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Cadillac CTS Engine Problems



  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    Completely inaccurate. No one from GM has ever asked a host to remove a negative post (or any post), and even if they did, we wouldn't remove it unless it violates our Membership Agreement. Organizing legal action within the forums isn't permitted, and that has nothing to do with GM or any other manufacturer.

    Your best bet for getting any meaningful action is to report, as individuals, your issue to the NHTSA at They're the only agency authorized to investigate vehicle issues, and to ask for a recall if it's warranted.

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  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,238
    edited October 2013
    what our host just posted.

    Many of us have posted missives that are anything but complimentary to GM in general and the CTS in particular. I've never seen a post deleted, mine or anyone else's.

    Cite examples. What post done by whom when was later deleted?

    Data talks. You (well, probably you don't) know what walks.
  • ronyxxxronyxxx Posts: 19
    I have had a post deleted. Its okay if we're all just posters here, but go ahead and post your email or phone number and a call to action and see what happens. Edmunds or GM won't let us have each others personal contact info. GM doesn't want a class action and Edmunds doesn't want to alienate a manufacturer.

    The NHTSA, is concerned with safety. A blown motor or timing chain is only unsafe on your wallet and GM's rep. Perhaps EPA would be concerned with all the oil floating around the atmosphere.
  • ronyxxxronyxxx Posts: 19
    edited October 2013
    Well probably I do, Canadian Pin Head (I didn't make it up, it's his username)...and no, I don't mean bowling (just since you resorted to cutting me down first). It was my post asking for others to join me in a class action. So tell me why you didn't see my post??? Duh, deleted!!!
  • ronyxxxronyxxx Posts: 19
    edited October 2013
    I read about all of your posts about your blown engines and other problems. I worry about mine blowing up, I spend $1500 on a warranty I shouldn't have had to buy. I can't sell the car because I wouldn't screw even a stranger that bad. I've become extremely angry at GM with their head up there ^&*$ protecting there profits at our expense. A quart of oil every 2,000 miles is normal? Seriously? I have to pay $200 for a glorified oil change before they'll check to see if my motor is using oil? Seriously??? Please don't jump on me folks...I'm not the enemy.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    Yes, it was deleted because it violated our Membership Agreement, to which you agreed when registering for an account. It has nothing to do with GM, or the fact that you were making negative comments about the vehicle and/or GM.

    People who wish to be contacted by email will have their address marked as "public" in their profile, and those will be visible to you. Others who do not wish to have that info available will have it set as "private."

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  • thomasmccallumthomasmccallum Posts: 2
    edited November 2013
    Hello all, new here. I purchased my 2005 CTS 3.6 in august of 2011. After about 6 months the car was skipping on the highway so I brought it in to my local dealership and was told the same thing that I see a lot of you were being told. Due to the fact that the car "uses" oil (which is apparently completely normal) my car was down in oil significantly and caused the timing to go off. The necessary repairs were to cost me $4000, but lucky for me, the dealership said I would only be required to pay $1000, which I did, grudgingly, as the car was barely out of the dealerships used car warranty.

    After that I've made sure to check every 1,000 miles and top off my oil as required. But the problem came back! After another 8 months of constantly topping off my oil, I had misfire codes pop up and I brought it back to my dealer. This time they blamed a faulty ECM, and I payed $500+ for that replacement.

    It's now about a year later, and the skips are back. I'm terrified it's going to be one of these two issues again. I can't wrap my head around how an engine can have this many misfire problems and eat THIS MUCH oil. I find it ridiculous that i'm spending so much money on oil only to have the issue keep popping up. No codes have fired off yet, but it's only a matter of time. I've already called GM customer service and I was basically told I was a lost cause because I purchased the car used, not new. So I'm out of luck.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,238
    the car.

