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Cadillac CTS Engine Problems



  • I feel your pain! I was contacted by a GM customer service rep (they should call then NON-SERVICE REPS) Reggie was very blunt and said there is no recalls on your vehicle (2005 CTS) therefore there is nothing we can, or will do for you!

    I mentioned that I have had 7 GM vehicles, I guess loyalty means nothing to a company that borrowed my tax dollars! I also mentioned all of the similar oil problems and engine failures that are on blogs, forums, posts. it still made absolutely no difference. I can only tell you that I am no longer a GM customer and I will explain my experience to anyone that asks.

    I foresee a Toyota experience if enough people complain about this exact issue....Recalls....class action.....come on GM, where is the American pride, or just plain customer service!!!
  • Check my recent posts. I am in the GM sucks club too. My engine seized and customer service did absolutely nothing.
  • ceez1ceez1 Posts: 1
    i too am the owner of a 04 cadillac cts as are many others here and had my (actually my wifes ) cts engine fail TODAY! im appalled by the pattern ive seen in this thread, oil level was within range, info on dash read 34% engine oil life left ,i have dealer perform oil changes and any repairs necessary (which seem to have been many) ,has there been any help from gm on these recurring problems? any help would be greatly appreciated !
  • shaybea1shaybea1 Posts: 3
    I have spoke by email with cm rep from this site with no help. My husband and I purchased an 03 used with 90,000 miles on it. The car is used briefly each day because it was purchased as a 2nd vehicle. We were proud owners until the car started to leak a brown sludge like fluid. Took it in to an authorized gm dealer and their response was it could be several things, but they are all very costly so........just replace the engine........again! Apparently the car was on it's second engine and now with a possible oil cooler, head gasket or something else below the engine the best advice was.......just replace the engine. The coolant and transmission fluid is mixing and the best solution is to replace the engine. At this point we are preparing to purchase a new engine and have it dropped in, just to recover and not loose out on all our money that we paid to purchase this car. I am very disappointed in the lack of accountability that gm has shown. I too tell everyone that I meet and all owners that I come into contact with. Word of mouth is the strongest advertisement around, so good luck gm.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    just curious how many miles you have on the car say you purchased it used with 90K on it....was it a GM certified vehicle from the dealer you purchased it from?.its not clear that you purchased the car from a dealer or not......If not....Im not sure what any manufacturer would honestly do for you on a car with nearly 100k on it? I understand your frustration with the car problems, but relly not sure what your expectations were from GM in this regards......I have two GM cars as well a 09 CTS with 37K on it...and an 04 Chevy Malibu with 185K on it....
  • First find out what exactly is leaking. I knew a couple folks who had oil leaks and the auto mechanic told them the engine had bad oil seals (most expensive option). Turns out one had a bad oil pressure sending unit ($5 five minute fix) and the other had a bad drain plug seal (just had oil change). One mechanic offered a couple hundred dollars to "take it off her hands". Get a second opinion or check it out yourself. An oil leak will spread throughout the engine bay by wind, fan power, and gravity. So, clean the engine first- buy some engine degreaser and take the car to the car wash. let it cool for a few minutes then spray the engine down and let it soak for a few minutes (avoid as much electrical stuff as you can- there is alot). then power wash it clean and drive it home. let it dry, then take some old boxes, open them up into flat cardboard and place them under the car. Start the car and the leak should drop onto the cardboard to help you pinpoint its location. Plus, a cleaned engine makes tracing the start point so much easier. If the brown sludge is what you see on the dipstick then you are looking at a probable head gasket. It may also be in the coolant overflow bottle. A head gasket leak would cause a loss of coolant resulting in a slight overheating. This would cause a small overflow of the coolant tank which now would contain an oil/water mixture. My 2 Eldorados had gasket leaks (one from loss of serpentine belt by prior owner, the other by me pulling a big boat on a hot day in NJ traffic). I had to change head gaskets and install new thread inserts in top engine head bolt holes (local dealership loaned me the special kit for that and only charged me for the inserts I used). Often when you buy a used car you get something hidden that the prior owner just did not want to fix.
  • shaybea1shaybea1 Posts: 3
    I do not expect the manufacture to do anything at this point. I am mostly disturbed over replacing the engine and having the same thing happen again. I think the earlier year models could/should be recalled or at least reviewed.
  • shaybea1shaybea1 Posts: 3
    The funny thing is no sign of anything being wrong. Car drives normal, no smoke, no overheating, no hard starts, no back firing and now it isn't even leaking the sludge. We were told that the car could still be driven but that eventually it would go into engine failure. The folks at the Cadillac dealer were very nice and professional but brutally honest.
  • I have a 2006 CTS, and my engine blew last August on vacation. I didn't have any warning signs at all - no lights, no noises, and my car just stopped. There was a ticking noise as the engine died, and I still believe that the timing chain broke. My engine needed to be replaced because the timing chain caused the cam follower, and all the other damage to occur. I left my car in Nebraska from August 27th until November 15th, when it was finally fixed and I drove back to pick it up. It did take a long time to get GM Customer Service to make their decision, but they did a lot of checking with my dealer to see what my maintenance history was, etc. In the end, GM did agree to pay for a new engine block. If you have any hope of GM helping you in any way, you need to be very, very patient and let GM Customer service do their checking. If you need your car for transportation right away, then you'll probably be out of luck. I had another car to use for work, so I was able to wait out the decision. Sorry for your problems. I do love my CTS.
