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GMC Jimmy Squeaks, Rattles and Noises



  • mwright3mwright3 Posts: 4
    Hi I am having the same problem, does yours stop when you put it in 4x4? Have you had any progress since your post.
  • osusieq1osusieq1 Posts: 1
    Let me start by saying my mechanic is a family friend. Sometimes thats a good thing, sometimes not. In this case, I'm not sure. My antilock brake light came on, and he replaced the front hubs as the wires were worn. Light went off, all was well. However, driving it home, when I did a hard turn (left or right), I hear and feel through the floor a clunking sounding like it was coming from the front right. I went back and he said it was the CV. Replaced that as well. Guess what? Still clunks. He super greased the upper and lower ball joints, clunk clunck. Now he's telling me its the control arm/control arm bushings making the noise. Does this sound right?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :confuse:
  • mwright3mwright3 Posts: 4
    I am not sure with the 94 jimmy but with my 2001 you cant grease the ball joints. Mine are a sealed unit that are suppose to last for a long time. So if yours are the same I dont think your friend trying to grease them will help. I am told that It has to be changed. Also when we changed our hubs it wasn't a clunking noise but a howling noise. I went under our truck and turned the front drive train by hand and I heard the clunking noise9 not as loud but it was there. Someone said check the u joints that they can make the clunking noise. But when I turn the drive train the noise comes from the opposite and. Any thought I would tell you incase it helps you. My mechanic to is a family friend
  • ldtdldtd Posts: 4
    I took it to a couple of places, the muffler shop I took it to gave it a look over, hit the original exhaust with a hammer and that seemed to fix it - they said it was the baffel inside. I've also now sworn off lower octane fuel...only the good stuff now, seems to help some, did the first batch of 94 octane with fuel injector cleaner too.
  • My 1999 Jimmy has a intermittent loud noise coming from the front passenger seat front lower door, floor area. Pulled the panel off the door, see nothing. It sounds like a loose bolt hanging from a string knocking against the plastic panel. Any help out there ?
  • Found the source of the noise....The plastic door panel was "crinkling" along the bottom of the passenger door with the movement of the vehicle. Canadian cure, jam a couple of golf tees between the panel and the metal door. Problem solved. Thanks to all.
  • Thanks in advance to anyone for help. I have lots of details, i let a brake job go for quite a while was finishing school no cash etc. When i took the rotors and pads off they were the worst ive ever seen rust everywhere. So new rotors and pads, the brakes work great. However 2 problems. When I veer left there is a noise as if something is rubbing on and off almost as if taking a wire bruch and gently sliding it on metal over and over again. This only happens when your moving not if making a direct left turn from a stop. The next problem is that randomly while dricing straight you will hear a high pitch squeal for a second on and off when you touch the breaks very gently while the noise is happening it will go away. I have no ideas again any help is greatly appreciated
  • Need some help. I started hearing a noise about a week ago on my 99 jimmy. It sounds like there is somthing loose on my frontend. when i turn left at moderate speeds it kind of grinds not bad but it feels like there is something moving under my feet. i have recently changed the upper and lower ball joints cv shaft idler arm and pitman arms. let me know what it could be. Thanks to anyone who can help!
  • Hubby got into a crash in my 2000 GMC Jimmy, (grrrh). Anyway we took it to the GMC dealer and they fixed all the body damage, but since the accident it sounds rough, it has had all it's regular scheduled maintenance done at the dealers and was in perfect condition before the crash. We would not sign the release form to say we were satisfied with their work, they did diagnostics on it and found nothing, but does anyone know what it could be? I know the sound of my vehicle and it sounds rough now, especially when reversing and initially accelerating. Thanks for any/all help. It's a 4x4 with 154,000 on the odometer
  • Hi all, I'm trying to diagnose a weird noise that my 1997 GMC Jimmy w/ 90K miles is making and would appreciate input.

    My car makes a cyclic squeaking noise similar to high pitch metallic scraping noise (I'm not sure yet if it's metallic scraping) at low speed below 15mph. The noise is there during acceleration/deceleration/coasting while the car is in gear. The noise is only made while the car is in Drive. The noise instantly goes away when I shift my car from Drive to Neutral which leads me to believe it's somekind of drivetrain/transmission issue. The noise completely goes away at speeds above 15mph.

    I usually do most of my own work on my cars but this one has me pretty stumped. Help is appreciated.
  • jammonjammon Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 2 dr Jimmy. I am having two problems and am not sure whether they are related or not. I have had my truck in numerous times and they keep telling me nothing is wrong with the vehicle.

    1st) My steering wheel itself is loose. I feel vibrations driving at any speed, and have come close to losing control (wheel shakes and turns) driving over rough terrain, or railway tracks for example.
    2nd) I've noticed that the truck itself has developed brutal rattles when going over bumps and rough terrain. The whole truck shakes and you can hear it in the console and doors. Again, I had the truck in for an inspecation and they told me nothing is wrong.

    What should I ask for the next time I take it in? Is it suspension, bushings, struts, steering column?

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • My 1999 Jimmy has a front end clunk primarily when in reverse, when backing down the driveway, or sometimes just turning the wheel sharply from a stopped position. I have new ball jonint and recently had a lube as well. Still have the clunk. Anyone have any ideas on the fix? Thanks
    Stan B
  • I recently (about 6000 miles ago) had this same problem repaired on my 1998 Jimmy. Tuns out that it had nothing to do with the ball joint, or, as I thought, the a-arm bushings, but it was the motor mounts. My mechanic replaced my motor mounts and I haven't had that problem since.
  • Everytime I go over a bump in the road or any uneven ground a strange noise comes from the drivers side front wheel well. It sounds like there is something wrong with the suspension. Any ideas of what might be the problem? I also have sqeaky suspension in that same wheel well, any suggestions on how to supress or elimate the sqeaks? It's a 96 GMC Jimmy 4x4 4 door.
  • Thanks for the information. Did your clunk happen when you turned the steering wheel sharply? Did it happen when you were driving like when you accelerated? After your reply, I had the mechanic check the motor mounts and they appear to be in good shape.
    Thanks again
    Stan b
  • just replaced the idler arm in july and now it is oct. and i went to turn left around a sharp corner and i heard a clunk or pop sound and came home and no crap it was the idler, any help on why they go that quik, friend told me in 3 month's i would replace it and he was right he also told me it will happen sooner the next one i put in, any suggestions on replacing, i greased and went by spec's when changed.

    thank you
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