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Honda Odyssey vibration

I have a 2006 Odyssey ex cloth. The van has 550 miles on it. The vibration has been there since mile #1. I just had the van serviced at Rick Case Honda in Ft. Lauderdale. While I was there, another woman that had a 2005 ex leather was there for the 6th time for vibration. One of my best friends has a 2006 exl-dvd and he has the same problem. This has nothing to do with wheel balancing. After rick case gave me back the vehicle it rode worse at low speeds and slightly better at high speeds. My buddy stayed with the shop manager for 4 hours today. They feel that the tires themselves are the problem. While going 50 mph and light gas the problem is real bad. I let off on the gas at this speed and the problem almost disappeared. This leads me to think that this is a transmission problem or axel problem. Anyone else out there feel this vibration (seat of your pants, not steering wheel) please post here!


  • ref 2006 ex. i have the same problem--took to dealer with 2900 miles they have no clue as to the problem but my clue is a bad transmission so 2 more trips and i envoke the lemon law and replace it this is the most logical thing to do no sense wasting time back and forth
  • The lemon law is not that easy to win. You will probably end up in court because Honda's mediation department will not admit there is a problem. I am going through it right now for another defect & tried to settle the dispute with Honda myself & no lawyer.

    Honda will probably tell you it is a "normal operating characteristic of the vehicle" even though you did not buy it with the defect. They will tell you that cars break-in & exhibit certain characteristics such as supsension noises, rattles, creaks, exhuast noises, etc.

    I tried to settle with Honda with a trade my '06 for an '07 & I pay $3,000. They refused. So we are taking the case to court.

    This outcome surprised me since Honda always honored their commitment to customer satisfaction, reliability, & quality with my prior 2 Hondas.

    I guess since their quality has slipped so much over the years they are spending too much fixing defects.

    Did you see the latest class action lawsuit against Honda? Defective transmissions in '99-'03 V6 Honda & Acuras.
  • We have an '05 LX with about 20K miles. If has low freq. vibration and I'm pretty sure it's the tranny - and normal for this vehicle. But I'd love to get some more input from others.

    The Ody, for maximizing fuel economy has transmission that shifts up into the tallest gear whenever possible (light throttle, medium speed) and the torque converter locks (again normal, designed to do this) to limit slipping and maximize effeciency.

    At the lower rpm, there is vibration that I feel in the 45/50 mph all the way up to about 70 mph. Yep, when you lift throttle it is gone. I typically drive 75-80 on the freeway with ours so it doesn't bug me alot on long trips, but the vibration really bugs me otherwise.

    Is that consistent with others experience. Those with the loaded models apparently have some active noise cancelation technology in the audio system - maybe that is Honda's way of dealing with it.

    I plan to talk to the dealer about it and see if they have had complaints there or if they have done anything different on the '06 - seems like a simple chip reprogramming could make that lock up less agressive.
  • Like I said in my first post, my buddy has the same vibration at lower speeds. trust me, you can feel it all the way down to 25mph. It's terrible. My 04 odyssey did not have that feeling. I have a 07 accord that is like a rock at all (25-120 mph) speeds. My buddy made the service manager pull out an 07 odyssey and it had the same vibration. Honda needs to find the fix on this quick or toyota will not only be overtaking gm in total sales but surpassing the odyssey in minivan sales. :sick:
  • seems to be the logical thing to do but honda has deeper pockets maybe the best is to trade up to toyota or maybe a gm product i purchased what i thought was better quality (from gm) but i see i lost this round
  • My wife and I purchased a 2004 new off the dealers lot and about the time the warranty went out (36K) we started having problems with vibrations. You don't really notice it at low speeds but at 55+ it's horrible. I took it back to the dealer and spent close to $1000.00 on it but to no avail. I've put new tires, a new rim (the one was "scratched and bent" but the tires guys didn't say a thing when they put new tires on), front end alignment etc and the dealer said they couldn't find a thing. I'm stuck with it at this point which is really frustrating when I'm still making $500+ a month payments on it. I've heard this from a few there any kind of recall or solution to the problem?
  • jntjnt Posts: 316
    Is this different from the low frequency humming sound that effects some of new Odys (from Model 05 on)?

    Anyway, some of the Odys could have exhaust's A pipe resonant problem at engine speed of 2100-2300 RPM. So that could be 30-40 MPH around town or 65-70 MPH on highway. It feels and sounds like transmission is in the wrong gear. But it is mere exhaust pipe resonating: no mechanical problem with engine or transmission.

