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Mazda 626 Engine Questions



  • I recently purchased a 1989 Mazda 626 from a friend. It needs a new alternator. I haven't been under the hood, so I don't know the engine layout yet. How difficult is it to change and where on the engine is it located?
  • I have a 1993 626 and it chews up the water pump/alternator belt often. The crank pulley is out of alignment with the alternator & water pump. This is a two piece crank pulley that has an outer ring the belts ride in attached to an inner hub that fits on the crank shaft. The outer ring has moved foward about 1/4", I can't get the bolt off the pulley because the crank shaft turns when I try to loosen it. How do I get the bolt off? Please help!!
  • I have a 1998 Madza 626 ES,2.5,with a V-6, I had the same type of sound on my Madza, I researched and found the timing belt can make this type of sound. Took it to a repair shop and that is what that sound was, like a clicking sound. I had thought is was internal and serious, in a way it was it had cost me $800 a lot of other parts were needed. I is suppose to be done aprox 60000 miles
  • lmgearylmgeary Posts: 2
    I have a 1995 Mazda 626 that the alternator belt makes a squeeling sound and eventually breaks. I'm told the pulley is out of alignment and it has been re-aligned. After a month or so, the squeeling starts and the same thing happens over and over. I've done some research and found that I need a new pulley. Does anyone know anything about this ???? Need to get this problem fixed once and for all.
  • lmgearylmgeary Posts: 2
    Did changing the pulley solve your problem of the belts getting chewed up ??? I'm having the same problem and keep bringing it back to the mechanic but it ends never getting resolved. Please let me know.

  • deemarc2deemarc2 Posts: 1
    Has anyone replaced a crank pulley? I have a 2002 Mazda 626, the outer ring of the crank pulley fell off.
  • askperryaskperry Posts: 19
    My crank pulley apart off three times. Each time, I got a replacement from the junk yard. It turns out that the AC compressor was locking up. I didn't know this until the third time it the pulley fell apart The compressor had locked up completely and wouldn't turn at all. After I replace the compressor I had no more problems with the Crank Pulley.
  • dre100dre100 Posts: 1
    I have a 94 4cyl mazda 626 my check engine light is on and sometimes my car cuts off after displaying the charge light but it starts back up. I replaced the alternator and the spark plugs and it still shuts down when driving, and the check engine light cuts on and off, could anyone help me with this problem?
  • an impact is probally your best bet it. a air impact and will be best seeing how it has more power than a battery powered one
  • has anyone in here turbo a 95 626 i have the turbo intercooler piping and am getting the turbo headers soon anyone know how much boost i an push an stock internals??? any input will behelpful probally going to run seven to ten pounds if there is any no no about this let me know
  • would like to know if anyone can tell me if they have had problems wit the clutch i cant make it go in gear i was told it was the slave cylinder change it and it still wont go into gear 1rst and 2nd is hard and 3,4,5 is easy what the problem
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    Mazda uses failure prone clutch master cylinders (not slave cylinders). It is the internal seals that fail inside the cylinder, making complete clutch release impossible. The clutch master cylinder is located right behind the clutch pedal and it is visible on the firewall from the inside of the engine compartment. I went through about three of these master cylinders on my car. Also, there is a flexible rubber hose, just like a brake hose int he clutch hydraulic circuit, between the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder. This hose burst on my car and left me stranded. It is advisable to replace it if the car is more than 10 years old or has more than 100k miles.
  • I have a mazda 626 2ltr 1992 auto hatch with 180 000 on the clock it starts no probs it idles fine but when you put the thing in gear it stops this happens in drive as well it sometimes stalls when you stop at the lights. this is a intermitting thing some days it happens and some days it dont. Has enybody had the same problem who can help me out
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