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2013 and earlier Kia Optima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • letsbuyacarletsbuyacar Posts: 2
    edited June 2013
    Anyone purchased an EX with the premium package lately (or with the premium and technology packages? If so, what price did you end up at? Thanks.
  • jeem8jeem8 Posts: 3
    Yes, I am also interest in an EX with premium package. Most interested in current lease numbers, but also current sales prices.
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
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  • Traded my 2009 accord final calculation for 2013 optima EX with premium and tech package round about $ 296/ month for 36 month lease with 12000 miles a year. hope this will help
  • cadillacmikecadillacmike Posts: 543
    Sandman, what are you smoking? Any new car warranty that excludes the stereo, AC, and lighting after 1 year is just not on par with just about everyone else. :confuse:
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 2,578
    Since I've not looked at it, I really can not comment. I can only go by the experience we've had with our '08 model. And since we will be purchasing a new vehicle hopefully by the last week of 2013, we'll do our research on warranties before then but we still really like Hyundai/Kia products and I'm personally in favor of the Buick other vehicle company's have much that covers all that's necessary right now. But we have done almost no research as of yet as her a/c is still blowing cold in position 3 & 4...deep down, we just don't want to purchase right now so we will wait and see what happens and if the a/c dies, it'll be repaired!

    The Sandman :) :sick: :shades:

    2014 Hyundai Tuscon SE/2005 Mazda 3s/2008 Hyundai Accent GLS/2009 Nissan Versa SL hatch

  • MSRP $31,925, TrueCar gives $25-$26K in NJ BUT, I know some dealers add on Bull$hit fees like Brad Benson Hyundai.
    Anyone have any recent experience?
    The dealers lots are loaded with 2013 Optimas so, I'd think they'd be very aggressive with prices
  • rlbjr2rlbjr2 Posts: 65
    Where are you seeing 25-26k on truecar? I see a price of $28,600 - incentives. That is $1,400 below invoice. I haven't seen anyone getting that low in NJ. Most dealers are around invoice - incentives.
  • Yes, using your number $28.6-$2.9 incentives is $25.7
  • lilro33lilro33 Posts: 6
    Can you please provide the current money factor as well as residual on the 2013 Optima?

    Does the residual change according to model?

    Is there any current incentives for the month of August?

    Thank you!
  • Just purchased a Kia Optima Ex base model in California, and am loving it already. Having been burned in the past, I was interested in the extended warranty for 7 years / 125K miles. I drive ~15-16K miles per year.

    With the premium coverage (500 components), they quoted me $2400. From reading the forums, I was targeting $1200, but he wouldn't go lower than $2000, so I declined. Any idea what a reasonable price is for the extended warranty for 7 years / 125K miles? Or 7 years / 100K? How about prices at 3rd party companies? With the base warranty at 5/60,000, seems like a lot of extra $ for not a long period of extra coverage.

    Thanks for the help, I appreciate it. This is my first post, so please let me know if additional info would be helpful.
  • Smart not to spend $2,000 for an extended service contract, they are a poor bet. The small print hides the gremlins.

    Kia's power train warranty is 100,000. Why is that not sufficient?

    Better to put the $2,000 in an interest account. If a repair is required, you have cash. If no repair is required, you still have the cash.

    Never buy a third party warranty, they are far too risky. Google Rusty Wallace and US Fidelis for information on the risks.
  • Thanks Billy, good points and good advice, I appreciate it!
  • my experience with NJ dealers:

    first i went to gateway kia (denville nj). my wife got her 2010 kia soul there when it was kia of denville. that place sucked. took forever and they gave me horrible prices even with their "so called" $5,000 incentives.

    then went to jack daniels kia (fairlawn nj). sales person was fair. almost made a deal on a black EX (not the color i wanted), but they had it in stock ready to go. i wanted other colors (Metal bronze or white) which they did not have in stock. so i walked away. by the time i got home they called me and agreed to get me the color i wanted by the end of the week.

    they did get the car, but the delivery process was a little slow (2 hours) despite having an appointment with the finance guy and he also called that day to confirm the appointment time.

    in the end i got a metal bronze EX with ipod cable, MSRP $24,450 for $20,050 (includes $500 incentive for being a kia owner).
  • That sounds like a great price for the Ex. In our area, inventory on some colors is going down, so it's been hard get them that low, though some have gotten close. Did you have other incentives or rebates as well? (ex. $500 for financing with Kia, $1000 xyz)?
  • I paid $28.5 in Tulsa. Negotiated to swap out the wheels with some wheels from a used model they had on the lot. Looks much better. During the first week (last week), I noticed the passenger headrest had a thread that had come undone. I took it in and they ordered me a new one.

    Stay AWAY from Big Red in Norman. Their prices are fake, and they will hard sell you on extras, and promise things they won't do. The salesman I spoke too didn't even know Kia made Hybrids.

    Primeaux Kia will do you right. Ask for Maurice, he never pressure, and he handled my negotiations for me, basically.
  • I traded my Optima Hybrid in back in July. Could not take the terrible performance of the hybrid system. Buck and jump and hesitate to the point we were afraid to drive it. Hope you have better luck with yours. Also---trade in value is abysmal. They will only give you junk or auction value. This is per my insurance company. My ins. Was much higher on the Kia than my new Lexus rx350. That's because of the status. This is not dealer saying this--- it's the insurance company. My Optima hybrid is still sitting on the dealers lot -- two months now. It was a beautiful grey over black with Nav. And panoramic roof plus every other option. 16,000 miles and mint. Dealer is asking 22,500and no takers. Maurice was wonderful on the sell--ask him about the trade in and re-sale. Bet he's not as nice.
  • They just lowered the price to--20,700. Can't move it.
  • I think I saw it on the lot. We love ours. Currently getting 36 mpg, fully expect that to improve some more, but very happy. Drives like a dream. I wasn't looking for a sports car, or a car everyone has. Was yours 2013? The came out with an update for the control system on 2011 & 2012 a few months ago. You have to ask for it. All the owners says it changes the whole car. Specifically, it fixes the lag from start and improves mileage.
  • 2011--- they tried everything. Before I traded it in I was dealing with the manufacturer direct because it was dangerous. They agreed--- be careful when driving it--- it will not go when you want it to. I almost bought the farm out less times pulling out into traffic or merging into thruway traffic. Car was beautiful to look at but dangerous. Mileage was great in summer. But in cooler temps. It averaged 17 mpg--that's correct---17 mpg city driving. Dealer could do nothing. I really hope you have good luck. But checking things out they have not changed their system or that's what they are telling the public. Just be careful-- I'm telling you-- when you don't expect it---it will falter and hang you out to dry.
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