    That is all.
  • There a large group in the same club as you, GM only care about the bottom line and nothing else, yes nothing else, oh did say nothing else. All I can say is lets keep the pressure on them, by writting over and over again how they are screwing us 3.6 L owners, especially on a car that is suppose to be "the cream of the crop" "Cadillac" not saying much really, is it ???. A lot of people read these blogs and the message might sink in one day. For some of us, every time these cars needs work our families suffer as we struggle to pay the repair bills or pass up trips because we can't trust our car and don't want to strand our family in the middle of the road !!! We can thank Edmunds for having this site for us to vent on.
  • I love my CTS. I hate Cadillac. I'm probably not a welcome poster here because I let my emotions out. After 30+ GM products (cars+trucks) since the 60's that didn't use a quart of oil every 1800 miles, I'm told, 50 years later, that a quart every 2000 miles is acceptable. Boy, is that progress?? Cadillac is doing an ignore the problem corporate cant afford the problem thing. Sooner or later, our cars will die off and we'll go away. Right on about the go away part. If each of my 30+ GM purchases netted them $2,000 profit each, thats $150k to GM in my lifetime. From now on its going to BMW or Accura or ANYWHERE BUT GM!
  • Update on my situation :

    after hearing the valve knock and having my engine skip on my commute to work, I purchased (for what feels like the hundredth time) 6 quarts of oil from my local napa. I ended up having to put 2.5 quarts into my engine, the stick was bone dry. KEEP IN MIND I added oil last thursday! 1.5 quarts. It's getting out of control. THIS IS NOT NORMAL, GM.
  • Sarah,

    I think Cadillac has a major problem with oil consumption that should be dealt with. GM seems to be in denial. 20 minutes ago I just finished going over the fluids in my vehicles (2013 Silverado 5.3, 1995 Jeep Wrangler and 2013 CTS Coupe 3.6). The only one that took any oil was the Caddy. At 1,600 miles on the odometer I have put a total of 3 quarts of oil in the CTS since it came off the showroom floor. Yet not one quart in the Silverado in 7,000 mile since it was delivered from the dealer. The Jeep with 135,000 miles on the odometer used 1/2 a quart since its last oil change 4,000 miles ago.

    This may be my last GM car with this kind of product quality. The Caddy was a replacement for a 2006 MB C280 which never used a drop of oil between oil changes. Very disappointed in a $50K+ Cadillac.
  • I am expecting GM to shut down there Cadillac CTS line. This is ten years of failure for the CTS. I have heard of the same problem with lots of the new CTS's. GM think we are all stupid, when we hear from them "it's normal".
    I have to laugh this is how bright they think we are! I took mine in they said they never heard of that problem ha ha, but leave it with us and we will look into it ha ha, picking it up they told me to bring it back next week because they have a monitor placed on the car to figure out where the oil is going ha ha. They just wanted me to keep paying them to monitor there problem, a real big ha ha. Little did they know I myself have rebuilt 7 or 8 engines and not stupid. I called a week later and said I was bringing in the car for them to check where the oil was going, but I would not be paying for it, it would be on GM's dime. They wouldn't look at it, and what about this monitor that they put on? wouldn't you think that they would want it back big ha ha ha, no where to be found. I couldn't find it, the place I took it to, to change the oil couldn't find it? Can you believe our tax dollars went to these people to bail them out, to give us this. Bull...t and L..s. When I took it for a oil change last week the guy looked at me and said there is something wrong it only shows 5000 km and it has been 2 years since it was here. I replied, yes these cars where not made for driving, they are just made to look at. He looked at me very puzzled.
  • I only kept my CTS for ten days-after engine lights-and shaky idle-and fourth cylinder failure code. Passenger airbag failure. And reading the horror stories.
    But as for the oil-I once had a Ford Marquis 1970 (apples to oranges I know but hear me out) and It had very high millage. And the oil light would flicker.
    I added then as I always have-lucas oil treatment and I always add motor honey on top of the lucas. I run all my cars with heavy duty oil additives. I've never had any problems. All my engines--I've owned maybe thirty cars have ran like tops--high millage. I Noticed on My cts-it had one hundred fifty thousand miles it was a 2006 three point six-the previous owner had thicker than usual oil in it. I would have went this route-but there are about a dozen other problems that the cts are also known for--I don't have the time to list them all---but maybe try thicker oil-since conventional isn't working(I read it is due to undersize piston rings on top of the overall bad design--but what can you expect it to run like a caddilac?
  • I had a 2006 CTS (or I should say POS) and had numerous problems with it. The biggest problem was how much oil it would use. It would use about a quart every 1000 miles! It didn't leak and it didn't smoke. The catalytic convertors are so efficient they just burn up the oil without producing any noticeable smoke. The dealer said this kind of oil useage was normal. What??? That's ridiculous!!! That's their excuse so they don't have to fix the problem. I wouldn't accept that answer and kept pushing for a fix. I had to go through the whole monitor thing too. Well finally after I'd had enough of getting the runaround and since it was still under warranty (under 50,000 miles), I got them to fix it. You'll never guess what it was. When the motor was first assembled and the rings were put on the pistons, the ring gaps were not staggered. They were all lined up so oil was constantly getting past the rings into the cylinder and getting burned up. They fixed that problem and it was fine after that. Well....that problem was but it was always something with that car. My advice...if your CTS is still under warranty push hard for a fix. If not, trade it in. Preferably to the dealer who sold you the POS. That's what I did! I hope this helps someone. I searched the Internet and could never find any information like this.

