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Ford Expedition Climate Control Problems



  • because we took out the dash and checked it to see if it was working,we have not flushed the heater cores because it is very unlikely that both heater cores would fail at the same exact time.
  • I have a 98 XLT with no-heat front and rear also. I was thinking heater core as well until I realized there is a seperate heater core for the AUX/rear heat and thought no way would they both be clogged BUT:

    My heater hoses come out from behind the engine and then go to a tee (line through firewall to front core and another line going to the rear.) I'm thinking both heater cores could be clogged because they share the lines. I plan to flush the front core & rear and the hose and hope it helps before I start replacing expensive parts.

    I will let you know if it works. Open to your or anyones thoughts. I also plan to try and find a way to check the water pump efficiency without having to remove it because it's a PAIN!

    Good luck!
  • I will let you know as well. Good Luck to you too, we are hoping to pull apart mine tomorrow morning.
  • I have the same truck , same problem i did the flush and it didn't work at all then the repair shop told me my heater core is bad and so is my blender door motor.... they change my temp gauge and water pump .... nothing worked ... my truck is so cold i brought an portable heater ...... :mad:
  • What type of portable heater did you buy?
  • actually i brought two one at target for ten buck that's for the home but i run an extension cord from my house to my truck to warm the inside , then at advance auto they have the portable that plugs into the lighter socket ... for 23 dollars but u need at least three just to have warm heat........
  • OK

    I had looked into the DC type heaters. I figured with there output it wouldn't be worth it because we usually only need heat early in the morning here in Las Vegas, NV. It gets pretty cold in the early morning so I have an small shop blower hearter I run an extension cord from garage to the truck which really helps.

    Thanks for the info.

  • I hope this works for u ..... let me knw ;)
  • My AC is blowing on high and I can't turn it off or down??
  • I'm having the same problem as everyone else on my 98 expedition; No heat front or back. Blend door is working fine. Swapped the thermostat but I noticed my heater hoses aren't getting hot or even warm. I was planning to flush the heater core but can't figure out how to access the hoses. Any suggestions? Photos or video would be helpful.
  • Usually the flush kits T into the lines at the fire wall. Last time I saw one it was a Prestone product, but I'm sure others make them.
  • I have one of those but I only want to flush the heater core(s), not the entire engine. Also it's a tight fit trying to get one of the t-fittings on one of the hoses coming out of the wall.
  • OK, I figured out how to flush both heater cores. Neither was stopped up and even after the flush I'm not getting any heat, front or rear. I'm stumped. Any suggestions?
  • How did you flush the cores? Just because you got outflow doesn't mean that the cores aren't restricted. Are the hoses going into and out of the firewall hot? I'd start to think the warter pump isn't pushing as hard as it should.
  • The hoses have never gotten hot. That's why I figured one of the cores was blocked. To flush only the cores I clamped off the hoses that come to and from the manifold. The I cut one of the hoses going to the rear core and installed garden hose male to one side and a female to the other. Next I hooked up the water hose (using a backflow device) to one side and another hose to the other side and ran the end into a 5 gal. bucket. I turned on the hose and the water ran through the system pretty easily.

    I was wondering if it might be the water pump. But wouldn't my engine run hot? If anything it runs pretty cold.
  • If your inbound hose to the core never gets hot, and your engine temp is good you must have a blockage before the cores or possibly the system is air bound. Why are you opposed to flushing the motor?
  • The heater core is no good and ur water pump is gone too.... no mater how many times u flush it, it won't work , i had my heater core done then my hoses weren't getting hot but i had hot heat and for 2min it goes cold, i found out it was my water pump .... so please don't keep wasting ur time flushing it. sorry :cry:
  • One could reason you got taken to the cleaners. Had the heater core done and still had no heat? Then the water pump? Nice that the shop you went to chose to go in order of most expensive first. If the poster doesn't have hot lines going into the core, then it isn't the core. Like I said, water pump or air bound.
  • kira98expokira98expo Posts: 7
    edited December 2010
    I didn't get taking to the cleaners ,cause I didn't have heat until i did my heater core then once that was done i had heat but now I'm good... That why I said I was doing the same thing flush after flush and still no heat.... \\
  • If the core wasn't leaking, and it was flushed with no improvement, the first place I would have checked before ripping ther dash out would have been the water pump. Your mechanic went the $1500 route before the $300 route, but got you for $1800 in the end. It was probably the water pump all along. I'd say that's the cleaners.
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