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Honda CR-V Navigation System



  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    Get the RDX

    Or just get the homelink equipped unit from RDX.

    I have an 05, and installed sunglass holder from Acura TL with the homelink. It was a simple "plug and play."

    I have a Windows based Pioneer F700BT headunit. It is better than any factory unit in terms of cutomization (if you like playing in Windows).

    Just loaded red light camera and speed trap files into it, and it sounds a warning when approaching those.

    It reads out text messages from your phone over the speakers, as well.
  • ok it's stupid, but I'm just happy my 11 CRV nav system shows my home address. :D My 07 didn't. Love new construction. It's those little things I guess ;) I guess they have upgraded the nav cd between then and now.
  • We're looking at purchasing a new 2011 CRV. Originally, we thought we wanted to the stock nav system. But after realizing it doesn't have RDS (Radio Display System?), which seems to be standard on almost all other vehicle radios, we're wondering if we should get the EX-L (or lower model) without Nav and have an after-market unit installed? Would appreciate any input.
  • my sales person informed me your better off getting a lower model and get an aftermarket navi
  • I am in the final stages of deciding if I should buy the Honda CRV EX-L with Navigation or Hyundia Tucson with navigation package or after factory navigation/backup camera. The hands free calling and backup camera is what I am most interested in with the navigation package. Radio tune identifies is a nice feature. Hyundia seems to have these options and is intuitive with the factory option. I've been reading mixed on Honda. Any suggestions for aftermarket product names or Hyundia verses Honda?
  • You probably already know this but you can get a map update, for $185, that seems to be more current. Also, you should know that there are no cell phones that will display Caller ID or other Bluethooth features. They don't tell you that and make you think it is just your phone. NO phone is compatibile becasue the system isn't fully Bluetooth compatible.
  • They told us it was fully Bluetooth enabled but is is not. No Caller ID, lots of other features we have in our Garmin, aren't in this 2007 system. The map data appears to be dated also. It is not worth the $2000 they want for this deficient system. They charge the same for the system in the Pilot but it IS fully functional. Our belief is they bought a ton of these systems, appear to be made in China, in 2006 and then couldn't sell them so they're still pulling from that inventory. Don't know that as a fact but that's the way it looks.
  • I've just returned from taking my crv to the honda dealer. I bought my crv new 2010 with the factory installed system. What a joke! I would never recommend this car and navigation system. If I want to find the nearest McDonald's for instance, I type in McDonald's and enter. What you get is the address for McDonald's headquarters in the USA. What good does that do me? Why would I even care? When I try other ways to find it, I come up with nothing useful unless I actually have the address but even then it doesn't know enough to default to my current location. My Iphone works better and faster. What a ripoff. Honda is aware of this problem but they are ignoring the complaints so the next sucker will buy a honda and pay a lot for something that doesn't work. I bought this car for the navigation and bluetooth. Don't get me started on the bluetooth. You're lucky if you can actually hear or be heard. This is my 5th honda (I currently have a 2004 Pilot) and my last. To make it worse, I just received an email telling me the updated disc is now out for $149. It won't fix the problem so don't buy it. Better yet don't buy a honda with navigation and bluetooth. Shame on you Honda!!
  • 2008 CRV. A year ago I had the 'Disk Error' issue while under warrantee. They replaced the unit. So now a year and a month later (now out of warrantee) our screen has gone white with horizontal lines (including with reverse camera). You can tell that the buttons still work for the maps and radio but nothing on the screen. Ideas? I already checked the disk.
  • I had a similar issue with my 2008 CRV after two years I got it. The screen just went wild like a bad reception and then blank. It was still under warranty so they replaced the whole unit for free. They can't just replace the screen only, it's has to be the whole unit unfortunately. There is also a recall for CR-V 2006–2009 – ALL models with navigation and some 2010 models. These DVD drives cause scratch marks on Navi DVD. Check their website for details. The info is from Honda Service Bulletin 08-051.
  • Thank you. I am trying to get some consideration from the dealer but not sure it will happen. I am very worried that these Nav systems are real lemons and that we will be stuck buying a new one every 2 to 3 years at over $800 a pop. Not good. The disk isn't scratched this time so I think it is a completely different problem.
  • Dealer is going to replace the whole unit. My cost is $150. Not happy that I have to pay anything at all since things like this just shouldn't break. However, it could have been much worse if I was forced to pay the full amount.
  • I have a 2010 Honda Odyssey EX - L with Nav. It works okay but the system says I don't have the number in the phone book but yet it has the list of numbers under my cell phone number on imported phone numbers so I don't get it. Sometimes it takes several tries to connect but the incoming part works great. Also the map and directions are very nice, easy to read and gives both verbal and bullet directions. Is the one for the CR-V different???
  • When we bought the car, in December of 2010, we were told it was fully Bluetooth compatible. We have several other devices that are fully compatible, among them an old Garmin 640 Nuvi. From the road changes we knew about in our area and elsewhere it soon became apparent that this factory installed system was at least 3 years old. I assumed there was an upgrade that would solve this deficiency. There was not.

