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Help with Building a classic Ford pickup with a much more powerful motor.

Ok I have a 1964 Ford F100 Custom Cab with a modified '85 302ci. I just recently got a 1973 Lincoln Continental with the 460ci big block and a c6 transmission that I would like to place in the '64. My question is what would be the best combination of intake manifolds, carbs, transmissions and rear ends that I could put in the 64 to maximize hp and torque and still keep fuel economy decent for the motor?


  • This doesn't sound like a good choice of motors. You'd be much better off finding and modifying a 351, like they used in the Pantera. Many more options for parts and performance accessories. Your 302 probably already has more HP that '73 460 anyway.
  • That 460 is perfect engine for what you are doing I also have one in my 64 f100 with a MSD ignition and weiend stealth intake with holley 3310 750 vac secondary, if you run the smaller 302 or 351 you lose mileage with that engine having to work harder to push the same amoun of weight, one of the reasons the F250s with 5.8 had a lower MPG rating than the 7.5l NPD sells a mount kit if you havent found one, sanderson headers makes a great set of shorty pipes, hope this helps
  • i have a 65 f100 with a 390 i would like to know what 4 spd transmission would possibly fit this application :)
  • The Engine currently in a 1983 Ford F100 is a 4.9L 300 block. I am modifying everything straight from a Ford 1983 Mustang into a ford F100 body. Any advise? Now involved with this modification is a one foot drop. It currently resides 3 feet above the ground. Also modifying to it a dual muffler system straight out the back from the single out the side.

    Reason for starting process is the Engine needs an overhaul and I can get another engine that is stronger for cheaper.

    I have 25 sponsors for this truck already. I will be taking this puppy and turning it into a bad boy that can race and keep up with or even beat a mustang. Included in the engine swap will be adding a super charger to the engine for extra gauanteed boost in speed. The Transmission from the mustang in 1983 will be a five speed tranny. Manual!!

    Now I asked about butting in a 440 engine block from a dodge but I would have to cut the hood and place the breather on top LOL

    There are plans in the making right now. Just looking for advice.
  • It kinda depends if this is going to be a dedicated drag truck or if you plan to drive it as well. So are you planning to build a torque monster or a fast street truck?

    Speaking only for myself, and this may not jive with your plans--if you're thinking of a blower, why not build up the small block Ford motor? Not only are there a gazillion mods available, and cheap crate engines already built to whatever horsepower you want, but you can probably buy a lightweight fiberglass replica of the engine for fitting purposes--which makes things a lot easier.
  • does anyone know about 63f100 223 truck timing
  • joe29001joe29001 Posts: 48
    A cast iron Borg Warner should fit. It would have been a T98 in 1965. The newer T18 is similar & would likely work too.
  • 69f10069f100 Posts: 1
    I have a similar project, a 1969 ford F100 SWB that has a 352 from a 66 ford pick up, 4 speed. What I want to know is can I put the spindles and calipers from an 84 ford f 150 on this to give it better stopping power, or do I need to purchase an after market disc brake conversion kit? I would use new rotors and pads, but the 84 would donate the needed spindles, brake booster and master cylinder.
  • restored a 1964 ford F100 truck had 360 and 3 on tree transmition. built a 1981 302 450 hp balance and blueprinted Question is? tranny an bellhousing hook up but starter won,t engage out to far. so I need to know what bellhousing do i need, the flywheel is 13 1/4" and has 157 teeth. I was told that I need a bellhousing from late model mustang, maveric,comet. or galaxie 60s to early 70s any idea
  • Every morning my1978 F-100 will not move in the drive position, until I press the throttle several times. This take about two minutes. It will move in the reverse position just fine. After it's at normal temperature it's OK. What could be the problem?
  • ray60ray60 Posts: 4
    I would pull tranny pan and change filter
  • Ray's on the right track I think. It may be a sticking valve in the valve body. Worst case scenario? You might have to drop the valve body and clean it. This would require extreme cleanliness and air pressure.
  • ray60ray60 Posts: 4
    totaly agree I had 84 chev did same thing I hit throtle to floor couple times and the valve worked great ever since when it sticks now I do the same thing and works
  • ray60ray60 Posts: 4
    to bad you were not up in canada I have a 66 ford shortbox complete only needs one cab corner has 1972 460 325 hp custom headers and new duel exhaust for $1500.00
  • Could someone help with as to what are each of the fuses are for and there amps on the 1977 f 100..fuse box Ive a repair manual but the photo is so bad I cant read it ?
  • Why don't you drop this guy a line on eBay and see if he has anything for you? He seems to specialize in this sort of thing.

    Ford Wiring Diagrams

    Another idea-- try the public library and see if they have an older Motor's Manual or Chilton manual for your truck.
  • tsimptsimp Posts: 3
    My 1970 F100 360 2bbl stalls when put into drive and at stop signs, then is hard to start. Ideas?
  • First thing we always recommend for the "old car blues" when stalling and hard re-starts, is a complete and thorough tune-up before we attack the carburetor.
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