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Honda Odyssey vibration



  • dleewladleewla Posts: 2
    We had the vibration issue with our 2005 Odyssey. IT'd come and go and after reading all these posts we weren't sure if we should do anything. I had my van in for some other service and they were checking the van and they said they noticed that one of the front engine mounts was cracked. It was about 60000 miles when i brought it in but have no idea how long the mount was cracked. They fixed it for free under warranty. Since that time, I haven't noticed the shudder/vibration in the van. I think they said they wanted to do a s/w update too which i let them do so not sure what the cause was and if its been fixed so its kind of a mysterious enigma.
  • bby356bby356 Posts: 3
    Thank you for your post, Yes it does, light accelertion while in eco only.

    Excellent suggestion with regard to the OD. I'll check it tonight. The reality is however, Honda has said they will do nothing with it, calling it a known drivability issue. My take is this. I believe it is the same type of shudder you would get in a manual transmission when the clutch shudders if you are in a higher a gear then you should be under load. In this case I think it is the torque converter shuddering. All they would have to do is adjust the computer setting to vary the load that causes the engine to switch back to six cylynders... problem is.. you do that and milage goes down,,, make it a factory change and all of a sudden that 27mpg on the sticker window goes away. I don't care about the one mile per gallon, I care about the fact that the vibration is annoying and it doesn't go away.

    I would imagine that dropping it out of OD would change that by changing the load factors.. I'll repost when I test it tonight.
  • ciao888ciao888 Posts: 24
    I've got a service bulletin on how to check for torque converter judder and lots of documentation that this is an outstanding issue with the Odyssey's and other Honda vehicles sharing the same V6 engine platform. Tell me how your test goes.
  • bby356bby356 Posts: 3
    Tested it tonight,the transmission does not shudder with Overdrive off in the exact same conditions that would produce the shudder with OD selected. While the transmission doesn't' shudder the rpms are higher which does make a difference in the lugging on the torque converter, and it still does this lerching thing like something is grabbing. Almost feels like and engine miss but its not, I'm sure it converter lockup.

    The RPM difference w/o overdrive selected is very significant, 1500 rpms at 75 mph. The engine is wound up, about 3500 or so as opposed to 1950 to 2100.

    Thinking about sitting in front of the Tiffany springs dealer with a sign or calling channel 4on your side to see if I can drum up some extra ears. I have seen enough posts about the excuses Honda has been peddling to perhaps get some interest. The fact is though, I've seen enough other posts to know it is usually ineffective with Big Honda... I don't want to carry a torch, just want out from under it...

    I've sent an email to Honda of Tiffany Springs GM and Service Manager and they never responded. Without resolution my only goal can be to put enough key words and post long enough to change the minds of Odyssey buyers and perhaps those looking to purchase at the Kansas City dealers.
  • liujnliujn Posts: 27
    My 2005 odyssey has exactly this issue since 30,000. Now at 82,000,the problem is more noticeable. This happens when car is still cold, cruise between 35 to 45 MPH on incline. Yes, RPM was low. I never had this problem after 30 minutes of driving. Also, if I turn off o/d, the problem disappears so I am certain,it has nothing to do with engine mounts. I drove stick shift before. When this problem happens, it feels exactly like drove on 5 th gear at 35 to 45 with manual transmission. Given that, I think maybe the problem is fixable with just software change. In some other cars, such as 2001-2003 Toyota rav4, when car is cold and on incline,the o/d has delay shift. That makes engine to rev really high. Early adopters of rav4 hate it so much that Toyota upgraded engine from 2.0L to 2.4L in 2004. Odyssey has 3.5L V6 engine, it shall have enough torque to deal with 5th gear at low RPM. Nevertheless,ECO on EX-L & touring models is a tricky business. I believe the combination of ECO, o/d (5 th gears at low rpm) & cold power trans, (maybe engine mounts have some roles too) caused this problem. I think replacing torque converter will work but will only resolve this issue temporarily. A true fix is to disable o/d until the power trans reaches normal operation temperate. This is done through software upgrade on engine control module which is the least expensive way to go. Well, I guess it probably is not that easy for Honda engineers to come out the best parameters to use. That is why my next car won't be Honda again. For now, I will live with the problem with the work around that was figured out by myself. Shame on you, Honda! I can see Hyundia and Kia will pass u at no time.
  • I also have a 2005 EX-L, and have been having this problem for over a year. We did pretty much the same thing all others have -- replaced the tires, did the brakes, rotated the tires, several alignments, all to no avail. I am confident that ours is the same issue -- we will try turning off the O/D tomorrow, and I am confident we will have the same success as others. Just adding to the thread here in case a class action or recall is in the works. Honda should know better than this. I did notice on one of the earlier posts an issue with the fuel pump -- there was a recall earlier this year on those, so Honda reimbursed us for the fuel pump replacement we did earlier this year. Hopefully they will do the same with the tranny problem since it is obviously a trend.
  • I have the same shudder issue on my 2005 Odyssey EXL which has around 98000 miles on it. The dealer quoted around $2300 to replace the torque converter.
    I called American Honda to enquire if they would consider helping on repair costs. After about a week they came back and declined any help, basically saying you are out of warranty and there is no recall on this issue. They pretty much hold the line on "we don't know if there is a trend with Ody 2005 having this issue at this time and there's nothing we can do about it".
  • blackexv6blackexv6 Posts: 490
    We have a 2006 EXL/NAV/RES with 94k with the shuddering problem (defective torque converter).