  • blackexv6blackexv6 Posts: 490
    If your Honda dealer can't find the problem look for another one. There are very good Honda techs out there. Also, take a used '04 Ody for a test drive from your Honda dealer's used inventory. See if you hear the same noise.

    Is the noise constant or does it vibrate when you push the gas pedal?

    Possible causes:
    1. If the noise is constant then might be bad wheel bearing(s).
    2. If it occurs when accelerating around 55mph then it could be the transmission "lugging". Lugging occurs when the transmission is in overdrive at a very low rpm. This is normal to an extent. If it lugs hard then the vibration is transmitted through the engine mounts.
    3. Bad engine mounts? Does the engine shake when idling?

    The only significant problems that I've heard of on the '99-'04 Odyssey is transmission problems. Mostly the '00 & '01 with the 4-speed trans (there is a class action suit). There were failures on the '02+ 5 speeds but not as frequent.

    Hang in there...consider yourself lucky to have an '04. The new '05+ Odys have several design defects that cannot be fixed...the worst being the drone defect & bad engine mount designs.
  • panmaxpanmax Posts: 24
    " The only significant problems that I've heard of on the '99-'04 Odyssey is transmission problems." The power doors remain a significant problem. Not closing fully, not opening, sticking.
  • For all of you out there complaining about vibrations. After having other minivans, found most vibrations have to do with the tires more than anything else--not transmission. Transmission defects cause the car not to move ahead. If the van has stiff all season tires, they are rougher than softer touring type tires. Also, UNDER INFLATED TIRES ARE A STRONG REASON FOR VIBRATION & THUMPING ESPECIALLY WHEN BRAKING. After picking up 0ur new car with 75 miles on it at dealer it thumped at braking. Next day on Sunday, the underpressure light came on. Well, the tires were only at 27 lbs. Dealer never checked tires. The car probably was sent with under inflated tires to fit on the carriers better or something. Or the change from summer to winter deflated tires. After putting the michelins to 35 PSI, thump and vibrations went away. We had a 1998 quest and 2002 villager (the smaller ones) and we had the roughness in the middle seats, vibrations with the accellerator & brake, and if we moved the back seat up and took out the middle seats it road much better. We also had a terrible time with Goodyear all seasons they put in, even after the dealer replaced them with new Goodyear tires. We got a set of Bridgestone and the car road smooth all the time. Anyhow minivans are very sensitive to tires and pressure. Just look where the wheels are in the front. You would feel everything especially if their is stiff suspension which Honda is known for. The Sienna is a smoother riding van but so far does not corner and stay level in curvy roads. I have a 2006 Accord 4 cylinder to replace my V6 accord of 1998. I love the 4 cylinder and it is fast enough for me in passing and highway. I fell asleep in back when my husband was driving home after a long trip. We bought the larger minivan because nothing else has the capacity and roominess for traveling even for two or three people. He wanted an All wheel drive SUV, which had good gas, power, and rode smooth. All those were too small (Suburau, CR-V, Rav -4). The large ones were pricey, too high, too much gas. The newer cross over vehicles make you blind in the car with tiny window space, no headroom and inability to judge and smaller engines. We are retiring and unless you get a very large American Sedan which you can not take a kayak or canoe on roof, there is nothing else that takes place of minivan. He thought the larger ones would not fit in garage. Surprise, I pulled it in myself. I watched the mirrors and went in like a charm. Could even judge front better than the villager because car is very squared off. Big windows make very little blind spots. In front is only blind spot on the sides because of the better construction for crashes. Tried other vans--chrysler, toyota, Hyundai, not the quest. Best driving was the Honda. Not the smoothest, Toyota won that. But price was hefty with Toyota because what we wanted most was moon roof and leather heated seats. I have always liked that Honda had the models with certain features. You either take it or leave it. basic, better, better/leather, and loaded. Makes it easier to haggle with the price. We really had trouble in the trade-in value of the villager because it was a mercury/ford product and they went by auction price which was really low although it was loaded. We got 5,000 off in rebates that year and we almost payed it back in the trade in. They calculate the trade-in value with the rebates offered or given. Good to know in the future. Village was loaded too (estate model). Best part is we do not have to take out middle seats, just put back ones in well and have load of space for golf clubs, & suitcases and gear. Not too bad in gas, just as good as the smaller villager, for the size. Smoother and less bouncy than the SUV's. Would have loved it back when my kids were small.
  • The problem is threefold. Those runflats have lots of problems and my Dealer went through 2 sets before finding 4 that were OK, but definitely not perfect.

