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Honda Odyssey vibration



  • sreisssreiss Posts: 65
    FWIW, I have a 2007 Ody and have had both the torque converter and an engine mount replaced. This was within about 2 1/2 years of having the car, and around 30,000 miles. Symptoms were juddering at about 35 mph (common problem attributed to torque converter problems) and a hard thunk on downshift. This would typically happen on a fairly rapid deceleration at, say, a stop light. A long, gradual slowing to a stop would not cause the thunk. Presumably the rapid downshift by the transmission transmitted back through the engine itself and caused it to rock.

    Anyway, when I took it in for service they diagnosed the broken engine mount. Both were repaired under warranty and both have been fine for about 10 months now -- or I should say that I have not noticed the symptoms.

    I agree with those noting that they were shocked to experience such a thing from a Honda. I agree. I have owned many Hondas over the last 25 years and this, by far, is the worst mechanical issue I have seen. I was motivated to get the extended warranty as a result. I am equally motivated to look at other manufacturers when it comes time to replace the Ody.
  • jpzkzjpzkz Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 with 80K on it and have been monitoring the vibration problem on it. It is slowly getting worse and it is indeed the motor mount failing. When drivetrain gets under a bit of a load and the transmission has not downshifted, this is when you notice it most... this is the engine/tranny shaking as the mount is taking this stress. The part is expensive and so is labor. I've got several friends who are honda mechanics (I am as well but not for hondas) and they've told me (just as 2 Honda service advisors have) that the motor mount problem is very common on several Hondas. I agree this is really disappointing hit on Honda quality. No consumer help being offered certainly does not help.
  • deeleedeelee Posts: 35
    You need a torque converter. Insist on it! The gears are messed up and the torque converter must be replaced! Honda requires that you drive it 1000 miles with the newest software update before they will replace it. Your van shouldn't be stressing to shift gears at all!! I have been through this already. I had the torque replaced a year ago and haven't had a problem since. Make sure you have it done before the 60,000 mile end of warranty.
  • I agree with the other guy you need a torque converter. They tried the same bull on me lets replace the motor mounts at $950 a pop and see if it corrects the problem. The motor mounts are probably broken also but they are not causing the problem most likely. The torque converter solved my problem. Good way to do a cheap test is put some Shudder Stop in and if that helps control the shudder then it's your torque converter. Honda will not put in additives which I understand there reasoning for fixes, but I find absurd if it could be a quick diagnostic tool! If the torque converter destroyed you motor mounts, then it makes no sense to replace them and have them go again. By the way my 05 Odyssey with the"bad Motor Mount" works fine now that the torque converter has been replaced. I went to 2 outside mechanics and brought a pile of paper to the dealership and they succumbed to my request for a converter, which they made me pay half. Still pissed about paying.....
  • Thanks, Honda did replace torque converter, but it turned out to be the wheel bearing, after I still the noise,vibration after they replaced the torque converter.
  • deeleedeelee Posts: 35
    Be careful about putting any fluids other than Honda into your transmission. If you tell them or they see a change in the color of the fluid it will null and void any warranty on it.
  • We just experienced the same problem with our '05, shuddering, need a new torque converter. We filed a complaint with Honda, and they called saying they will pay $1000 of the $2500 quote. They were tight lipped about how common the problem was and if there would be a recall, but claim if there is, we would be entitled to our money back. Anyone receiving any other type of reimbursement?
  • Ask them about warranty claims for this issue. Ask them about the Tech Line Summary ATS 100201 and tell them they have a design issue as noted in their SB 09-053. The TSB was updated and state that if software programming doesn't fix TC shudder, a new one is required.
  • three weeks ago brought my 2005 w 74K in to Honda w same shudder in the 30-40mph range. techs there used to be ford truck techs and they recognized it as similar to what ford went thru several years ago AND honda's recommended fix only w newer 2007s on is to replaced the fluid w a newer fluid to see if it would fix it. skeptical but had it power-flushed w new fluid for $288 and it immediately reduce to negligible the shudder!! altho not convinced this will cure shudder for very long, it has for now. curious to find if anyone just changing motor mounts, if that alone could be a solution?
  • The shuddering is not from bad engine mounts. We had collapsed engine mounts earlier in the life of our Odyssey and no shuddering issues.

