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Pontiac Aztek



  • There you go again. When you have nothing to say, you resort to things that you feel might just hurt the person that makes you feel inadequate.

    Who ever said that the Aztek was an SUV? First, Pontiac knew that it wasn't an SUV, so they decided to use SRV. They knew that the majority of people who have SUVs don't ever use them off road. SO they came up with something inbetween.

    And as for people picking on me, nah. If anyone was the picked on, pencil neck, dweeb it was more likely the person amongst us that has to make himself feel superior to others by bragging. Bragging about what a big man he is because he drives his clients around in his B-M-W.

    When in reality he is pond scum.
  • Did I say pond scum, oops, sorry! That would be an insult to marine life as we know it.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Let ME guess, you were one of those kids that liked to kick sand in other kids eyes just for gags. Why are you still here?? Go to the BMW forum and pat yourself on the back there. People here want to talk/ learn more about Azteks, not listen to you putting down everything said and everyone who might like the vehicle.
  • ls1v8ls1v8 Posts: 34
    Of an old social phenomenon. An educated idiot. No one really pays any attention to the idiot except as a curiosity. Much like teat on a boar, he and his comments serve no useful purpose
  • Get over it! I just read the last 20 responses and it looks like your losing. Now will you just shut up and go back to your BMW group. You are not wanted here. I own an Aztek and a freind of mine just saw it and guess what?? She is going to buy one. Yes it looks different but that is what I like about it and it looks like others here feel the same.
  • xmf314xmf314 Posts: 154
    Hey people, I respectfully suggest everybody knocks off the fighting and name calling. That's not the purpose of these message boards. In my opinion, the Aztek is an absurdly styled vehicle, and I have posted a few jokes about it, but it's sure not worth personally insulting others about. If someone buys one and likes it, so be it.
  • jmaterojmatero Posts: 253
    Greywolf... this is the SECOND TIME you have posted that the Azek got a "5-star frontal crash rating" from the NHTSA. For all of you reading, this IS NOT TRUE. The vehicle has NOT been frontal crash-tested yet by NHSTA... they plan on doing that this month. Based on its twins the Pontiac Montana/Opel Sintra, there is a LOW PROBABILITY of it earning 5-stars, although we will all have to wait and see. Please refrain from posting information that is inaccurate. Again, the Pontiac Aztek HAS NOT BEEN FRONTAL CRASH-TESTED but will be this month. I also suggest anyone concerned with this vehicles safety to await the Insurance institute's off-set frontal crash tests which should appear in the new year.
  • When I needed a car last July I read the info on Aztec, drove 3 and bought 1. Continue to read evaluations and think you have a different SRV. Mine is top of the line in all respects from handling to workmanship and everyday use. Best breaking and steady handling of anything I have driven. No rattles, good paint, little wind noise, hauls my "junk"> It is quick, tight turning, stable at any speed I have chosen and IS FUN TO DRIVE.
  • gonzo7gonzo7 Posts: 259
    If you have one and like it- good for you.
    Some are a little sensitive, the Aztek ain't for you.
    If you get so bent up about people's comments, you'll need years of therapy should you actually buy one.

    Face it, most people think the Aztek is absurd.
    If that doesn't matter- good for you.

    If you get freaked hearing what other people think-buy something else.
  • topgntopgn Posts: 132
    Page #34


  • I also have an Aztek GT and I love it. It handles great and drives smoothly.
    Topgn get over it!! My car is not ugly it is unique. We just have a difference of opinions. Get in your BMW and get outta here!!
    By the way way garth was right you are a butt nugget!!
  • topgntopgn Posts: 132
    Wow you Aztek owner's are sure a sensative bunch...Oh and Kelm you are a real tough guy
    "Get in your BMW and get outta here" my knee's are just a shaking....

    1. Motor Trend call's it UGLY..
    2. Our Precious Edmund's call's it "Pumba the talking pig"
    3.Automobile calls the Aztek "Polarizing Looks"

    Again in the South Florida are they are selling at invoice. While even the Hyundai Santa Fe is selling at MSRP, and they cannot keep Santa Fe's on the lots..

    So for all you sensative Aztek owner's let's review the facts..

    1. GM has not even come close in it's target it wanted to sell.
    2. SAFETY: It's based on the GM MINIVAN platform that came in DEAD last..
    3. RESALE: I believe Avis now has them in the rental fleet (GM's last ditch effort to pump of the volume) this is the death blow to resale.
    4. Just about every Auto magazine has either called the Aztek BUTT UGLY or Polarizing looks .