    Our Honda service adviser told me not to waste our money replacing it. He sees people come back after couple months with the shuddering again.

    Once again, like the class action transmission settlement ('99-'03) Honda chooses to ignore the issue and replace defective part with like kind.

    I see another class action coming up on the Odyssey again in the next couple years. It's tough to live with this problem after spending $30-40k for a new car.
  • claim5claim5 Posts: 22
    My 2007 had that problem , and in September 2009 Honda replaced the torque converter. It's been 2 years and about 45,000 miles later without any evidence of the problem recurring. Maybe I just got lucky. (lucky it was still under warranty)
  • I replaced mine over 20K miles ago and no problems. They made me pay $790 of the $1800 they said it would cost. They had also told me to replace the motor mounts for $950 each but I never did that and still no problems.
  • deeleedeelee Posts: 35
    I also had my torque converter replaced two years ago on my 2007 Honda Odyssey. It had around 45,000 miles on it at that time. I haven't had a problem since. They have also given me several software upgrades and fixed a recall on the brakes, something to do with the master cylinder. I think the software updates made it burn more gas although I couldn't prove it. I've got my fingers crossed. I have heard it didn't last for alot of people. I had to have it done. I couldn't stand it like it was. Good Luck
  • sreisssreiss Posts: 65
    I can 2nd or 3rd other comments here - I had this fixed (fortunately under warranty) on a 2007 Ody in January of 2010. No problems since. There have been additional software updates made when I've had it back to the dealer for other servicing. I had the broken motor mount issue fixed at the same time, and all has been well since then. Be careful that an unaddressed torque converter issue doesn't progress to snapping the rear motor mount also. For these reasons and others, I ended up buying the Honda extended warranty (nearly at the end of the 36 mos original warranty period) because my confidence in the brand was shaken very hard ... after literally 30+ years of owning various Honda models.
  • deeleedeelee Posts: 35
    Are you aware that the warranty on your 2007 was extended to sixty thousand miles because of this issue with the torque converter? If you bought the warranty before 60,000 it was still under warranty. Also since you had the torque converter replaced once you will be covered for this issue for the life of the car.
  • Just had the Torque Converter and one engine mount replaced on my 2006 Odyssey. I took several years of persistence to get Honda to cover this repair under my Honda Extended Warranty. They would not do the repair until they could demonstrate the vibration that you discribe so after several prior failed attempts at getting the dealership to repeat the problem I drove down their and grabbed the service manager and took him for a ride. After they officially "condemned" the converter they replaced it, and while doing the repair, discovered on of the engine mounts was damaged and replaced that. Glad I was able to get this taken car of 6 months before my warranty ran out, however, I'm not convinced that this repair truly fixed the problem. I noticed today that it seemed like their was a small but continuous vibration while "lugging" up a hill at low RPM, so I will be watching and listening closely over the next few months. Considering the problems I have had with the Odyssey, which I bought new, and the Clear Coat deteriorating on my 2004 Accord, I may have to pass on a Honda the next time. Sad to say, because I have had quite a few. It's also unfortunate that the vehicles I have had the most problem with were assembled in America.
