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Porsche Boxster Prices Paid and Buying Experience

kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
Tell us about buying/shopping for your new Boxster!!

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  • I want to get an '07 Boxster S, and it seems that what I want will require ordering one. Can I expect to pay MSRP? If I get a discount, should it be comparable to what I would pay for a comparably equipped car already at the dealers?
    Thanks in advance.
  • srangersranger Posts: 106
    I would not buy a new Boxster. These things simply drop in value way too fast. You can get a 1-2 year old low milage car for nearly 20K less. I have even seen a few 2006 models under 20K Miles for 30K less than it's original MSRP with a clean carfax title. The 2006 was nearly as good of a car as the 2007. I doubt that anyone could really tell the performance difference...

    I would really look a Ebay before you lose so much money just to buy a new one. However, I would not pay more than invoice for a new one. If you stand your ground, you can get it...
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    No personal disrespect to sranger, but I am not sure where he is coming from with his figures. If a 1 year old Boxster depreciated $20-$30k, Porsche would be out of business tomorrow, given the percentage that are leased through Porsche leasing. While any new car depreciates significantly in the first few years, Porsches fare pretty well. Kiplinger, in their December Personal Finance magazine, lists the estimated 3 year residual of a Boxster S at 53%. A 911 is 60%. A Ford Explorer is 39%. Maybe that's what sranger was looking at? ;)

    In my area (DC) I'd be able to order a 2007 Boxster S for roughly 6-7%+ off MSRP. There is roughly a 13% markup, so that is basically splitting the difference between MSRP and invoice. You would probably be able to get a better deal on an in-stock car, especially if there are any leftover 2006's. I am not aware of any major difference between the 2006 and 2007. The 2006 got the 295hp 3.4 liter engine form the Cayman S.
  • Thanks, stranger and habitat1, I appreciate your feedback.

    Based on what I observed, I believe that values don't drop as much as stranger suggests, though I'm aware of the cost of getting a new car. I guess this has me re-think the reasons I want a new car.

    So, here they are:
    Getting a car with the options, colors and combinations that I want (It seems that my taste is not common :) )
    Eliminating getting a used car which was not broken in properly, or had been ms-treated.
    I thought that the new, more powerful engine was offered for 2007 models only. I doubt that I'll feel the difference, though.
    Any comments?
  • smodersmoder Posts: 13
    I can provide some factual information on Boxster purchases here in California.

    Some dealers(although inventory is dropping fast) will offer $9000 off sticker for 06. This is around $1000 below invoice in most cases. Not much selection in color and usually the car is pretty optioned. Regarding an 07; over the phone informally with one dealer they were offering $3400 off which means they were making around $5000 over invoice. I think you should expect to pay about 50% of the gap between MSRP and Invoice(worst case). You will always get a better deal on one in stock. Hope this helps.
  • I have a new Boxster with the upgraded BOSE Surround Audio System but no CD changer in the trunk. Has anyone had any experience adding an aftermarket CD changer that still interfaces properly with the head unit? (I know I could buy it from Porsche, but their price is ridiculous)


    - Jim
  • I'm going to buy a Boxster but I want to limit the money I spend on the options.

    Does anyone have any opinions as to which options are essential? I don't want to leave anything out either.


  • Hi, I too purchased a Boxter S (2006) and my buddy says I should get an IPOD and have ALL MY MUSIC with me. Ipod (and others) have a "transmitter" that sends the signal to an FM station, so there is no wireing involved.

