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Chevy Venture Engine Problems



  • Plugs and wires have about 25000 miles. Changed after we rebuilt the motor. We used ac delco wires and platinum plugs. The van has run fine for the whole time and all of a sudden it goes to miss firing. I changed the coils, cam sensor, crank sensor, and had the ignition module tested.
  • fleastifffleastiff Posts: 51
    I'm in Florida so only deal with a very warm climate and my 2000 Venture's guage doesn't really climb that high but I find that when I exit the vehicle I can smell hot metal and the plastic container for the coolant is empty. No leak detected though.
    It is misfiring but its running fairly quiet.
    Anyone have ideas as to causation?
  • trinaktrinak Posts: 3
    ok my husband wrote on here before about misfiring and codes.. he checked all the spark plugs got the transnmission cleaner stuff.. and its still misfiring.,.. my friend cleared the code for me and it came up with a 742 code... does anyone know what that is?
    it seems to misfire off and on every few weeks runs like its gonna die when you are going between 0-55 mph... once you get above that it stops but the service engine light soon is still on..... any ideas would be great! i love my van just need it to run right?
  • fleastifffleastiff Posts: 51
    >742 code...does anyone know...
    p0742 - tcc (transmission converter clutch) solenoid stuck on,

    Good luck.
  • trinaktrinak Posts: 3
    ok does anyone know where the transmission converter clutch is? or how to fix it ?
    could that be all thats making it misfire and turn on the service engine light soon?
  • fleastifffleastiff Posts: 51
    >does anyone know where the transmission converter clutch is or how to fix it?
    Well, I tried to find a more specific thread in which to respond to this question, but couldn't so I'll respond to it here and then perhaps if there is any further discussion someone can find a more relevant thread where this problem can be discussed and perhaps already has been discussed:

    Possibilities: Failure of the Torque Converter Clutch (TCC) Solenoid, the 2-3 Shift Solenoid and the Transmission Valve Body. If its the TCC solenoid then it will be 85.00 for parts and probably 300.00 for labor. Transmission Valve Body would be a bit less for parts but a good bit more in labor.
    Good luck to you.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Is your check engine light on? If so, get the codes read and post...
  • trinaktrinak Posts: 3
    ok where is the selonoid?? and how hard is it to put in yourself?
    is there a way to get to not to be stuck on?
  • fleastifffleastiff Posts: 51
    Beats me.
    I'd start with the fusebox and make certain 5, 11 and relay31 are fine. Look up the diagram to confirm which ones are TCC related incase its 33 rather than 31.

    If this is normally a 300.00 in labor job, I would hazard a guess that the tcc solenoid is not all that accessible.

    I've heard that a faulty tcc can cause damage from excessively hard shifting due to clutch slippage being detected by the pcm. With the high potential for transmission damage if driven like this for long, some shops may be unwilling to just install a new solenoid and then have to face potential complaints. So act promptly if possible. I really do NOT know much about this and you should find another thread that deals specifically with transmission shifting on a Chevy Venture or atleast someone who knows what he is talking about.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Its not a DIY job unless you're really competent...and its not cheap if you have a mechanic do it...You have to pull the side off of the trans...the usual culprit is either the TCC or the PCS (pressure control solenoid) The second will cause harsh shifts especially when the trans is hot, its also accompanied by a whining noise that increases as speed increases. Unfortunately all too common in the Venture...

    If you're a gambling type, try this before you pay to have the solenoids replaced:

    Put in 1/2 a bottle of Lucas "transmission fix" and wait 2 weeks....I did it to mine and the harsh shifts went away...if you've never changed your trans fluid, change it and the filter first and wait 2 weeks...if that doesn't help, then try the Lucas stuff...mine was shifting harshly (most likely due to the PCS being bad) and my mechanic suggested a rebuild to the tune of $3000.00...I put in 1/2 a bottle of Lucas about 30,000 miles ago and haven't had a problem since...I don't know what made me even try it, I don't know why it worked, I don't even have a clue what's in it but for 10 bucks it might be worth a try...I'm not a mechanic unless there's a shade tree around and I've never done any transmission work other than changing fluid and filter...

