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Lincoln Navigator Electrical Problems



  • j_p_j_p_ Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2001 Navigator about a year ago from a used car dealer. Over this past summer I started having issues with it starting. After trying different things like the starter solenoid on firewall, new battery ect. ect. the problem still exists, though I have narrowed things down a bit. To get it to start I have to tap the side of the brake pedal a bit with my foot while having the key turned all the way forward. Usually after a couple taps, sometimes after a lot, the Navigator starts up. I can of course start it from the solenoid on the firewall with a screwdriver instantly but it is a pain popping the hood, grabbing screwdriver and touching the solenoid posts which bypasses most everything and goes straight to starter.

    My gf currently drives it and she can't kick the brake pedal very hard with her foot so now I have a rubber mallet in the middle console for her to hit the brake pedal with. This is becoming a pain and I would love to finally fix the problem, has anyone come across this issue and/or know the permanent fix for it?

    Thank you in advance for the help.
  • My radio is on but no key in the ignition. We had some snow and water was inside the car under the fuse box. I had a service man come out and dry under the dash and check the fuses, everything looks fine but there is a sizzle sounds and the radio and some dash lights stays on. Any suggestions?
  • dondonrh1dondonrh1 Posts: 1
    Recently had water leak caused by drain plugged from sunroof! Flooded front completely . All kinds of weird problems after that. Now after a week of drying out everything works ecept for A/C and air suspension! Checked all fuses I could find. Need help!
  • 2003 Lincoln Navigator:
    The battery drains overnight. I measure 340mA current draw with ammeter in series with battery cable, everything off, doors shut.
    About 2/3 of this current draw is from Fuse # 102: "Ignition Switch Power".
    The other approximately 100mA is from the Instrument Cluster, its own self.
    1) Are these current draws normal or abnormal?
    2) Are these current draws large enough to drain down my battery?
    3) Why is my battery draining down?
  • i have the same problem if i find out the problem i will let you now
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