    Let me know what you think or what you find out.
    I am looking to add a navigator to mine and Pioneer has some slick stuff.. still looking though.
    Good luck
  • I agree with your buddy. I have an iPod and a "Monster" brand FM transmitter that plugs into the DC outlet and recharges the iPod battery as it plays. I'll never buy another car CD changer again. I like having my entire music collection at my fingertips without having to take CDs out of the house. You should download the free iTunes software from and play around with it; try importing some of your CDs and creating Playlists. Yes, there is some sound deterioration resulting from compressing your music files into mp3 format, but it's barely noticeable to most ears. Even if you're an audio engineer and you're driving with the top down, you'll never notice.
  • JMO
    bose, heated seats, decent wheels.........i am using 1999 996 (911) turbo look 18's on my third black boxster and i love them. basalt black and black interior (or you favorite color even though it wont look as great................jk :-)
    tiptronic, if you get anything that has gray interior spend the money on deviated carpet to black. looks awesome (look at pics of it on the doors on porsche petes boxster board) really with most colored cars and hid lights.
    base model.
  • groberts2groberts2 Posts: 1
    I ordered a 2006 Boxster S at the end of Oct/2005. I got a $2000 discount after working two dealers against each other. Based on the Edmunds PMJ (or whatever) pricing, I was not expecting a discount. I ordered the preferred package plus and have been very satisfied. I would get heated seats and xenon lights, if I did not get the package. The 2007 model has 290 HP but the ratio in first gear is lower and I expect launch speed is slower, but mpg is higher by 1 mpg A good estimate of future trade value can be obtained by looking at Edmunds and Kelly blue and getting an estimate for the key like you plan on buying. For example, I plan to trade my car next year, so I input a 2005 version of my car. As result I got a good estimate of what my car will be worth in 2008. I have found these calculations to be accurate and reliable. This is the best car I've had, substantially better than the z3 and z4 which preceded it. It is a total delight.
  • joechicago7joechicago7 Posts: 22
    There seems tto be about $7,000 difference between MSRP and Invoice. So your $2,000 discount seems low.

    I was hoping to pay $4,000 under MSPR for a 2008 model.

    Is that possible?
  • zignicezignice Posts: 1
    Anyone have any idea what type of discount I can expect on an 07 now that the 08 is soon to be out?
  • So I am buying a new boxster for my mom, has to be silver and needs to be tiptronic. There were obviously none on the lot today (I'm in the DC area), and the dealer said that only 10% of Boxsters are automatic. They found one in the area they can ship. MSRP was around 54k. They said they would give it to us for 52k plus taxes. That's one option.

    Versus, ordering an 08 with the options we want.

    I've read that people are getting around 5k off from MSRP... but does this apply to when you are actually ordering the car from Porsche to be built? Any advice would be greatly appreciate.

    (I'm getting the Tiptronic because my mother is 68 years old, she can't drive a stick!).

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
    I'd look into service loaners... Almost every one of them is Tiptronic..

    My local dealer in Cincinnati has one for sale, but I'm not sure of the color..

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I found an 07 Boxster that they advertised as $47000 with 5k miles. They said they would reduce it to $39900 and said it was a loaner. I suspect that also means it may have been a demo. I'm thinking that if it was a "loaner" folks would take it out and abuse it since it wasn't there's. What does a "loaner" really mean? Should I consider it or stay away?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
    A loaner is usually a car that is given to service customers, when their car is in the shop.. I get them when I take my wife's BMW in.. I don't drive their car any differently than I do my own.. (usually, it's just to work and back to the dealership).

    It isn't like they give them to 18-yr.-old kids to drive... The person getting the car already has a Porsche.. And, if they are getting a Boxster as a loaner, then they likely drive one, already..

    Could it be used as a demo, also? Possibly/probably... depending on the dealer.. Would I be worried about it? Not much on an '07 with factory warranty..

    As a point of reference, my local dealer is giving $12K off loaner/demo Caymans and Boxsters.. Those have miles from 5K-7K, and sticker in the low-mid $50K range..

    Good luck!!

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • naqialinaqiali Posts: 1
    is this true that porsche is coming with a new redesigned boxter in 2010
  • Just got an 07 Boxster for $10k off msrp. seems to be the going deal with several dealers.

    I thought the information on the visor was a paper sticker that would just pull off. But it appears to be a decal. I don't need the info., it's ugly, glares with it's white/yellow/black pictures and print.

    My question is: Does anyone know how to remove the decal on the visor?
  • lardaglardag Posts: 1
    I am considering purchasing a used Boxster. My research so far shows significant inprovements on the 2003 model, and even more improvements with the 2005 model. A friend of mine just mentioned that the 2003 model was not a good year. Any truth to that??
    Also, can the passenger airbag be turned off so I can put my 8 year old daughter in the passenger seat??

    I would appreciate any comments anyone would like to share


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