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Chevrolet Tracker Rusted Crossmember Subframe



  • vermianvermian Posts: 1
    I had this member replaced on my 2000 Tracker last year at my own mechanic. I would think that being the original owner of this vehicle, I would have been notified of the problem by GM, but I guess they figure if nobody knows about the problem, they won't have to pay to fix many. If I had known about this "special GM extended warranty" I would have taken it straight to the dealer, however now I am out the $$$, just the way GM wants it.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055

    Could you please email the VIN? I would like to look further into your situation. Also, do you currently have the repair documentation?

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • shirtguy1shirtguy1 Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a '99 chevy tracker that has the infamous suspension crossmember failure problem. Of course GM doesn't want to know anything and their response is nothing more than a huge vessel filled with BS. If you look in the right place you will find that Great Lakes 4 X 4 was handling the recall or warranty work to replace the crossmember. Doubt they did it out of their own generosity! Seems only logical that somehow GM was involved in the upgrade program, yet they claim there never was any such program. Apparently the only way it's going to get resolved is to purchase the part and replace it myself. I wouldn't even be wasting my valuable time writing this if GM had offered to just send me the part. I would gladly take care of the labor to complete the installation. As a taxpayer it's my understanding that I do own a stake in GM. How about them sending me the part as a dividend payment!!!! Wonder if I was register with the correct voting party, if it would be the same?
  • randman4randman4 Posts: 1
    I too am the original owner of a 1999 Chevy Tracker convertible. The vehicle has only 50,000 miles. We live in Michigan but very recently sold the car to our son about 3 weeks ago. He moved and took the car with him to North Carolina and this weekend had the same failure of the crossmember. He's now stranded without transportation in a new town with a new job. GM never contacted us about this issue which I would have had fixed had I known. Can anyone help?
  • aar08aar08 Posts: 3
    Hi - I had this "Crossmember Failure" couple of weeks ago. I called my local dealership on a Saturday am and they said to have it towed and they would look at it. I learned a lot about the issue through this forum BUT luckily, my service guy already knew about it. He said it is only done through a Licensed Chevrolet Dealer - you can call 1-800-CHEV-USA on a weekday to get the "Medium Duty" department. It is called a SPECIAL Extended Warranty for CrossMember Failure. Not all Trackers are covered so calling the 800 number will get information on your Tracker's coverage.

    There are many other people who have actually listed the codes in this forum - so if you look/read further in this section you can find it as a point of reference when you call.

    I called and in less than half and hour, my car was towed by AAA to the dealership and there was a hole found and it was replaced the SAME day on a holiday weekend.

    I do not live in a large city area and I was nervous about this repair whatever it was because I recently needed a new battery and had to go to FIVE different places to find one.
    Overall, I had no problem - no issue and it was really great to be informed before making the call.

    good Luck!
  • I have a 1999 chevy tracker 4wd and haven't received a vehicle recall since the electrical issues causing problems. I still have the vehicle and i love my truck.
  • Well zippo I hope all your concerns were looked at and followed through the right channels. I myself collect zippos the lighters and will not use any other lighters. The same will go for Chevy.. I have always had a Chevy since I was 16 and I will never veer from the line GMC used to be more customer oriented and they wonder why they almost collapsed in the recession a few years back..I still own my 1999 2DR 4WD Chevy Tracker Controvertible and I love my little truck its gotten me through some awesomely deep snow that upstate NY has had in the past 5 years. In fact i was plowed in at work all the way up to my side mirrors and almost covering my spare tire at work and I through it into 4 wheel and out i shot and i was the only one that could get out for lunch.. So I hope they can assist me in the same fashion about my cross member..I haven't received recall info since the electrical issues.
  • bnv1bnv1 Posts: 1
    My son was backing out of the driveway two days ago and he heard a popping noise, accompanied by the steering wheel jerking violently to one side. When he ran into the house and told me about it I told him NOT to even think about driving anywhere!. I carefully pulled the car into the garage. I looked under the car and saw that the mounting bracket for the control arm bushing on the passenger side, which is welded to the cross member, had pulled away, shearing nearly all the way out of the cross member.
    It scares me to think what could have happened if he was driving at any speed greater than that of backing out of the driveway. This could have, would have resulted in a very serious accident. Imagine making a left turn in an intersection and having the front suspension fail, unable to steer your way out of oncoming traffic. Maneuvering at highway speeds, the lethal scenarios of this type of catastrophic failure are countless.
    I called the dealer...after giving him the VIN number he told me my car was not covered under the recall since it had been over ten years (the car has 78k miles). I then called the 1-800-CHEV-USA and got the same story, but the girl on the phone wanted me to bring the car to my nearest Chevy dealer and they would be happy to fix the car and if it happened again it would be covered. She repeated this several times and I finally hung up.
    The response from General Motors is careless, reckless, incompetent and very disturbing. I have always owned GM vehicles. I will never own another one due to the fact that they don't stand behind their product.
  • 02rr02rr Posts: 7
    My 1999 Chevy Tracker (152000 miles) has an excessively rusted front crossmember. I contacted GM customer service through their website they set up an appointment with my local Chevy dealer for inspection. The Dealer inspected my vehicle for no charge noted on the work order excessive corrosion. Three days later I was contacted by GM customer service and informed that my vehicle was not being covered by the extended coverage program because my Vin# was not among those of covered vehicles. GM knew my Vin# before I ever went to the Dealer,any ideas how I might resolve this problem without losing faith in the Chevy brand?
  • gerlesgerles Posts: 5
    Follow up to post #80 Special GM Extended Warranty.

