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Dodge Ram Noises and Rattles

My truck has 24k miles all stock and it just started making a cricket noise on the pass side.It only makes it when I'm driving,I took it to the dealer they can't fine where its coming from. Any ideas


  • My truck has 24k miles and it just started making a cricket like noise coming from under the pass side.I took it in to the dealer they said they can't fined where its making from.Any ideas?
  • alltorquealltorque Posts: 535
    "Cricket" noises come in two varieties, I believe. There is the chirrup-chirrup sound, which may mean you have, well.......a cricket living under the passenger seat. The other variety is the "Owzat ?" sound one hears during a game of Cricket. If it's this one it may mean you have an English guy trapped under the passenger side of the vehicle and he's not terribly happy.

    I do apologise for this response, I just couldn't resist. I truthfully have no idea what the problem is but Happy New Year from here in the UK, anyway. :)
  • I have a 2005 dodge ram with 18,000 miles and I'm having the same noise, except mine seems to come from the drivers side speaker. I have had it at the dealer twice for them to check this out and they could not find anything. I have an Infinety radio? I think thats what its called. On a recent long trip I experienced alot of electrical problems. I have an appointment next Friday at the dealer. I'll let you know the outcome.
  • do you have the bucket sets with the console if you do i found that when i put my arm on the arm rest the latch that holds the top box makes a cricket like noise hope this helps
  • After taking my truck to the dealer for other electrical problems. The dealer did tell me that dodge chrysler has a bullitan that says cricket noise is coming from the speaker when sterio turned down low or off is interference from GSM type cell phones to close to radio or amp
  • I have a 2003 dodge 3/4 ton 2 wl drive cummins. At 60 to 75 mph I get this fairly loud low pitch whining noise. My mechanic drove it and when you make the truck swerve to the right the noise stops, when you swerve to the left, same noise. He checked the front bearings and the pass front seemed to be the problem so he installed a new wheel bearing/hub assembly. Took it back on the road and still has the same problem--$525.00. I would appreciate any comments. Thank you.
  • aholeahole Posts: 3
    i have a 2004 ram 2500 5.7 hemi its 4 wheel drive . everything is great when i first take off , after driving it for awhile aprx 10 miles at 65 mph or above when i stop and then take off there is a vibration from underneith , it only lasts for about 2 seconds and then its fine until i stop . any ideas thnx
  • My 2500 make a whining noise too, it ended up being the front drive line and U joint. The mechanic couldn't fined it unitl it went out and I had to replace the drive shaft.
  • On my 2500 it was the front U joint and drive shaft. When I put it in 4 wheel drive is when it got worse. The drive shaft was shot due to bad U joints
  • aholeahole Posts: 3
    Thnx for the info . Did yours vibrate the same way I discribed mine . If so how much was it to replace + how difficult . thnx again .
  • it would only vibrate when i would slow down to stop. Warranty payed for it and it was about 300.00. Grab your drive line and see if it moves it could be the U joint.
  • rand63rand63 Posts: 3
    I have recently been experiencing a howling noise coming from either the front or rear end of my truck. About six months ago I replaced all four rotors and brake pads and did not have any trouble. A few months after I started getting a howl whenever I took off from a stop. I thought "brakes?". I put the truck up on stands and had someone apply the brakes and then release them. I tried turning the wheels after the release to check for drag, all was fine. I took the truck to the dealer to have them check it. They thought maybe drive-shaft, if it was a two piece shaft. I told them it was a one piece. I left the truck with them. A short time later I got a call that they needed to replace parts in the rear-end. After I picked up the truck and started home the noise was still there. Not only am I getting the noise from a take off, but now even more so I am getting it when I back up and turn the wheel to the left. It is really loud in 4 wheel drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • I did the same thing, I thought it was coming from the front brakes. I had a friend listen as I pulled up to him, he said it was coming from the back.When I got home I looked under the truck and grabbed the rear drive line and tried to move it and it did the U joint was bad. A year earlier it was the front the drive line was bad.
  • rand63rand63 Posts: 3
    p38shocker, Was your vehicle a two piece shaft or one piece? Mine is a one piece shaft and I haven't found any sign of a bad joint.
  • its a one piece
  • the u joint right behind the carrier baring is probably out you might not have any play in it but they get full of dirt and grime and bind up causing a vibration mine did that same thing only it was between 20 and 35 mph its pretty common get that one changed and if that doesnt fix it change the one right at the yolk at the rear differential its one of those two
  • I have a 99 ram 5.9 4 wheels drive with about 112000 miles on it...i have a ticking noise coming from the engine i was thinking maybe a lifter, valve or maybe even an exhaust leak. it mainly does it around 1500 to 2000rms....and i also have had a whining noise coming from the rear of the truck it sounds like, and mainly only does it until about 25mph...and starting tonight it kinda feels like i have a low rear tire due to a small whobble when i take off...can anybody help me and give me some ideas before it gets worse and i end up having to spend alot of money before it causes more problems...and ideas or info would be much appreciated...thank you
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Noises are very difficult to diagnose over the net. These problems require isolation and, unfortunately, you are the only one in a position to perform the isolation. Do you have idea which end of the vehicle the noise is coming from? Maybe you can enlist the help of another individual to ride in the bed while listening for the noise.

    Beyond that, I can only recommend a good inspection of the under carriage for loose components or signs of damage. I suppose U-joints could produce a noise like you are describing, or maybe loose wheel lug nuts?. Over the years I've seen so many strange things cause even stranger noises it would be hard to speculate in this case.

    Good luck and best regards,
  • thanks for the advice...i drove the truck today and it was warmer than it was last night and i didnt hear any whining may just be a cold characteristic the truck has developed...thank you for ur advice...any idea what the ticking coming from the engine might be?
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Well, I think you stated this was a 318 motor. Valve or lifter clatter is not a typical issue with any LA motor (273/318/340/360), but it can happen on high mileage engines. I've personally never seen a soft cam lobe on one either, and even cams with tons of miles don't seem to produce valve train noise. There could be a bent pushrod or a cracked rocker arm, but again, in my experience these things don't happen to Chrysler V8s of that vintage.

    If the valve train is noisy I've seen this caused by very low oil pressure, either by sludged oil galleries or a weak oil pump. There are quite a few engines that will produce a "tick" noise when the incorrect oil filter is used, although I can't remember a 318 being affected by this.

    Other possibilities are a badly worn engine mounted fuel pump or a very loose timing chain.

    If the noise is a distinctive and solitary "tick" I'd be prone to suspect an exhaust leak. An exhaust leak is very often confused with a noisy lifter, and vice-versa.

    Best regards,
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