    The other problems are defective motor mounts that causes a vibrationa when the engine is at certain RPMs.The last is an exhaust pipe that emits that droning noise.

    I have one of the first '05 Touring and have spent lots of time negoiating with the dealer(s).Honda definitely does not like to admit there are problems with this van.

    I'm thinking of keeping it has a around town car because it is so handy and get a Saturn Outlook for those vacations. The outlook is just as roomy and versatile and uses nicer materials and leather, not to mention it is AWD and I suspect will be just as fuel efficient as the Odyssey.

    I don't expect reliability to be as good as Honda, but this new car would really have to stink to even approach the Odyssey touring.

    I think honda is going to lose market share to this new crossover segment, especially since the American nameplates don't treat their customers like idiots--which I've experienced with Honda.
  • loyenloyen Posts: 1
    I had similar problem on my 05 touring. Turned out the engine mounts were broken
  • Anyone with a '07 or 06 Sienna AWD that can share your experience with this van as far as reliability??

    What kinds of issues should I expect?

  • artasartas Posts: 18
    I Have 2005 Ody LX-L with VCM with the same issue. Was in dealership in Rockford, IL 4 times (dealership seams to be nice and attentive, but they get no help from Honda except replace this or that). Initallly power steering pump was replaced (was making noise too), but it didn't get rid of main humming-vibration which occures at 1600 and 2100 RPM's (since it is on certain freequencies, I shall call it RESONANCE). Then parts of exaust maniflold and tail pipe were changed - no effect.So I called honda Customer service (I would say customer ditch off) talked with regional manager whose name is Julie Kim - who is completely incompetent in mechanics or physics - probably has degree in political science or liberal arts - zero understanding of the mechanical problem, but great in ditching people off. Requested to give extended warranty since resonance is known to damage things - they don't care. THEY DON'T CARE - even though I own two new Hondas and told that they can loose customer forever. Now I am requesting written statement that sounds and vibrations at certain freequencies (resonance) are usual sounds made by Honda cars, and I shall not give up until I'll get it.
    Othervise I like Hondas for their stiffer suspencion and ride, but really not happy with CS.
  • artasartas Posts: 18
    Hi everyone,
    I have droning sounds on my 2005 LX-L. THIS IS STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING DEFECT due to resonance. It occures at 1500-1600 and 2000-2100 RPM especially whem more torque is needed (acceleration, uphill climbing). It will not go away until Honda will change engine mounts or other unknown to me (probably to them too) parts. Changing A pipe reduces the sound, but A-pipe failure is due to the resonance and will happen again and again. The resonance is well known to damage and destroy things. Honda probably doesnt care about it, since damage occures way beyond warranty to other parts (already had power steering pump replaced as well as brakes) probably transmission and other parts.
    People, if you in search of new minivan DO NOT BUY HONDA ODYSSEY LX-L (leather with cylinder managment) or Touring - it will give you trouble in future, unless Honda acknowledges the problem and shall fix it. Meanwhile it should give extended warranty on these cars for free as a courtesy and acknowledgment of destructive resonance -humming, vibration.
  • I too have this problem on my 2005 EX-L. New tires, balancing, rotating, and spending needless money to no avail. My guess is that there will be a class action suit similar to '99 transmission settlement that will extend warranties to 100k or so in the next few years.
  • I am driving a 2006 EX-L with 31,500 miles on it. When I am about 70 - 75 mph and pressed on the brakes to slow down (not abrupt braking), my steering wheel tends to vibrate. I just had my wheels balanced last month so I suppose it is not a balancing issue. Tire pressure is also correct. If anyone has the same problem and has solved it, I would really appreciate the advice. Thank you.
  • I bought a 2005 EX on Tuesday. Noticed the vibration immediately. You say the damage the resonance causes is well known. Please let me know where else it has been documented!!! Thanks very much...
  • artasartas Posts: 18
    You need to read more physics, especially experiments done by Nikola Tesla. is one of websites.
  • :confuse: Hey, artas...I wasn't doubting you...rather I was saying that I am experiencing exactly what you have described! I don't need lessons in resonance, I need more evidence of damage caused by the Honda Odyssey's resonance so I can show it to the dealer (if not use it in court)!! Can you help me out? You've said on another forum that complaints about this are all over the web...can you send me links??
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