    The Chevy dealer honored the Warranty, no argument, no fuss, no surprises.

    It is unfortunate that this rusted crossmember was not a blanket recall for what is an obvious and serious manufacturing flaw. However, by standing behind the warranty as construed, Chevy has at least shown a willingness to act - a step in the right direction.

    Like many Americans, I WANT to believe in the quality and integrity of the North American auto industry (though, yes, ironically the vehicle in question is a Japanese product!). The only way to regain consumer confidence is to design and build safe, efficient, quality vehicles that the times and the consumer demand, and then to stand behind their product, even if they have to bite the bullet at times.

    At least in my case, Chevy came through. The fact that Chevy customer service is checking these boards and responding is a very encouraging sign and merits mention.

    I hope for others with similar concerns that their situation is resolved equitably. Make your case and hopefully you will be given a fair hearing.

    Good Luck
  • 02rr02rr Posts: 7
    My dealings with GM customer service left me disatisfied. Probably wont be back to a Chevy dealer anytime soon. Any suggestions for a Good replacement vehicle?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    I apologize for your frustrations. Can you please send me your case number? I would like to look into this for you. Please feel free to email me directly with your concerns and experience as well. I look forward to your response.
    GM Customer Service
  • Just took my 42K mile 02 Tracker in to be inspected because I had it on a lift and was very concerned about the amount of corrosion on the suspension crossmember. Per their bulletin "Dealers are to inspect the crossmember. If the crossmember shows signs of advanced corrosion or perforation caused by corrosion, the crossmember is to be replaced." Well after looking on mine I thought for sure the fact that it had layers of rust flaking off and the control arm mount brackets had thinned down to close to half their original thickness that it would be covered, not to mention the bolt heads holding the control arms on it look to be a size smaller due to rust. However, the dealer performed the required test with the hammer and flat tip punch and it passes for now....they say bring it back in a year and they will check it out again for me. What a bunch of BS, they know this is a failure mode of the suspension system and has led to accidents and yet they do nothing about replacing these BEFORE they cause accidents. It is not a question of if it will happen, it is a matter of WHEN it will happen. I think they are just waiting to see if they can get past the 10 year period so they don't have to cover it. I told them that they have told me it is safe for another year per their inspection and as such they are now liable for any accident related to the failure of the lower control arm due to the corrosion of the front crossmember. I just bought a new 2011 Camaro last year and now I am wondering why I still keep buying GM products. I think that will be the last!
  • I own a 2000 Chevrolet Tracker It was a used car when I purchased it Today Oct.15 2011 I had the front cross member replaced it was totally rusted out. per the mechanic For some reason I Google( What is a cross member on a vehicle )and there it was a Recall notice for 1999-2004 Trackers Total bill $2,189.24 Why had I not been notified ? This problem could have Killed me or someone else Plus I'm out a couple thousand dollars
  • Password - Register Etc. I get confused some times any how I posted a Recall notice about my 2000 tracker cross member repair I wrote$ 2189.24 which is the cost for repair but that included 2 rear brake drums & front drive shafts & two tie rods The Cross member cost was only $ 908.00 ( parts & labour. ) All the other cost where parts worn out due to age of Tracker I think if you took your Tracker to a Dealer You bill would be about $ 1000.00 as your ball joints tie rod etc. will also be worn out and not covered by a recall.
  • fnr1fnr1 Posts: 1
    My 2001 tracker has 35000 miles on it, i drive it every day i see the difference.. the dealer looks at me like i have five heads, and i'm a girl so how could i know. the original svc mngr is gone and the policy change is now out by months?
  • 02rr02rr Posts: 7
    I have a 1999 Chevy Tracker I was just recently denied coverage for front crossmember corrosion. I would suggest GM customer service either through their website or search through previous posts in this forum look for (gmcustsvc).
  • Just bought a 99 Tracker and then found the rotted out crossmember during an oil change. Seriously, it's got 65K on it, and otherwise is in decent shape.Contacted GM customer service and hopefully it's still covered. If not, I have to drive this with my 7 month old son, and will have to repair it myself. Has anyone done it themselves after being rejected, and can we get the part from Suzuki???
  • I purchased a new crossmember from for $215 plus shipping. My mechanic charged me $70 to put it in. tid=30955&section=19&type=parts
  • Decided to just buy the new parts and replace it myself.....I am not happy about GM's decision to wait until this part rusts to the point of being a threat to my safety, so I have decided to foot the bill and replace it myself. I just bought the crossmember and whatever connecting bolts I could still get from them shipped for $260 and parts should be arriving today. I ordered the parts from at a much reduced price compared to the local dealership.
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