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2013 and earlier Kia Optima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dash5dash5 Posts: 417
    I just called Wyoming Valley about an SX, was your salesmans name Ron? Said he just sold one. Anyway thanks for posting this!
  • yes, and the whole process was very easy. Couldn't have asked for it to be any simpler.
  • otis12otis12 Posts: 160
    Nice! Wished I lived in N.C. Please let us know if the dealer agreed to your $26.6K offer.
  • dash5dash5 Posts: 417
    Just bought one in Red from Ron. Perfect experience. Simple and painless, which is especially good since I'm coming from NJ. They were able to give me a great price on my trade and get me set up for plates and everything.

    28,580 for the SX fully loaded plus tax and tags. Threw in the Ipod cable for me too.
  • billh730billh730 Posts: 1
    can i have the name of the dealer
  • Thought my experience might help. I am a traveling salesman, and after putting 188K on a 2003 Saab 9-3, which I really like, it was time for a change. I wanted better gas mileage, since gas is now $4.05 in my town, and a car that could still handle reasonably well. I wanted a manual transmission and liked the Optima since seeing it at the 2010 S.F. Auto Show. Mostly, manual transmissions are only offered on base models with many manufacturers, including on the Optima. I am O.K. with a non-turbo, relatively simple car with few frills (by current standards) because there are fewer components to break. I can also add my own alloys, pop-up sunroof, cc, intake and exhaust later to suit my own taste. After looking at 3 Optimas, driving 2 and putting an offer on 1 in No. Ca., which was refused, I felt that I was not being taken seriously. While travelling in SoCal, I saw an ad in the L.A. Times for an '11 LX, MSRP $19975, for only $15,995 at Kia Depot in Santa Ana. I went there the next day and test drove both a Suzuki Kizashi at one dealership and the Optima in Santa Ana. Although the Suzuki had a superior chassis & handling, I felt that the Kia had it beat in most other respects. I qualified for 2 of the 3 $500 rebates, the competitive & Kia Motors Finance, which brought the total to $16495. But the car had 2 extra dealer-installed options, tinting & an alarm upgrade, not disclosed in the L.A. Times, which brought the total to $17385 + tax, license & doc. Not quite the rippin' deal of the ad, but not bad. I was O.K. with the tinting, which was already on the car, but didn't especially want the alarm system. While working out the deal with the finance manager, Jorge Tejeda, I saw that I could refuse the alarm system. I said that I didn't want it, but he said that if I didn't take it, the deal was off. I thought about it for a moment and realized that it was the dealer attempting to get back some $ on this "loss leader," although I knew that the dealer didn't have that much into the tinting & alarm. But I decided that the deal was still solid enough, so I signed on and pick up the car tomorrow, and am looking forward to it. The salesman, Wade O'Loughlin was very patient. We test drove the car twice and he walked me through the contract while I was making sure it was correct; it was. Although I was coming back later to pick up the vehicle, Wade was adamant in following CA Law, which requires that a buyer take immediate possession of the vehicle, by having me literally drive it off the lot, then back on for storage. I contacted Wade again a couple of days ago to make sure that the vehicle did not have the "left pull" syndrome found on some Optimas. He made sure the service department rechecked the alignment and test drove it again, and assured me that it had no "left pull" issues. He also generously agreed to pick me up at LAX when flying in to pick up the car. I can recommend this dealer and salesman, but always be sure you know exactly what you want, or are willing to accept, when dealing with a dealer.
  • dash5dash5 Posts: 417
    Sorry just saw this now. Ron from Wyoming Valley Kia.
  • snowallergysnowallergy Posts: 130
    Good choice. If you're going to get one of these, get an LX. But not sure why you'd even 'talk' to a finance guy at a stealership. Did they give you simple interest on the loan? I'd like to hear how you like the car in future months.
  • Thanks, snowallergy,
    The salesman said it was simple interest. I'm not too concerned because I primarily took out the loan to get the Kia Finance $500 credit, and I expect to pay the loan off in 2 or 3 months. Then I'll take off the collision/comp and go back to running liability & uninsured/underinsured only. The upgraded alarm might come in handy without collision/comp because they will pay for the vehicle if stolen. Anyway, drove it home today; have over 450 miles on it already. Some things are superior to the Saab, some things not. The synchros are excellent, red illumination on stereo, not so great, and since I cannot see the steering wheel buttons at all, except for phone button, I had to memorize all the buttons today. That is truly a design defect, IMO, but rather easily rectified.
  • I researched this car for the past 6 months and have been following this forum and others. I have never owned a Kia or Hyundai - so this was new ground for me. Previous cars included Honda Accords, Civics, Nissan Maxima and an Acura TL. I had a 2004 TL and I remember when I got it saying to myself "Wow, this same car from anyone else would have been 10K more".