    Again in conclusion if you can come up with some FACTS to dispute these statements, bring it on !!!! Otherwise quit the name calling or come down to Florida and tell me to my face what a punk I am ..
  • topgntopgn Posts: 132
    This is what makes America Great..
    Some people make right decisions , some make wrong
    that's why we have great cars and SUV's like:
    BMW, Toyota Landcruiser, American Trucks, COrvette, Mercedes Benz, Lexus, even the new Hyundai is a hit with All wheel drive and v6 plus leather for only $23,000.

    Then when have other's making WRONG decisions when buying cars like, AMC Pacer, Yugo, Cadillac
    Cimmeron, and the Champ... Aztek. Like the previous AMC pacer folks who stated to me " hey I like the Pacer it's not like any other car" sounds a lot like the Aztek owner's...
    I guess I find it extremely funny that anyone would buy these hideous
  • topgntopgn Posts: 132
    as I was saying "hideous looking vehicle"...
    In fact I find NO ONE in the Tampa Bay Area who admit's likes the looks of the Aztek..
    I wonder what type of person would buy this MINIVAN...

    The type that...
    1. See's UFO's
    2. Voted for Al Gore
    3. The tooth fairy still comes at 40/??
    4. Is sad that Hee Haw is not on TV

    Oh well life has it's mystery's

    GO BUSH>>>>>>
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    You really do need to get a hobby other than bash people and their cars. Why is it you are here again?? You never do answer that question.
  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    I still find it terribly ironic and sad that I made one little crack in about 300 posts yet have managed to draw your full ire. Whatever... you "win" I have never bashed the people who drive Azteks, and I'm not going to start now.

    "Neosporin"... that just get's funnier everytime I read that...
  • p0926p0926 Posts: 4,423
    Got my first close-up look at an Aztek this weekend when I saw one displayed in the local mall. They really are every bit as "polarizing" up close as they are in the car mag photos. Still yet to see one on the road.

    -Frank P.
  • jmaterojmatero Posts: 253
    Brother, enough already. If you happen to like the looks of the Aztek, it doesn't mean you're "wrong". To each his own. My father looks at my white passat and says "I don't know why anyone would buy a white car! That's stupid!". I love it though. Whether you like the aztek or not, we ALL can agree the styling is "polarizing" to say the least. BUT, there seem to be a few people here who feel the need to tell us OVER and OVER and OVER again that they think it is ugly and a "GM Blunder". Fine, we heard you the first (and in some cases, the 101st) time... thank you and good-night. Is it a failure? Well, the sales figures definately support that conclusion. This is fact. BUT, I'M SURE that within 12 months, the tail of the aztek (at the very least) will be restyled/redesigned and sales will improve. There are definately some good things going on here. There have been NO RECALLS to date (unlike some other new vehicles on the road). In fact, not ONE registered owner of an Aztek has filed a complaint with the NHTSA about their vehicle. NOT ONE. Look up owner complaints on the BMW and Mercedes SUVs... there are many. In fact, the M5 has received numerous complaint of air bags going off without warning. The Mercedes ML series has some nasty transmission problems. GM should definately get some credit for this. Aztek owners are definately happy with their cars so far. Unfortunately, there are problems as well. We are still waiting for front/offset crash test results. In any event, if you want to trash the aztek, go to and look up your car first... check out customer complaints, TSB, defect investigations, recalls. Then, before you trash the aztek, keep in mind that the aztek has zero of each so far. Look up that BMW 5-series and that 300M... look up that Ford escape and that Mercedes E-class... Look up your Lexus RX300... You'll be shocked, believe me. I don't like the Aztek. It's not something I would ever consider buying. Yes, I even think it might be ugly, there I said it... BUT lets give credit where credit is due.
  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    This has become a huge mess, and no one is actually "lisenting" to everything being said. There are a lot of knee-jerk reactions and grouping of people with gross and unfair generalizations.

    I have never said the thing didn't perform well or wasn't built well, just that I find the styling to be, well... hideous. This is only my personal opinion about the vehicle!!!

    So to you ALL, please be clear that I have NEVER bashed the PEOPLE that buy Azteks, it is the CAR that bugs me, not the people. So, if I have offended anyone here, please accept my apology.

    I'll go back to lurking... it's safer. :-)
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Nov. Sales from GM (don't yell at me)
    2,277 YTD 8,958
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