    It got worse for about a week and then went away, never had a problem since...Our Venture is now at about 92,000 miles now...Who knows?

    Good Luck,
    John :shades:
  • jhirneisenjhirneisen Posts: 64
    For all of you who have had problems with DEX COOL (including me) in Montana engines (and the other 2 GM sister mini-vans, and several other GM cars and trucks), there is a proposed CLASS ACTION SETTLEMENT. GM does not admit any problems, but it looks like they will have to reimburse effected owners.
    See this web-site:

    Jack Colorado
  • fleastifffleastiff Posts: 51
    Okay, all those bottles of Fuel Injector Treatment helped to diminish the severity of the problem but its clear that the engine is running hot and it is still misfiring and the ServiceEngineSoon light still flashes at me constantly.

    WHAT NOW???

    Can fuel injectors be manually cleaned rather than chemically cleaned?
    Can fuel injectors be replaced or repaired?
    What sort of a task is it? How much would it tend to be?

    I just don't see that "umpteenth" bottle of Fuel Injector Treatment as being likely to work. I've tried half a dozen or more bottles of the stuff already. Wiling to try more ofcourse but at some point it just has to be acknowledged that hi-test gasoline and fuel injector cleaner additives are NOT going to cure the problem.

    What now???
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    After the 1st couple of bottles you basically can rule out that it will fix the issue, but its at least somewhere to start...

    Can fuel injectors be manually cleaned rather than chemically cleaned?
    Typically, if you're going through the trouble of pulling them out, its more cost effective to just change them...

    Can fuel injectors be replaced or repaired?
    Replaced, Yes...repaired, unlikely.

    What sort of a task is it? How much would it tend to be?
    I'm not sure of price as I've never had to mess with have to remove the fuel rails to take the injectors out, I don't remember what else you have to remove to get to them.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Sounds like an internal leak...lower intake manifold gaskets or head gasket possibly...unfortunately a common failure...

    I bet the hot metal smell is the cat converter as its getting really hot due to the misfire issue...
  • rockbazzrockbazz Posts: 7
    I'mmm baaackkkk :)
    I just got back from a 2 week travelling trip.
    Prior to the trip, the dealer installed a monitoring capture device that I could enable if I had the problem and get some info to take back.. unfortunately, I didn't have the problem.. I decided to pull the trigger and have the crankshaft sensor changed... I had to do something to see if it would resolve the problem.. All was looking good until my LAST stop for gas on the highway coming home.. it did it again ....arrggg...... :confuse:
    I'll have to let them know that we can eliminate that component as the issue.. really is just like I don't get fuel to start the thing up.. strange.. I'll keep you posted of any news..
    thanks to fleastiff for the URL on that claim. I understand a similar case has occurred in the Province of Ontario so I'll be looking to see how that progresses..
  • Are you aware there is a class action law suite on many vehicles, the venture included? Can only get like $400.00 or a little more if you can prove over 2k in bills but what the heck better than nothing I guess.
  • fleastifffleastiff Posts: 51
    For replacing fuel injectors on 3 cylinders, one guy just gave me a rough estimate of 3 hours of labor, head gasket and fuel injectors. He said he has never had to replace fuel injectors on a 3.8 litre engine. I told him I was getting spark but in fact I don't really know that for sure. Is 3 hours and parts a reasonable estimate?
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Sounds reasonable to me - about $450-550 ?...there's a bunch of stuff that has to come off to replace them...I've never had to replace a fuel injector but it does happen. I'm not sure why he quoted you a head gasket though as you don't have to pull the head to replace the injectors...maybe he meant intake manifold gasket since the upper intake manifold has to come off?

    How did he determine that you had a bad injector(s)?
  • fleastifffleastiff Posts: 51
    >How did he determine that you had a bad injector(s)?
    This was telephonic. I told him they were bad simply because all those bottles of cleaner have not worked. And I understand that the "next step" is to replace the fuel injectors.
  • rockbazzrockbazz Posts: 7
    Good day..
    A previous person posted that there was activity in one of the States.
    I'm in Ontario, Canada and I just recently heard about litigation that is up and coming.. Thanks!
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