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Ford Edge Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rh_ptrh_pt Posts: 1
    I am looking at a 2011 SEL with the 201A package. The MSRP is $32985. The dealer is offering $31K drive out. This seems like a really good deal to me, but at the same time, I'm wondering if they're not trying to pull one over me. Any thoughts?
  • tbuck16tbuck16 Posts: 3

    I am looking to purchase a 2011 Edge SEL. I am trading a 2008 SEL with 42k miles on it, Good condition and a 2008 Lincoln Navigator - Good condition. In total, I owe approx. $46k on the two trade-in vehicles. The Edge I have been looking at has an MSRP of $35,585. Any thoughts or suggestions. Thank you!!!!!
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,744
    Any thoughts or suggestions.

    Not what you want to hear but don't even bother trying to do this deal. You are so far upside down you're going to need a front end loader to dig you out.

    Go over to real world trade in values and post the information - you're not going to like it.
  • I have an '07 Edge SEL and am looking at 2011 Edge. the dealer has a limited MSRP $43035, Invoice $40207 and the internet price is $37995. I haven't negotiated to buy my cars before and I'm not sure if the internet price is something that is negotiable or not? and if yes, what would be a reasonable offer to start?
  • tbuck16tbuck16 Posts: 3
    I also thought that we would be very upside down. However, we are being offered $48,500 for the two vehicles. The MSRP on the SEL Edge is $35,585 and with Rebates, they are offering us the vehicle for $34,000. Any advice?

    Thank you!
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,744
    No I don't except good luck.
  • jaclynpjaclynp Posts: 1
    Hi carman,
    I've been working on this deal for the better part of 2 weeks and I wanted some advice. Negotiating a lease on a edge SEL
    Msrp-$ 39008
    $2750 in rebates
    Money factor .5% (seems super low, this is NJ)
    Residual - 64%
    total out of pocket - $1000
    Price per month-420
    Does this sound reasonable? When I calculate the coat on the lease payment calculator using these figures I get a much lower monthly payment but then again, I'm $50 less than where I started with a much better equipped vehicle.
    What do u think?? Thanks for all your help!
  • roc24roc24 Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 AWD Edge SEL with 25,000 miles ( has heated seats,leather and vista roof). Generally has been a great car - a few problems such as replacing brakes at 22,000 miles and axle seal problem twice. I owe about $4700.00 on the car

    I regret not getting the package with the back up camera but have lived w/out it for 3 years.Also I have a black one and really wanted the white tri coat but hey...the price was right on the 2007.

    My husband has been encouraging me to look at a 2011 Edge - specifically with the Vision package and adaptive cruise control. I have resisted looking for several reasons...I am of the school of thought that you drive,drive,drive a car until you get to the point of outlay over value.

    Having said this while I had my car in for an some maintenance work this weekend I saw a 2011 Edge Limited AWD(white tri color) with just about everything except the tow package. The car is listed as used ( it has 7100 miles on it) and it is $34,990.00 I believe new it would be $38,760.00.

    I am actually considering buying it - the dealer said my trade is $18,500.00 ( I thought this was a tad south of where it should be but not substantially) So I have apprx 4700.00 left on my 2007 and the remainder of the purchase price (minus trade) is $16,490 and that brings my total out of pocket or out of pocket/finance amount to $21,190.00

    If I buy this car I will likely not buy another car for 6-8 years. If I stay with my 2007 I MIGHT buy another car in 3 - 4 years ...mainly because of the increased technology on the newer cars.

    I will finance part of this purchase (regardless if I buy now or several years down the road). I like to keep my monthly payments low (right now i am at $240.00) not because that is all I can afford but because that is what I am comfortable with.

    Thoughts,suggestions? If i wait a few years my trade will be considerably less and the price of a new car will be higher so given that this car is slightly discounted because it is used does this represent a good deal and make sense? or should i just stay with what I have ( which will be paid off in about 19 months)

  • roc24roc24 Posts: 2
    Correction to my message (2007 vs 2011) the MSRP on the 2011 I am looking at (used with 7100) miles is $42,820.00 and the used car is $34,990.00
  • realtor4realtor4 Posts: 10
    I bought a 2011 ford edge with the camera. There are so many updates in the newer model that it really is a dream car. With the limited you will have the push to start. I got the vista sunroof and the cruise that automatically adjust to the speed in front of you. I would try to negotiate the price a little more, but I would seriously look at it. The 2011 also gets better gas milage.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
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  • ungluedunglued Posts: 2
    edited June 2011
    Got an offer for a 2011 Silver SE, FWD, roof rails and 101a package (Convenience group I think?).

    10,500 Mile lease
    Offer was $338/month(PA taxes included) for 39 months. I'm trading in a Truck ($2k trade in value) only thing due at signing is first month's payment and the trade in vehicle.

    Can anyone comment on if this is a good deal?
  • Was ready to pull the trigger on a deal for an Edge, but Planet Ford wouldn't honor the price they submitted by email. Anyone know a good Ford dealer in the Houston area where you've had a good experience? Thanks.
  • soapsoap Posts: 17
    Who were you working with at that dealership? So they gave you a price quote and when you showed up they all of a sudden backed out? I am starting negotiations with this same dealer is why I ask. Thank you.
  • Don't think I'm allowed to post names on this website. The initial sales rep was male. I negotiated by email, as I do for all car purchases. His female manager wrote back that the price quoted in writing was too low and raised it by $1500. She was very unprofessional, even in writing. Poor attitude, sarcastic. Can't believe she has a customer service job. I'm buying a car elsewhere tomorrow from a dealership I've bought from before. Everything negotiated smoothly by email.

    Good luck. Hope you get the car you want w/o hassles.
  • soapsoap Posts: 17
    I sure hope I do not run into the same issue, if everything falls into place I will go try to close my deal tonight. I will post back and update. Little worried now.
  • soapsoap Posts: 17
    Okay, about to head to the dealership to close the deal on the below vehicle.

    2011 Edge SEL FWD
    Rapid Spec 202A
    White Platinum Met
    Cargo Access Pkg
    Vision Pkg
    Panoramic Roof
    18" chrome wheels
    MSRP: $38,785.00

    Dealer Discount:$3,566.00
    Ford Rebates:$3250.00

    Selling Price before TT&L: $31,599.00
  • That is a pretty great deal you got there. Did you do internet (email) negotiating? I am curious about the rebates and discounts you got. Did you have ford x-plan? And how did you get $3250 in ford rebates. All I see is 2500 if you go with Ford Financing.
  • matttw618matttw618 Posts: 3
    would love to hear more on these deals.... what were the specific dealer discouts for? and what rebates were these? likely heading to some dealers in PA (zip 19335) this week and was checking the x-plan website and the incentives werent loading...
  • vaguy79vaguy79 Posts: 13
    I'm about to pick up my AWD Edge Sport that I negotiated 8 days ago. Here was my deal:

    Spec: Vista Roof, NAVI, Vision, Drivers Entry, All Weather Mats

    MSRP 43,355
    Discount Price: 39,200
    Rebates: 3000 (Ford Finance, Cash Back, and Conquest)
    Price: 36,200 before TTL
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