    Guess what? I am saying the same thing right now - and a TL would be 10K more! The Optima is amazing with all of it's features!! Many of the things it has are not even available for any car in this price range. (Bluetooth streaming audio, heated rear seats, cooled front seats, etc..)

    I had two concerns going in to this purchase - the "left pull" issue and the "hard seats". I am satisfied with both of these right now. No left pull - and the seats are just fine. I mean come on - this is a car - not a recliner.

    Warranty - 10/100,000 power train and 5/50,000 bumper to bumper is great.

    The car is hard to find - equipped the way you want it and in the right color / wheels. I spent about 3 weeks looking at dealers within 100 miles of my house. The good news - the EXACT car I wanted showed up at my local dealer. The bad news - when I asked for the price they wanted $3,000 over sticker. Come on - I thought the industry was past that. I would think the Kia dealers would all be pumped up that they had a hot car - and new customers! I will never visit this dealer again.

    The even better news for me - the car I wanted got traded to the dealer I bought it from. That dealer made a great deal with me - and we did it all via e-mail. I got a buyers order sent to me via e-mail and when I arrived in person - there were no games. It was nearly painless. The dealer was about 90 minutes from my house - in Rockford, IL. It was well worth the drive.

    I managed to get $1,000 in Kia rebates and the 1.9 % financing.

    5 days into the new car - and I am loving it!
  • kingdomsakingdomsa Posts: 14
    I'm looking for an Optima EX w/ prem package for $22,000 - including incentives but not including tax title and licensing. I can go anywhere in the USA to buy it. Think I have a chance?

    Also - a couple of you mentioned a $500 financing incentive. Is this still on? I can't find it listed on Edmunds or Kia's sites.
  • snowallergysnowallergy Posts: 130
    "I had two concerns going in to this purchase - the "left pull" issue and the "hard seats". I am satisfied with both of these right now. No left pull - and the seats are just fine. I mean come on - this is a car - not a recliner. "

    Actually, it's a new car. It should be more comfortable than my 10 YO car. It's not. As for the left pull, killed in action has issued a TSB on that.
  • dash5dash5 Posts: 417
    Congrats on the new car Chicagojoe! Glad to hear you found what you wanted. I had two dealers try the thousands over invoice thing on me too.

    Enjoy the car.
  • dmbfn41dmbfn41 Posts: 8

    What was your final price before TTL?

  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,898
    FYI. Watched Motor Week last night on PBS and they did a complete review of the Optima, specifically the SX loaded. They did a 6.4 to 60 and averaged something like 27 mpg during their combined test.
  • My deal -
    MSRP - $31,070 (Cargo mat, net, wheel locks, bumper applique)
    My Price - $28,891
    Kia Rebate - $1,000 (Competitive and KIA Finance)
    Trade in equity - $98 (turned in a lease)
    Tax, tag, doc - $1,448
    TOTAL - OTD -- $29,231
  • The $500 Financing is until 5-2-11 so not much time left I also got a $500 because we owned a 2000 Intrepid and they offer it for some other cars so ask about that. Good luck I love my Kia Optima Lx I just purchased it two days ago In Elgin IL (Rosen Dealership) and Sales persons name is Adrian was very pleasant person and gave me great Deal
  • trs900trs900 Posts: 19
    Found a Pearl White with MSRP of $24,770 whats the best price anyone has paid not counting taxes-plate, I am located in South East Florida
  • dash5dash5 Posts: 417
    When I bought my car they had an EX with no options for about 22,900.00 on the lot. Not sure if that included any discounts or not. I'd shoot for low 22k's.
  • emerthoremerthor Posts: 9
    edited May 2011
    I was thinking an EX with no options was around $23,190 MSRP? Anyway, you can get one in Missouri for 21,800 +ttl
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