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Pontiac Aztek

Today I pulled into my driveway, put the car in park, and turned it off. Now I can't get the key out of the ignition, none of the lights will come on, and the engine won't even crank. For about the past year I have had no lights on the gear shift indicator, dim lights on the radio, and half of the dash lights have been out. Also, sometimes the car shifts out of park very hard, occasionally requiring me to turn it off then on again. A little while ago the lights on the radio quit all together. The other day I had to have the starter and the battery replaced. This has been a very dependable vehicle up until just recently. The car has a little over 160,000 miles on it. The fuse under the dash hasn't blown. The vehicle does have the built in anti theft system and stuff too.


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  • Can I be the first one? YAHOOOOOOOO!
  • alingaling Posts: 598
    I think you're the second :-)

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  • There is something wrong with that link back in Aztek 2, I couldn't get to this topic without typing it in. Thanks.
  • gonzo7gonzo7 Posts: 259
    Better watch out you might get yourself deleted.
  • My wife and I were set yesterday to buy an Aztec but the dealer wouldn't make us the deal we wanted so we walked out. We have two vehicles to trade-in (as we want to consolidate to one) and have decided to try and sell at least one, if not both, ourselves.

    Anyway, we love the Aztec but have been getting sidetracked with the Mazda Tribute (which we know is like the Escape but we're not interested in the Escape) and maybe even a higher end car instead of SUV (SRV).

    I read through most of the posts from the previous Aztec posts and most of the negatives I saw concerned styling. Is there anything with the interior, engine, handling, etc. that anyone has really had a problem with? The more I see the Aztec the better I like it but I know it's a strange bird off the bat with its looks.

    Also, are you at least seeing the mpg listed for it?
  • alingaling Posts: 598
    Personally, I think that I would wait until the IIHS offset crash test results have been released on the Pontiac Aztek if I wanted to buy one. My concern is that the Aztek (and Buick Rendezvous) is based on the GM minivan platform, which did very poorly in the European and IIHS front offset crash tests:

    Despite the GM literature, there is still ambiguity as to whether the safety cage/platform has been improved crashworthiness-wise. Only crash tests can prove or disprove this.

    Good luck with your decision!
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  • kate5000kate5000 Posts: 1,264
    I found handling to be too minivan-ish for my taste, ride too floaty, and engine is a bit too weak for this heavy vehicle. Interior is a bit controversial. There are great-looking things there (like gauges) or yucky sticky grey knobs on radio... but then again it's a matter of taste.

    Escape/Tribute is nice, but I'd be concerned with a multitude of quality problems they seem to experience.

    Look and shop around. My personal favorite is Subaru Forester, and yes I own one ;-)
  • jeno2jeno2 Posts: 11
    I too liked the Aztek but decided against it and the main reasons were:
    1. The lack of safety and crash test results.
    2. The potential for poor re-sell value since so many people do not like the looks. And,
    3. Any brand new model has the potential for bugs that will not be ironed out until it's been on the market a few years.

    I ordered a 2001 Subaru Forester last week.
  • Not to deviate from the Aztek topic too much, but what kind of Forester did you order? I love my 00' OB Ltd wagon. Wouldn't trade it for all the free Aztek's in the world! Have you visted the Subaru Crew site. There is a lot of info and cool people there, including a rep(Patti) from SOA and Darlene (the parts/accessories queen) from QSubaru out of Tennesee.
  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    Good choice. Did you see the C&D article this month on the Aztek? Other then overal cargo space, the Forester beat the Aztek in every performance catergory and in price.

    I am a big Subaru supporter and am hoping to get into an upcoming 220+hp Imreza WRX wagon when my Passat lease is up in 3 years. (maybe sooner!)
  • jeno2jeno2 Posts: 11
    Yes. I've been to the Subaru Crew board. It's keeping me calm while I wait the intolerable 8 weeks for delivery of my new Forester! :)

    Thanks for the invite.
  • jeno2jeno2 Posts: 11
    How do you you post 'Hidden Responses'?
  • rkuehnrkuehn Posts: 120
    Found some comments in BW, have posted relevent excepts...

    Concerning a new Pontiac sport wagon due in 2003 to be called the Vibe, it "will have a cleaner look, ditching the garish outside plastic cladding other Pontiacs often have."

    "Pontiac has gotten out of the gate slowly with its current youth-oriented vehicle, the Aztek sport-ute, which missed its August sales target."

    According to one dealer, "Its a good vehicle, its just ugly."

    Photo caption: "The Aztek: So far, simply resistable."

    In the interest of fairness the Escape/Tribute have had nearly a half-dozen recalls, for steering control, a/c, cruise, fuel lines, etc. Haven't heard of ANY recalls on the Aztek.
  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    To be fair though... the Escape/Tribute is for the most part a brand new vehicle. I am BY NO MEANS making excuses for the recalls though, they simply shouldn't happen. The Aztek on the other hand is almost compleltey Montana underneath the polarizing exterior.

    Maybe someone should do a serch for recalls on the Montana when it first came out. Was that 2 years ago? That way you could make a fairer comparison vs. Escape/Tribute as far as recalls are concerned.
  • Good question about the hidden post...I'd forgotten but then hit the help button to jog my memory. The trick is that you have to post your entry first then click on the highlighted # of your post. It will give two options, one to hide your post and one to scribble (I believe, don't remember what this means though). Good luck. BTW, why so long on the wait for your Forester?

  • gonzo7gonzo7 Posts: 259
    Here's a rare story--An Honest car dealer!!

    In a Washington Pontiac dealer's Aztek ad:

    "Practicality Ain't Pretty"
    is the caption under a Aztek photo.
  • Saw one in the flesh yesterday and I have to say that it is the ugliest vehicle (what the heck is it anyway...SUV or minivan?) I have ever seen. It was so shocking that I lost my breath for a kidding, it was that bad to look at. If it is a typical Pontiac these days, the interior dash and guages have to be pretty tacky and poorly made. Heaven help Pontiac, because they have made one up there with the ranks of the Edsel and AMC Pacer IMO. I wish I could see that dealer ad!
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    why assume if you can read praising reviews of the Aztek's interior?
  • xmf314xmf314 Posts: 154
    I have only one comment concerning the Aztek:

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