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Ford Mustang Fuel Problems

When the temperature is below 50 degrees and the engine is COLD, on KOEO the fuel pump runs continuously. This prevents the engine from starting. If you leave the key on for a long period of time (greater than 10 minutes) the pump will stop and the car will start. However, the engine runs very rich (with low power) until it heats to normal operating temp. Replaced Fuel Relay, ECT, and wide open throttle relays. ECM reports secondary Fuel Pump Circuit Failure (code 95). At a lost on correcting this problem. What can I test or check next?


  • recently replaced the in-tank fuel pump on my daily driver t-bird. in the process, i kinked the return line and now have a leak. what is the proper way to repair this? will a dorman compression union work? (will it be able to handle the high pressure?) someone told me that ford offers a repair kit & special tool, but my ford parts dept is clueless.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    Just buy a new fuel line. Why risk a fire? Fuel line is fairly inexpensive.
  • I'm a novice at auto repairs... I have a leak at the top of the line where the nozzle from the gas pump goes into the fuel tank. How can I fix this problem so that it doesn't leak everytime I try to fill up the tank?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622

  • That's fine. Does that sound like something that when taken to a QUALIFIED mechanic that it should be pretty simple to take care of? Can I expect low cost or what? Thanks for the reply.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    There's not much you can do to it other than tighten the connection or replace the filler neck. They might have to lower the gas tank to get to it, though, so that would take a little labor. Shouldn't be really bad, though.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    why don't you try a triple bypass on yourself when you are done working on the car.
  • I just might do that... people ask questions to get answers then you get dumba**es that try to make it funny. What's the purpose of the site??? Why don't you try growing up.
  • Thanks alot.. That's what I needed to know. You guys should keep the a**holes off of here. It makes it look less professional. Thanks again.
  • stevo629stevo629 Posts: 1
    I bought this 1998 gt. It was hit in the passenger quarter and door. I am fixing it. Cant get it running. Seems the gas flow isnt there. I checked the inert switch, I changed the fuel pump relay. I changed the expensive fuel pump. No gas up the the fuel rail. I checked to see if ther is current to one side of the inertia switch. There is current when the car cranks. Any suggestions? also need the fuse locations on that vehicle considering I do not have the owners manual
    Need help?
    Is the a security system lock out?
  • mellor_21mellor_21 Posts: 8
    k my 97 GT wont stay running, when you engage the fuel pump by turning the key it will start but it just dies a second later and if you try and start it without turning the key back and re engaging the fuel pump it wont start, any ideas? i just replace the fuel filter today and put a bbk cold air intake on it monday night
  • specialedspecialed Posts: 4
    I have a 2006 Mustang GT Premium. The 'Service Engine Soon' Light comes on due to bad gas (too much sulphur?). I took the car in to the dealer and he said they will fix it again (This is the 2nd time in 16 months for this problem). He recommends adding Techroline (sp?) every 6 months (a few drops). Does this sound right? He said Ford is re-designing their fuel pumps but that since this is "not their problem", I would be stuck for future "repairs" once my warrantee runs out. They also cannot estimate how much it will cost to "fix" it again in the future.

    Any suggestions? -Ed
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    Stop buying bad gas. And check your owner's manual - it probably recommends against fuel additives.
  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,209
    Stop buying bad gas. And check your owner's manual - it probably recommends against fuel additives.

    Most mfrs do recommend Techron though, including Ford. I don't have the link but did see the actual article/site where it shows all mfrs who recommend the stuff because it was passed around on a dedicated Mustang forum. Mercedes and Porsche were included among others and apparently Techron works miracles without any side effects or engine damage. It is the only product that can claim that IIRC.
  • I just purchased a v 6 07 mustang in june, I have had terrible issues filling my gas tank up ever since i got it..
    every time I try to fill the tank up with gas the automatic shut off shuts the pump off,
    I cant even get a full tank of gas anymore even if the tank is at empty or especially at1/2 a tank, I have called Ford cs and taken it to my dealership also .

    I actually took it to 8 gas stations today I got amounts like 22 cts 38 cts 98 cts $4.00 $198 and 37 Cts 17 Cts etc , I try shells, exxon, mobile, valero,Tetco & conoco.

    The dealership tells me there is no fix for the problem it is a design issue with that particular tank and showed me A TSB bulletin on it describeing this issue as a Slow fuel filling issue, and no fix for the problem..Its more like a no fuel fill issue...

    Ford says it is operating as design, Does that mean every 2005-2007 mustang has similar problems,
    I have actually allmost run out of gas and only could get 22Cts worth of gas in my car If anyone know anything about this please post comment ..Sick of my mustang
  • I have an 05 V6 and had the same problem for about a year (as well as a problem with the fuel line which caused an annoying delay in acceleration). My dealer suggested replacing the tank, which they did, and I've never had the fueling problem since then. My advice is that If your current dealer won't replace the tank then find one who will.
  • RedCupid~ I also bought a 2007 Mustang in August. I am having the same issues you described- basically, being unable to fill up the car with gas. I took it in to the dealership I bought it at today and they showed me the same bulletin they showed you. The service advisor kept telling me there was nothing they could do. He told me that I would have to live with it. So I asked to talk to his boss. He really didn't want that happening, told me the guy was out to lunch, but he walked in five mintues later. The head guy (sorry I don't know the title) told me that they will replace the fuel tank as it is under warrenty (only has 7K miles on it). One of the above posts read that someone else has tried this and it fixed the problem. So hopefully that will do it. Basically, you are covered under warrenty, so don't take no for an answer! Good luck.
  • Thank you so much for your reply I was starting to think I might be in the twilight zone , I guess the dealership doesnt want to fix it and Ford is just saying it is operating as designed, Talk about passing the buck !!...I will keep trying,
    Thanks soooooo Much
  • Thanks, I have been driveing arround thinking I should start asking other people driveing new mustangs if They hate theirs too, I guess I have a lousy Dealership and Ford hasnt helped me either... I am not surprised a new tank fixed it, the Ford field rep that came down saw my problem,. So he tried to show me fuel tricks to try to get fuel in it they are not fool prrof and I ask him to take a 08 to the same station that we could not get Gas in with my 07 he said it would do the same thing ..... Guess what It filled all the way up with not one issue.... still the rep is saying that that is normal for 07 mustangs or blameing it on the sensitive gas pumps... I have heard it all.... I will keep trying
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    My '06 GT has had this problem on a couple of occasions but usually takes fuel fine. When the nozzle clicks off prematurely, try turning it 90 degrees to the opening and operate it manually.
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