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Lexus ES 350 Accessories

bkmehtabkmehta Posts: 10
edited March 14 in Lexus
I want to purchase body molding, spash guards, bumper protector etc for '07 Lexus ES350.

Any ideas?


  • I want to know where to find (oem) or aftermarket body parts for lexus
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    Use Google and type in "Lexus OEM parts"
  • Any website, or place I can find
    1. Bumper Moulding or Guards (good looking black/chrome like mercedeze)
    2. Mud Guards
    3. Body Moulding ((good looking black/chrome like mercedeze)
    4 Floor Mats etc
  • tdohtdoh Posts: 298 for OEM stuff; I don't know of any site off the top of my head for aftermarket--especially ones that carry black/chrome moulding like what you're looking for.
  • jaspalbjaspalb Posts: 84
    A couple of months ago, one of us posted a link where interior additional custom wood paneling for ES 350 could be ordered. Could that site be reposted please. I am considering some additional wood over air vents and/or glovebox, etc
  • jaspalbjaspalb Posts: 84
    Some of you may have used the wood dash kit as per link below:

    I would be interested to know your experience. Is it worth the price - $200 for 32 pieces (some will not be used, the kit includes pieces for Nav and non-Nav versions). Thanks.
  • Can anyone tell me how to get the floor mats out of my 2007 ES350? I want to change out the carpeted mats for the rubber winter mats but can't get them off of the little hooks..I'm sure there must be an easy way to do this, but I cannot figure it please!
  • jaspalbjaspalb Posts: 84
    Although you can take them off, but you can just put the winter mats on top of them. That's what I did.
  • dandydon2dandydon2 Posts: 77
    To remove a front floor mat, put your hand on the end closest to the seat and hold it to the floor. Use your other hand to raise the front end of the mat towards a vertical position. Gradually slide the mat towards the seat. That will allow the angle brackets to slip out of their holes in the mat.

  • tdohtdoh Posts: 298
    I thought I read somewhere that it was not recommended to lay the factory winter mats on top of the factory carpeted mats; for starters, doing so would make it just about impossible to properly secure the winter mats to the mat hooks. Also, I would think that the additional weight of the winter mats on top of the carpeted mats--combined with the weight of your feet resting on top of both mats--would cause the carpet naps (I think that's what the carpet fibers are to flatten over time...not a good thing, as far as the cosmetic appearance of the carpet mats is concerned IMHO.

    Sure, I guess you can fluff the naps back up but why spend time having to go through all that just because one is too lazy to remove the carpet mats to begin with?
  • billccsibillccsi Posts: 4
    I'm looking for a Class I or II reciever hitch for the ES 350.

    Does anyone know who might have one?
  • venture5venture5 Posts: 5
    That's correct. Lexus advises against putting the winter mats on top of the carpeted mats. The primary reason is safety. The additional height of the 2nd mat may interfere with the brake and accelerator pedals.
  • tdohtdoh Posts: 298
    Actually, Lexus has sent out a notice to current ES 350 owners who may have the all-weather mats warning them about not placing them on top of the existing carpeted mats (there might even be a TSB for it); I received the notice a few days ago--it came w/ a warning sticker that is to be placed on the underside of the driver's side all-weather mat.
  • jaspalbjaspalb Posts: 84
    I actually had a bad experience. While entering into a highway I had to speed up to get ahead of a fast approaching truck. Once in, I was surprized that my car won't slow down. My wife screemed, "..what are you doing?". I applied brakes but car won't slow. I looked at the cruise, it was off. I then suddenly moved the stick to Neutral, and quickly moved to the shoulder, and stopped, but engine continued to roar. After shutting the engine off, and waiting for 15 seconds, I pressed the Start button, engine again went high roaring. After shutting the engine off again, I thought for a moment, and then found that the pedal was stuck under the winter mat. I had placed it temporarily on top of the carpet mat. Lucky. Today, I received a notice from Lexus. Perhaps others have experienced something similar. Never place both mats on top of each other.
  • dstydsty Posts: 1
    Were you aware the all weather/rubber floor mat issue is under investigation by NHTSA, a federal agency of the US DOT, as a potential safety defect? There have been other incidents claimed. You should consider filing a report at NHTSA's site, The link is on the right side of the page towards the top.
  • music4kpmusic4kp Posts: 9
    The exact same thing happened to me on the freeway. I also experienced the accelerator being stuck on my winter floor mats. The car wouldn't slow down no matter how hard I pressed on the brake. I was already traveling at 90 mph when I finally decided to shift into neutral and safely coast to the emergency lane. Meanwhile, the car was redlining at or near 7000 rpm. When I called Lexus Roadside Assistance and explained the situation, they acted like I was crazy. It was at that moment that I just happened to look down and discover the problem. Apparently, when I took my car to have it washed, the person vacuuming failed replace the mats properly in the plastic slots. I'm not sure that other people would have handled this situation as calmly as I did, as it's all too easy to simply panic and lose control. If anyone has those winter floor mats, PLEASE heed this warning.
  • jaspalbjaspalb Posts: 84
    There was a post by someone in the DC area on car not accelerating on a freeway. If this mat is pushed forward going right under the pedal, it covers the well underneath restricting pedal movement entirely. Could be, the weather mat was the cause of car not accelerating.

    Did you register a complaint about this incident?
  • carrelman2carrelman2 Posts: 80
    As posted on MSG# 699 you stated that you got mudguards. This is the first I hear of mudguards being available for the ES. The funny thing is that they are available for the 2007 Camry as an accessory. Whats going on?
  • My understanding is the mudguards are indeed a Toyota Camry product and won't fit handsomely on your Lexus ES 350. Of course you wouldn't want to cheapen it's look.

    I hope that helps.
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