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2013 and earlier Kia Optima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • You should be able to get a total of $1500 for financing. 2.9% for 70 months is great. When I bought mine Jan/2012 I would had to pay higher interest rate for 70 months but that could just be here in Colorado and banks here. I agree that they are still about $1500 too high and try to get the SXL. Saw one and those daytime leds are bright. Take your time and keep coming back a few times. There are still plenty of cars around.
  • Thank you all for your help! We did purchase a new 2013 SXL for 29,700 it was a good deal and we got 1.9% financing! The car is great!! Thanks again
  • I'm picking up my 2013 Optima EX snow white pearl With PREMIUM PACKAGE plus CARGO net,mat, and tray this week. I traded in my 2011 Hyundai Sonata Limited (got $19,000 for it!). Out The Door price was $6,825.I live in New York.
  • 23K for the base EX or did you get the premium package with it?
  • Just finished my purchase:

    Optima EX
    Premium package
    Cargo net
    Cargo mat
    Cargo tray
    Rear bumper applique
    Titanium Silver

    MSRP: 27,525

    Invoice ~ 25,835

    Paid: $24,900 (including $1000 incentive)

    Note: Financed through bank, not dealership. In the midwest.
  • Just got back from dealership in S FL. Price paid 22799. 25101 out the door. First time buying in FL. Registration fees are over the top.
  • One dealer offered $25800 OTD. Is this a good price? I am in Houston, TX.
  • Just finalized a deal on 2013 optima SXL with premium, tech and chrome package
    $292/month for 36 months
    15K miles per year. No security deposit
    $2000 down (this includes first month payment, MV fee, registration fee and every other fee)
    Residual: around $19K
    2 years of free oil change/car wash
    I believe the final total price for the car was around $33K incl taxes and fees

    Can anybody comment on if this was a good deal?
  • ana555ana555 Posts: 1
    Hi honda_ig,

    Your numbers on lease sounds like good deal!
    I'm shopping around to get lease on 2013 Optima SXL - fully loaded for 36 months. But dealers in PA did not give me the numbers close to yours.

    Which dealership did you get this deal? Where it's located?
  • Wow! I want that deal. What did you do to swing that. I live in the Tampa Bay region and would love to get that price.
  • snowman22snowman22 Posts: 109
    Can pass along what is advertised in todays paper---2013 Optima SX Limited loaded with all options. $1900 down + tax and fee's. 36 months,12000 miles per year---$239. Northtown KIA---I'm sure you can find it online.
  • gtb2gtb2 Posts: 2
    What dealership was it in Houston? EX Premium - does that include panaramic sunroof, heated/cooled seats - just no nav?
  • It was at Delray Kia in Delray beach FL. I caught them at the end of the month and quarter. To be honest I really did not have to haggle all that much as I thought their offer was very fair.
  • cskicski West Springfield, VAPosts: 1,179
    edited November 2012
    2012 Optima EX
    Premium package
    Cargo net
    Cargo mat
    Cargo tray
    Rear bumper applique

    $24,265 sticker

    $20,500 paid

    4% 5 year terms.

    GAP: $500
    Lojac: $free
    EXT WARR: $1000* (bumper to bumper 10yrs - 100k)

    ***extended bumper to bumper warranty to 100k. It is 5/60 bump-to-bump w/o extension. 5-10 years is power-train only unless you buy.

    Total of payments @ $420 x 60= $24,000 Total of payments inc tax.
  • Can you please provide the details of your deal (packages Premium, Tech, extras, dealer delivery, doc fee, tax, etc). Also, name of dealership. I am in S FL and would like the same deal. I got an offer but it includes:

    Car with Premium: $24358 ($1500 incentives)
    Dealer Delivery: $700
    Doc & handling: $200 (does anyone know if this is required)
    state CVR: $32
    Tag Transfer: $200

    TOTAL: $27096

    Your deal seems a lot better! Can anyone please advise on your opinion.
  • I am talking with the same dealership regarding an 2013 OPTIMA EX w Premium package only (no tech). Here is the offer:

    $24358 ($1500 incentives)
    delivery $699 (was it the same charge?)
    handling & doc fee $200 (is this required?)
    State Fee $32
    Tax $1607
    Transfer $200
    Total $27096

    Can you please advise on your experience. It seems high in comparison to other deals on here.
  • My price included $4000 negative equity from a trade. My total out the door was $27,229 and that includes gap insurance. Honestly I know that I got an amazing deal.
  • 2013 Optima EX- Sticker Price $24,485 MSRP $23,500 (only two options included- floor mats and cargo mat).
    After $1,000 competitive bonus, it is right now at $20,616 + ttx; I have not purchased yet; can this price be still better?
  • My bottom line price for the car was 22788 includ1ng everything but the following:

    Tax 1379
    Tags 735
    Window security etching(199) It was late on a Fri night I was tired and they kind of sneaked that one in on me.

    Total out the door price 25101

    As I said in my original post it was my first time buying in FL and I was blown away by the cost of tags.

    It was at Del Ray Kia on Fed hwy
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