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Help with Building a classic Ford pickup with a much more powerful motor.



  • My pickup had a 302 we just pulled, now we're replacing it w/ a 1970 429 Cobrajet...which engine stands would fit? a 302 small block or a 390 big block?

    also..does anyone know which holes to position the engine? the ones closer to the front/radiator or the holes at the firewall???
  • not much here my friend. This motor was a pure torque engine and made at the start of a run of horrible mistakes by all American engine models. Compression was lowered cam specs lowered and much more. It got worse after yours though. A lot of money can be thrown at this with little happiness for you. Impossible NO Eddlebrock intake Holly 750 cfm carb (I like the double pumper but it isnt economical) headers, a crane cam minimal RV grind (slight rough idle and good to 6000 rpm) upgraded distributor. high quality timing chain or gear drive. I would like to see a slight compression boost in the pistons perhaps 10. to 1 for present fuel quality. the c6 trans is a good trans but a mild performance torque converter and a tow and go shift kit is a must.
  • chaugheychaughey Posts: 4
    edited January 2011
    hows your truck project coming along? My truck a 1957 f100 runs a balanced 410 merc motor running 427 mid riser heads, lemans rods, 427 cast iron headers (rare) port matched edelbrock intake, crane cam, 800 double pump electronic ignition. my motor mounts were made before I installed this engine and not well I might add. I advise get a motor mount cradle that uses a common ford mount for the engine. I would prefer a set that mount as far forward as possible for exhaust clearance but I believe your engine factory mounted just slightly center of the block. ps nice engine choice! :)
  • tim173tim173 Posts: 1
    Please can someone give me some advice on finding interior panels and parts for a 1983 Ford F-100. I've already reupholstered the seat, but need interior door panels and the panel that goes behind the seat on the interior of the cab. I've gotten a few things from LMC
    Trucks but their inventory for the F100 is limited.

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,411
    That's going to be tough because the truck is really too new for any aftermarket interior parts. There aren't many folks restoring this type.

    Best thing I could suggest is to scour Hemmings Motor News ( and hope to score either really good salvage panels or some NOS.


  • texasestexases Posts: 5,511
    Have you checked with junkyards/recyclers? There should be a pretty good supply of '83s around that died because of rust/engine/tranny/crash problems, but with decent interior left over.
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