    The problem is the torque converter. Unfortunately, you will receive the same defective design when it gets replaced. And Yes it will fail again in another 50-75k miles.

    Honda was replacing transmissions under the class action law suit with the same defective design - just rebuilt units. It was a smart strategy on their part because no money was spent on re-design or re-manufacturing.

    Some day all of the hidden Honda "goodwill" repairs for major mechanical failures will eventually reach Consumer Reports and the public.
  • Anyone check to see if the shudder on the TC has been corrected on 2011? Just hold RPM steady at about 1400 and speed steady to check for shudder.
  • tvh1tvh1 Posts: 1
    Same problem for me. Replaced rear mounts and two days later replaced TC. I will not be purchasing a Honda again. I paid a ton if money to get a great car. Too bad the company behind it has no integrity.
  • deeleedeelee Posts: 35
    If you check message 242 & 324 their are two people who complained about the 2010
    model. I haven't heard about 2011 models yet.
  • It is now official, product update for the 2010 Odyssey comes a year after my complaints.

    I'm gonna test drive a 2011 and see if they fixed it.
  • This poster has it right. My Ody vibrates at initial acceleration, and around 15, 30 and 45 MPH right after downshift (high engine loads at low RPM). The resonant vibration (accompanied by an irritating low and oscillating hum) causes the whole car to vibrate to include a harmonic vibration of the exhaust plumbing that makes a NASTY sound. Replaced TC, replaced all the (destroyed) mounts, lots of tweaks, all on warranty, but it was putting a band aid on cancer. I thought we had a lemon. Test drove another 07 tonight, and...same problem! The salesman was shocked when I demod it - nobody in a test drive ever stabilizes at those speeds - they are busy accelerating and braking, as I was 2 yrs ago. The service manager, when I told him the car was junk and I was selling it, finally gave it up that this is a "characteristic" of the car. BAD DESIGN and ENGINEERING. No fix. Would basically require a complete retool - BILLIONS$$$ for Honda. Sell now - this problem will destroy the car from inside out.
  • Hi:

    Can you tell me how you filed a complaint with honda?

  • I have a 2009 Odyssey, 18,000mi on it, no judder or any problem until I took it last week for an oil change to the dealership and they said, by the way, we did the transmission software update it needed. So I said OK. And as I'm driving out the dealership the van felt different, it wouldn't accelerate as sharp as always. Then a few days later I'm driving with the family going trough some hills and it was feeling that it wouldn't shift down when needed but late, or I would have to push it more for it to do it, before it would shift up and down easily and maintain the speed.) It definitely feels slower and know it judders a little bit. I'm planning to take it back.
    I need opinions?
  • deeleedeelee Posts: 35
    Poor Guy! That really sucks. The nerve of them, doing that without consulting you. I would be furious!!! I have had the problem since day one and they gave one worthless software update after another before they finally replaced the torque converter. Which is what I told them it needed in the first place. My 2007 van has been fine since. One year and counting. From what I've read, it will reoccur after 30-50,000 miles. My car will be out of warranty, but once you have this issue it is my understanding that they have to continue to fix it. Now that my Odyssey is running great I got the recall on the squishy brake pedal and then another on the brake seals and master cylinder?!! They kindly gave me another software update when I went back for the recall. I was mad. I told them not to do anything to my vehicle without letting me know. They gave me some crap about Honda requiring them to do it. I told them that I didn't give a xx!z0z!@. I finally got the thing running right please don't do anything to screw it up!!!
  • deeleedeelee Posts: 35
    Fight this, they have to compensate you something on their faulty transmission! they are well aware of this. Read up on the forum and you will get the whole scope.
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