    We were able to pair our phones to the system and input our phone book as well as install a couple dozen command names on the systems "List." However, whether or not the name/number was in the phone book or on that "List," the only notification that came on the screen when a call came in was/is notification of a call but, even if the caller has caller ID, no name/number showed on the screen.

    We checked the manual(s) and quizzed salesmen on this as well as service people at the dealership and then called Honda Tech Support for the NAV system. Everyone said that we had to have a compatible phone. So, after much ado of going through the manual on line and the hard copy we were given, we found that our phones were not compatible, despite the fact that both our phones, a Blackberry and a Palm Pre, were brand new.

    After much investigation, we found that no cell phone sold in the U.S. is "compatible" with this system and the Caller ID feature simply will not work.

    I wound up writing to everyone on the planet who had anything to do with Honda, including officials at Honda, Japan, including the President and, finally, after months, we were issued a $500 letter of credit with which we purchased an update ($200+ installed) and a tricked-out rear view mirror, excluded from our "loaded" CR-V. The NAV system is still sorely lacking on the GPS locations and still doesn't have the important Caller ID function that every other vehicle we've been in prior to and after the purchase, including the 2011 Honda Pilot, has as standard.
    We do like the car but are very disappointed in Honda for having installed a piece of equipment that was extremely dated (we assume the downturn from 2008 left them holding zillions of the systems on the shelf) and deficient. All other NAV systems have the Caller ID feature.

    Why is it so important? Don't you want to know, before answering a call, if it is a call you WANT to answer while driving? We sure do. Honda, shame on you!!
  • I just purchased the 2012 CRV- EXL without Nav. After reading the reviews and seeing that Nav was almost $2000 more, plus expensive updates, I will stick with Garmin for $200. I love the car- it has the Back up camera, nice plus, also the blue tooth seems to work really well, it shows all my contacts and who I am calling. I have a plain phone (not a smart phone).
  • Well, I have a Garmin Nuvi that, years ago, cost more than $500, I forget, but I've had it for about 5 years. We take that with us when we're travelling and generally input our destination into the Garmin also, as a backup. Often, the Honda Nav goofs up and we then rely on the Garmin. Sad, since we paid $1500 extra for the NAV system. The Garmin is also fully bluetooth compatible but, of course, won't allow answering from the steering wheel once its paired.

    When I was doing my complaining to Honda, I ran across many unhappy CR-V NAV owners here and elsewhere. I see a "completely re-engineered" CR-V for 2012. I hope they got rid of all their old 2007-8 NAV systems and now have an updated system in their new CR-V's. I also hope Honda monitors this site and is aware of others, besides me, who think a lot less of Honda as a result of them using outdated, deficient equipment in the deluxe CR-V's. This was our first Honda (I've owned dozens of cars) and I'll hesitate to buy another even though we like the car, overall. We purchased it based on the dealer's representations and what Honda represented in the manual(s) based on Honda's reputation. We see now that was a mistake.
  • HONDA 2012 NAV
    My wife purchased a 2012 Civic with NAV. I've given up trying to use it. Take my Garmin instead. Today I purchased a 2012 Honda CR-V EX-L without the NAV. During this process I had a salesman at ACURA tell me it was good. Asked him to find me the closest LCBO (LIQUIOR STORE IN ONTARIO) after a few minutes he gave up. Garmin takes all but 30 seconds. I also had a friend try this out on his new Lexus RX350. Closest one 100 miles away, when it is just 1 mile away. Have a friend with a Lincoln, also has trouble finding things easily. Thus if you want a good NAV stay with Garmin. We've had Honda's for years and enjoy the reliability of them. But they certainly missed the boat with their HAV. system. At least on the Civic and CR-V.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,975
    edited January 2012
    Maybe it's a don't drink and drive thing. :D

    Try a Timmies next. Well, no, they're on every corner anyway. Maybe a Canadian Tire?

    I'm a bit irritated with my Garmin this week. The little pin in the adapter end is sticking and not making good contact with the power port, so it kept cutting off on me.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • ronin9ronin9 Posts: 1
    edited February 2012
    Any info as to a link to download a copy of the Nav manual ( Navteq), also cannot program street address and avenue numbers ,not intuative at all, the system seems an absolute joke verses garmin.
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