  • I have a 2006 Honda Odyssey EXL, with 135k on it. For the last 5k miles, I've noticed the shuttering between 35-45mph. Taking O/D off, nothing happens. Took it to the dealership and they were more than helpful, fixing the recent recall on the master cylinder. I asked for a PCM update, and they said none was available. I asked for them to check the engine mounts (of course all of them were quoted as being bad). So, since consistency is the key, I replaced the rear and side mounts which were quoted as being "cracked". They said the front one needed replaced, but even the service advisor got the feeling like it wasn't a necessity. At the end of the day, nothing has changed, and I still have the same vibration. After all the posts, websites, complaints, phone calls, Honda has refused to fix their issue, and I'm quite disappointed. Now, apparently I am expected to have the torque converter replaced, and I truly feel this is a software issue with the VCM/PCM module. I have also started a facebook group: and hopefully this will get some overdue recognition for the six years of failed inaction. Please join this cause if you feel that it is worthy (and for some, it's $2300 or more worthy).
  • sreisssreiss Posts: 65
    The full warranty was extended to 60K, or just the torque converter? I seem to recall something specific being extended but I don't recall the entire warranty being extended to 60K. My primary reason for extending the warranty was that if something this major went wrong, I did not want to take a chance on something else going terribly wrong. Basically, the cost of the extended warranty was cheaper than getting a new car, because I have completely lost trust in the quality of the engineering, which is what I believe to be at the core of this specific issue.
  • ddssjskddssjsk Posts: 26
    Finally got disgusted with my 07 and traded for a 2011 Toyota Highlander.
    No more Hondas. Ever! Went through the whole gambit. Torque converter replaced. Fuel economy went to HE@@. Multiple re programs. Arbitration, (a joke). Free at last. Free at last. Received another recall the other day to re program again to prevent premature trans shaft ware. Anything to keep from really fixing the trans issues.
  • I bought my 2006 honda odyssey certified preowned; have had it for 2 years and for a couple of mths now i've been hearing this vibration sound from the hood. i've rotated, aligned, and balanced the tires, but didn't fix the sound. i'm glad to read the problem here.
  • I recently purchased 2012 EX-L and I am experiencing vibration and pulsating noise from engine. During my first dealer visit, I was told that the vehicle is working as designed.

    Later I observed that compressor was kicking on and off very frequently and the sound was so apparent and the vibration can be felt from the floor by the passenger as well. On my second visit, after I explicitly reported about compressor problem, dealer fixed the issue and per the report, it was set at high pressure that caused the frequent cycling of compressor. However for the engine’s pulsating noise, service manager said that it was normal and this happens on ECO mode and handed over a literature on eco mode.

    As a consumer, I want 36K vehicle to run smoothly or at least at the same level that I test drove the vehicle. Within 100 miles, the vehicle behavior and driving feel has changed and right now I just do not feel that I am driving a new vehicle on that particular aspect. I plan to test drive another odyssey from a different dealer to make sure if it is common symptom and accordingly plan to talk to a lemon layer .. I would appreciate if anyone else have similar issues and if they can share or shed some thoughts on how they are dealing with it ...

  • claim5claim5 Posts: 22
    I think the sounds and vibrations you are hearing are not normal. I have a 2007 EX-L with 53,000 miles that is still running like new. The only way I know that the eco mode is working is when the eco light comes on. I'm getting 26-30mpg on the highway. I did go through the apparently common problem early on of the juddering in the transmission after an ecm update, but the problem was solved by the dealer replacing the torque converter, and that was 3 years ago. I also replaced the stock slick Michelin's with Cooper CS4 tires which greatly increased the stability and traction on slippery surfaces, not to mention the dramatic improvement in the snow.
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