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Article Comments: 2007 Suzuki SX4 Full Test



  • sedicisedici Posts: 1
    Any impressions on the automatic volume control for the SX4?
    I've had mine set at all three levels and it never seems to make a difference. I find myself adjusting the sound manually. Not the biggest problem, to be sure, but if you are supposed to have it, better you have it.
  • erics6erics6 Posts: 684
    The SX4 is originaly the Fiat Sedici a car with great quality. :surprise

    SX4 was co-developed with Fiat. I'm actually hoping Fiat re-enters the US market. They've got some great small cars and quality is way up from the old days.
  • dudeboydudeboy Posts: 55
    I have to put mine on level 3 to get any results. It helps some, and I don't have to turn the volume down as much when I come off of the freeway, or up as much when I'm back up to speed. I agree that they should have given a broader range of adjustment, especially on a small car that has quite a bit of road and engine noise. I also have trouble getting enough contrast to read the display easily on a bright day. Overall, I think it's a great car, though!
  • oiricoiric Posts: 1
    I live here in Abu Dhabi, i got a black 2008 SX4 FWD (hatchback) stick shift they dont offer the AWD here but i still bought the car, it drives well and the torque is above average since it weighs only 2420 lbs. without the AWD.

  • The sx4 awd is the only sub compact to offer awd, it is unique. The only cars to compare it to are the more expensive Imprezza, Matrix, or Calibre. I think Suzuki made a wise decsion adding weight to the structure, I've seen the crash tests. Awd adds 250lbs or better why compare this car to a Fit or Versa?
  • Exactly, and many of us think AWD is much better than not. How does the GTR out perform the 911 afterall. I think this car is the best solution for inclement weather, and it is fun and strong all the rest of the time as well. Also the potential exists to mod this car into a wrx killer . $ 5000=turbo=225hp is anyone hearing me?
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