do I get one for a 98 or a 2000 engine?
    I found a large price difference between the two.
    My first thought is to get a 98 kit as you noted all the old parts from your 98 had to be used on the 2000 block.
    Is this correct?

    Thank you again!
  • russ23russ23 Posts: 25
    I cannot help you on this. If you have a 1998 engine you need to get 1998 parts. Just because the engine fits from 1997 to 2005, does not mean the internals such as rocker arms, cranks, piston rings, bearings will not be different. I did mention in going from a 1998 to a 2000 engine I had to use all the old external parts such as exhaust, fuel rails and injectors, etc. Those old parts bolted on just fine with NO parts left over. I got burned trying to rebuild my 1998 engine. Threw a ton of money at it just to change out the cam bearings and when done it leaked oil horribly. I trashed that engine and got a 2000 Venture engine out of the junkyard and I have been happy every since. Have 40,000 miles on it and it does not use oil and 19 mpg. You would have to look at the parts listing for both engines and compare to see the difference. I strongly recommend NOT rebuild a 1998 engine. Too many things to go wrong and a ton of cost for proper machining. You should be able to get long blocks for under $2000 which is probably cheaper than trying to rebuild it yourself. Since the external parts on the 1998 are different from the 2000 that also meant the gaskets would be different as well.
  • luis1234luis1234 Posts: 1
    edited September 2013
    i bought two chevy ventures i fixed both from head gaskets they over heated!!!.....but both did the same thing i fixed put every thing back and now wont start turns over but wont start funny they both did the same thing!!!....aaaaaggggggh!!.....its frustrating cant figure it out and now one of them does not show check engine light it wont come on cant figure it out i thought it was computer,gas pump,well any one has a clue plz reply plz!!!......... :confuse:i have two vans not running all i did was change the head gaskets did not hange any thing else!!!?
  • I would try cleaning the throttle body and the air-flow sensor using throttle body and air intake spray first. If that fails, check your fuel pressure and make sure the fuel pump is working at its best. It worked for me.
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