  • rob711rob711 Posts: 1
    hi.. are you still having problems with your CTS. I have a 2009 and started burning oil close to 25K miles. I'm at 40k now and have been doing oil consumption testing since 25k. i'm 1 to 1.5 qts low every 2-2,500 miles. the dealership says that's normal. this is crazy! Although it's good to hear I'm not alone with these concerns it still leaves me wanting to trade the CTS in before I hit 50K miles.
    any advise on what you have come up with since these posts in Mar 2010?
    thank you..
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Can you please email me with your VIN, current mileage, and involved dealer? I would like to look into your situation further. I apologize for your frustrations.
    GM Customer Service
  • zebandcozebandco Posts: 22
    rob711, TRADE IT! I am really disappointed to hear the 09's have the same problem that has been around since 04-05. It's a design flaw and the best that GM will be able to do is give you another engine with the same problems. I loved my 05 STS and I am still in a GM product but I took it on the chin because I didn't trade mine when I realized there was a problem.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    edited July 2011
    do you have the direct injection engine or the standard one....just curious..I have an 09 as well..non DI engine....which was the upgraded option engine for the previous model year..which became the std one for 09.....
    approx 37K on mine..and no oil consumption....
  • 4u2no4u2no Posts: 7
    Looks like I am in the huge club of consumers who have a Cadillac and the Engine failed them. I own a 2004 CTS that is now sitting because yesterday it staled on the Highway because the engine seized and it now needs a new engine! My car only has 80000 miles! Not to mention all of the other problems I had with it before that. When I first got it we were stranded on the interstate because we ran out of gas! The fuel sending units were bad or it wasn't sending the gas like it should have! I have had problems keeping oil in it and we have changed the oil every 3 months. There are no oil leaks, but the oil seems to be very low before we are even supposed to change it. I am contacting GM like some of you have. I know they may do nothing for me, but I refuse to just let it go because we don't deserve this. We spend a great deal of money in the first place we shouldn't have to spend that much again just repairing it! I am not giving up on this one! I know it may not help some of you now, but it could save someone else from being hosed like us
  • mrvr2umrvr2u Posts: 8
    That seems like the only way our voices will be heard is to have a "class action" suit against GM. Cadillac is asking "way" too much for these machines and then do not want to be responsible when their coveted vehicle breaks down. It seems like there is no recourse for the consumer nowadays!
  • mrvr2umrvr2u Posts: 8
    I have had this same issue in my 2006 cts (3.6). I took it to the Cadillac Dealership here in Waldorf, Maryland (Ken Dixon) and they could not duplicate the problem. I even had the "big man" of the Service Department drive the vehicle and he couldn't duplicate the issue, even though I was sitting in the passenger seat with him and could feel what was going on. Cadillac does not want to be held accountable for the poor products they are putting out. I had to contact the Better Business Bureau and GM got in contact with me and try to give me some "bennies" for my problems. I will continue to fight, because they depend on us (customer) for their livelihoods and we should make them be accountable.
  • I'm sorry to hear of yet another Cadillac victim. I had a 2005 with 80000 on it and the exact same problem happened to me. I had no luck getting any help from GM. They will never admit fault because it would lead to miillions of dollars in repairs, a enpensive recall & admission of guilt. Cadillac has left a bad taste in mouth and I will never purchase GM again. That was my first and last. I ws lucky enough to find a buyer for my dead 2005 CTS that sat in my driveway before I finally decided what to do with it. I didn't get much for it but the peace of mind that the vehicle is no longer my problem helps me sleep at night. I have gone back to BMW and purchased an X3. At least I know they are reliable. I have a 97 528i that has nearly 200k miles on it an runs like a champ. Good luck to you..and please keep us all posted on and class actions suits that may arise. I would be the first to gladly sign on!
  • Count me in! I had my engine blow and I received ZERO consideration from GM/Cadillac! I have owned 7 GM products....needless to say, I will never purchase a GM vehicle again. I had to replace my engine on my CTS, I am in no position to purchase a vehicle, When I am it will not be a GM! The list of dissatisfied Cadillac customers seems to be growing rapidly. Maybe we should pass this info onto Toyota....they can use it in their ad campaign....It's not just us (Toyota) that build crappy cars, Cadillac won't even address their problems.

    Really sucks that we bailed out GM...and yet customers with the same problem keep getting hosed!
  • ghost14ghost14 Posts: 1
    Hi, tammysad , I know how you must have feel, I'm having the same problem with my 04 cadillac cts , engine light is on,due to gas cap, car shake's a little and once in awhile I do smell Burning oil, I was wondering if you could help me, did you ever got the engine light problem fix? if so please help me. Ever since the light came on I've just can't get it to go off. Thanks
  • 4u2no4u2no Posts: 7
    My advice owning a 2004 Cadillac CTS with 83000 miles myself is, GET RID OF IT before it is to late! My cadillac like many others is sitting on a trailer with engine failure. It needs a brand new engine that will cost $7000 to fix so I am looking at my options right now. I am going through customer service now, but as others have stated I don't think I will get anywhere with them.
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