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Ford Expedition Climate Control Problems



  • I got it working. The electronic switch was being difficult. Controls work now.
    Thanks for those who replied with some suggestions.
  • Did you ever get a response from anyone. I have a 2006 Expedition and it just started doing the same thing. I can't turn it down, it just blows on high. Thanks.
  • I have a 99 expedition with an EATC module. I just had my entire dash removed and the heater core, radiator and thermostat replaced. I also had a couple of o-rings in the a/c coolant system under the hood replaced and the refrigerant recharged to repair a leaky a/c system. When I picked up the vehicle from the garage the climate control system is not working properly. I can get nice hot air or nice cold air if I use the appropriate buttons but my problem stems from the "automatic" setting. In auto mode, it blows hot air the entire time, no matter what I set the temperature to. I suspect the Automatic Temperature Control Sensor Hose & Elbow is bad or was reinstalled incorrectly with the dashboard. Everything else seems to work fine in manual mode, air temperature changes, air flow is directed to different vents properly, and the rear air conrols work properly. I ran the EATC module self test and did not get an DTCs. What do you think?
  • Hi there!
    I Have A 2003 Expedition with 139K Miles.
    The A/C Works On "Max" Okay But Not As It Did When New.
    The A/C Normal Settings Barely Gets Cold.... Just Luke Warm Air.
    The A/C And Heat Doesn't Come Out Of The Back system?

    What And Where Should I Start To Look?

    Andre :confuse:
  • The rear ac seems to work even though do need accuator door.

    the front ac only blows hot air and only on highest fan setting.

    Apparently we replaced a vacuum hose cause of a check engine light and the ac now blows out the front instead of just the defrost.

    but now only hot air comes out. HELP. I live in texas and summer about here.
  • Did you ever get a resolution on this? My 1997 Expedition is doing the same thing
  • Ac needed charging, but still blowing out defrost. Will be doing the blend door fix next to see if that corrects the problem and vacuum hose check.
  • twintstwints Posts: 2
    edited May 2011
    Have '99 Expedition, when heater is turned on there is a real bad antifreeze smell. Does this mean heater core replacement?? Dash is apart to the heater core and there are no visable leaks or residue of one.
  • rogmorogmo Posts: 1
    This is a heater performance problem with a Automatic climate Control LCD panel.
    I've read the posts and cannot find anything that seems to fit my problem. First, I have a 99 Explorer Eddie Bower Edition, not many of the Explorers have the Automatic Heater Control Panel with the LCD display, so I have posted to the Expedition forum, as the Expedition has the same automatic control panel.
    The symptoms are as follows. The display jumps from 85 to 90 degrees, I'm not sure this is normal, and I never noticed whether this was that way originally because I never had to set the heat setting that high. All of the controls seem to work, air, vent, heat; except for when trying to get heat you will only get it at 84-85, or 90 temp setting. There seems to be a difference in the intensity of the heat at those temp settings, but anything lower is cold air.d. On the 90 degree setting you get cooked. I replaced the Heater Control Valve, because it was easy and relatively inexpensive. When I select different vent options, e.g.: Floor, PNL, Defrost or combinations of, all of those seem to direct the air to the correct vent, but only cool air until you hit the 84-85, 90 temp range. The air conditioning works properly when selected. I've checked the fluid levels and they are correct. My original thought was a leaky vacuum diaphragm in the Heater Control Valve, but as it turns out, the vacuum keeps the valve closed, when the vacuum is released the valve opens, I left the new control valve in. From the forums it doesn't seem like a mixer door problem. My next best guess is the control panel is faulty, or perhaps something has come unhooked. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks,
  • Okay I have no front heat in my 98 EB edition explorer. So far I have replaced the blend door, heater core, actuator motor, thermostat, control pane and had the system flushedl... STILL NO HEAT! I called the Local Ford dealer to see if they could guide me and the guy told me that I have two blend doors in the front. I have found NO info on a 2nd blend door for the front unit. I know I have one for the rear heat but its evidently working since I have heat back there. Now I am not a complete auto idiot my dad was a mechanic and I grew up in a garage, but we are at a loss for what to do now... Can anyone help me out?
  • I have a 1998 expedition i have lost heat to my front climate blows out cold air all the time but my rear climate blows out hot air i changed the front climate control switch and no luck on fixing it dont know what to try next any info out their
  • You should research the blend door - it is what changes the air temperature and is notorious for breaking. The dealer fix for it is to remove the dash to replace it, there is also a short cut called Heater Treater. Check their web site, it may help with diagnosis also.
  • will bypassing the front heater core disable the rear
  • obxkatobxkat Posts: 0
    edited January 3

    I have a 1998 expedition that will not blow hot air out of heater. Have replaced thermostat and didn't help. Is the cool/hot selector switch bad?

  • alwaysfords2alwaysfords2 Posts: 288

    Probably the blend door behind the dash board, it is what moves when you select hot or cold. Notorious for breaking.

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