    Oh, and I traded my Caddy in on a 2014 Chevy Malibu. I absolutely love it! Good luck and thanks for listening.

  • billpaulbillpaul Posts: 103
    Dealers are probably pressured by GM to claim that rapid oil consumption is "normal". Otherwise, GM profits may be much reduced if these apparently common engine problems are corrected. Also, it seems most buyers do not research reliability when purchasing a car - so there is no penalty to GM for not solving the problem. Finally, there is no recall of these cars since it is claimed that it is not a safety problem - not that I agree.
  • Let me say this first - my dealer, Ron Craft/Baytown Tx, went for the high road and helped me out. Love Ron Craft - big profs! GM, on the other hand, was nowhere to be seen and I ate a big piece of the turd my STS laid. GM is still nowhere to be seen on this issue. That is all you need to know about Cadillacs. Period.

    I'm with you, kayaus2. If you've got one push hard for a fix. Your other (and best) option is to run the front yard away! Bail out! Extend! I can't tell you how much I loved that car, but it hurt me bad. This whole thing about oil consumption (any oil consumption) being acceptable is, frankly, unacceptable. BS! Who expects to have to check their oil every time they get gas??? Hell, to own one of these POS vehicles you would have to have an oil tanker truck following you to keep the damn thing on the road.


    So Hurt, Never Gonna Get Over It Unless GM Steps Up.

    (But, then again, they don't have to. Do they.)
  • 78K miles on the engine, timing chains and gears were replaced two years ago under a GM notice before the 5-year drivetrain warranty expired. Recently, the engine has experienced timing advance issues, missing badly and causing valve noise when gently accelerating. My local mechanic observed but could not diagnose the issue. The Service Engine light does not illuminate. The local Cadillac dealership claims there is nothing wrong with the engine and/or they could not reproduce the problem. There is definitely a problem with the engine and it's very unsettling when it occurs. The valve noise is undeniable. All I can do is take my foot off the gas pedal and pray the engine doesn't implode. This is simply unacceptable in a car of this supposed caliber. My '93 Northstar V8 never had these kind of issues, and it went over 200K miles without any engine problems of any kind. At this point, I'm set to drive the CTS with a dealership mechanic tomorrow morning, in an attempt to reproduce/display the issue.
  • bgaytanbgaytan Posts: 1
    Is there a recall on the 2006 Cadillac CTS? I bought one a couple of months ago and last month I had the oil changed. A few days ago, less than 30 days after oil change I started hearing a racket of noise from the engine. I dismissed the oil because I just had the oil changed. But curiosity, or I guess a 6th sense made me check the oil and the oil dipstick was practically dry! I had no warning, no indicators, nothing to alert me. I could've messed up the engine. Has anyone else experienced this and if so what does GM say about it?
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496

    bgaytan; From this forum and the GMC Acadia forum (Acadia uses same 3.6 liter engine as the CTS), unfortunately GM is of little help unless the engine is still under the powertrain warranty. Since your vehicle is a 2006, I assume it is not under warranty. This engine has significant problems with its timing chains (3 in total), and when you're losing oil it means there is insufficient lubrication of the timing chains and the rest of the engine. As a result the chains tend to stretch leading to major engine damage. If I were you I would top up the oil and trade it in as soon as possible. Good luck.

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