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Ford Expedition Climate Control Problems



  • I have the same problem with my 98 Expo. My front heater core is clear, we disconnected the hoses and ran water though it with no problem. However, after being reconnected and when at normal operating temperature, the inlet hose becomes hot but the outlet hose never warms up. What did you come up with to solve your problem?
  • inlowinlow Posts: 2
    i have a 2003 ford expidition xlt ,no heat front no matter where you put the control, so i took it to ford, they charged 77 bucks to tell me it needed a blend door controler motor. then the shocker ,1300 dollars and takes all day to pull dash . the rear heat is probably a vacume line stopped up. i took a pic of the blend door but I am not shelling out 1300 bucks . The part cost 53.50
  • I have recently started having an issue with our 03 expedition. The heat blower stays on high even if I turn it down to low. Even if I turn off the heater the blower still blows to a certain extent. Any ideas on what would be causing this? I do not want to take it to the dealer for a 200 buck fix.

  • Does anyone read these?????????? Comments????????
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Yes, people read these messages but, apparently, no one has a ready answer for you. I would suspect you have an electrical problem with the switches. Can you deteremine whether the fan is actually engaged when you turn the heater off?

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  • sometimes when you turn it off the fan completely shuts off or sometimes it will stay on and blow air.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    It may be the blower resistor pack. I'll leave it to the experts here to further diagnose. Anyone?

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  • zoomzoomnzoomzoomn Posts: 24
    There are a number of areas that you need to check for vacuum leaks. From the head unit (the controls) to the canister in the engine compartment. It could even be a small evap leak elsewhere that is keeping the system from maintaining enough vacuum under high load conditions.
  • tony66tony66 Posts: 3
    found the problem after 6 months steel spark plugs into aluminum block when you change them have to get all carbon out or they will not seal right
  • I'm able to get great heat from the front but no heat makes it out the roof vents. same holds true for A/C. i noticed some folks mentioned the blend door as a possible issue. Would that cause this problem? is this a dealer repair or is it something that can be fixed/accessed easily?

    Thanks for any input
  • I have recently purchased a used 2008 Ford Expdition Eddie Bauer from a dealer with 12K on it. My problem is that the heated seat work OK, but do not get as warm as my old 2001 Chevy Tahoe seats. It seems that the back of the seat is warmer than the base of the seat. I have not talked to the dealer yet, but will on my first oil change coming up soon. Anybody else had experience with not warm enough on the heated seats?
  • rjw3rjw3 Posts: 1
    I was told the blower motor heater module is what changes the blower motor speed and when it goes bad, the blower motor only operates on the high speed switch setting. Would anyone be able to confirm this and if correct, walk me through where this resistor module is exactly located. Thanks in advance.
  • I just bought a 1999 Eddie Bauer Expedition and I see that my problem is common. I will get "warm" heat out of the front floor and cold from the defrosters at the same time..or cold from both. This has the auto Climate Control and I can change temps from "warm" to AC and it will change and blow cold but it wil not heat.. drove it 40 miles one way and NO HEAT!! Rear controls work awesome!! I keep seeing people talking about this but have not seen any solutions short of taking it your dealer and get raped! :mad:
  • One morning it was 50 degrees and I set my heater control to hot. The next day I tried to set it for 'cool' outside air and found it remained hot. Since then, it has stayed hot no matter where I dial my Hot/Cold selector to. I don't use my air conditioning much because I keep it on the PANEL selection when I want to save gas. Now, I can't even get my air conditioning to cool my 1999 Expedition interior down. I get hot air no matter what. My buddy says that the 'electric switcher' that controls the heater door may be faulty(causing the heater door to remain open) or I may have a broken shaft that the motor turns. When I turn the hot/cold dial, I hear nothing. No clicking, nothing. I try my dash panel selector and it changes to the appropriate venting, floor, windshield, etc. But stuck on HOT for some reason. Could my relay in my fuse block be bad? Please help me to find the fault. Thanks. Scott
  • Sounds like a broken blend door. that's a big job - the dash has to come out. There is an aftermarket kit for this that you need to cut the back of the glove box out for - i think it is called Heater Treater or something like that.
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  • My '06 Exp. A/C blower ventcontrol (?) just stopped working this morning. A/C will turn turn on and off but air only blows thru top vents. When I turn control knob to other vents nothing changes. Any ideas out there? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
  • On my way home this morning, I was turning a corner and hit a small bump and hear a noise under my dash like something rolling or a rattle. I became curious and thought.... Could it be????? I turned my position(air flow) dial from off to panel.... And I had fresh cold outside air flowing in again!!!!I looked at my water temp guage and it was fully warmed up. I guess it was a stuck door as I have heard ohers talk about. Could it be? I won't turn my temp control to heat again, for fear the door will stick again until I have time to fix what ever caused it to stick. Now I can use my air conditioning again when I need, because it won't be fighting with the heater. If anyone has encountered such a thing as I have, please let me know what I need to do to fix this. I wonder if the door gasket is sagging and interfering with the door.Maybe it isn't the gasket because NO heat is seeping through at all. I guess I can't lube anything near the door because it is inside the 'box' ? Thanks for your responces so far. If I need heat, I will use the rear passenger heat...... It works fine( temperature control). Thanks. Scott ;)
  • If you have the same system as my 99..... It could be the vacumn diaphram or a cracked or broken hose?? Mine sounds like a vacumn system because when I switch my dash blower locations, I hear a short hiss, followed by the doors 'blend doors' closing/opening. I have known this vacumn device to be located on the passenger side behind the kick it is on other vehicles. I would assume that to be the location. I really need to buy a Chiltons manual though . Hopefully you have an easy fix. Check the fuses????? Thanks. Scott :shades:
  • I did check fuses first thing, I will try and listen for hissing sounds. Are the wires behind the contol knob actually wires or are they vacuum hoses? When you say kick plate, do mean left or right side of passenger side?
    Thanks for the advice, Vic.
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