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Ford Edge Lease Questions



  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440
    ...THAT is funny.....your silence indicated to me that you were surprise about my knowledge about Nebraska,right?...come on admited! color you got and what euipment?...I promise not make any speak
  • chuck68516chuck68516 Posts: 195
    Of course I knew you had been to Nebraska, you said it was a beautiful place. Ha, ha.
    Expect to see an armored Blazing Copper SEL+ with Vista, reverse sensing, 18" chrome, 6 disc MP3. Brick proof.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440
    Besides your infamous BAMR,how do yu like it and how many miles do you have?....what was your price before taxes etc...?....any issues with brakes?....a/c?....
  • chuck68516chuck68516 Posts: 195
    I'm not getting that calculation. If the net cap cost is
    $32,296 and residual is $21,501, your depreciation fee is $450 per month. Then add rent charge, $16,81, sales tax, $28. $32 property tax. Monthly payment is $526.60
  • Sorry, I forgot the $1750 rebate.
  • chuck68516chuck68516 Posts: 195
    Aaah yes the rebates, I forgot as well!
    You're right paying the $795 will save you $130 total over the lease. $39 per month by my calculations.

    I figured you were rounding numbers but here goes....

    DEPRECIATION = $376.88
    RENT CHARGE = $16.26

  • chuck68516chuck68516 Posts: 195
    Just rolled over 2,800 miles on my way home from work today. My MSRP was $32,690 and I ended up getting a GREAT DEAL at about $28,000+ cap cost. I put nothing down on 36 month lease FWD 10,500 miles per year. I drove it to Okalhoma within 3 weeks of getting it and put 1,300 miles on it so that shows I pretty much keep it in town most of the time. I am around 700 miles under my limit so far. I am planning a trip to Austin, TX this October to watch The Huskers beat the Texas Longhorns. That will be around 2,500 miles or more round trip.

    No issues with brakes. I also didn't get the gripe about people not being able to close the lift gate due to it allegedly being too heavy. The brakes are better than my 2004 F-150 that I had before the Edge and the lift gate is easier to close than my 2003 Explorer my wife had before her H3. My only real complaint as of now is the dash being a little too reflective of light and not waiting for the 2008 to get the SYNC. Other than that I am happy. I get a lot of positive compliments. Plus, my wife wants to trade cars. She used to hate to drive my F-150. I told her I would think about it in a year or two.
  • chuck68516chuck68516 Posts: 195
    It still shocks me that they are only coming down $1,834.

    When I sent my dealer the email the other day he responded immediately at about $3,100 OFF MSRP and included acquisition fee in that so really almost $3,700 off MSRP.

    If you were going to go with my dealer's numbers your payment would be $355.84 per month (assuming your property tax is about 8%) on a vehicle MSRP of $33,775. And he only quoted me a rebate of $1,250 so if you could get the additional $500 these numbers would be less.

    Of course you would have to pay $800 to get the car delivered but that would be your only out of pocket ($800). So all in all that beats your dealer's price by around $100 per month and you would be out your down payment of $5 more dollars.

    MSRP: 33,775

    SALE PRICE: 30,688

    REBATE: 1,250

    RESIDUAL: 21,278.25

    ACQ FEE: already included


    MILES: 12,000 PER YEAR

  • Thanks for the info and the confirmation Chuck. I looked at your dealer and unfortunately, he does not have a car with the options I need/want. Also in this area the pickings are getting very slim and my dealer had to locate this car 2 states away. I'm happy with the deal. Would I like to pay less, of course. I am only keeping it for 2 years (most likely less if they run pull back specials).
    I was toying with the idea of waiting on an '08 (really want sync and possibly the auto liftgate, my Pacifica has that and I like it) but I don't want to extend my current lease and without the rebate and low APR, I doubt it will be as affordable. I'll have to wait for an '09.
  • Any informed opinions of the following lease offer are appreciated. Terms are zero down and 36 mos/12,000.

    Edge SEL+ (roof, chrome wheels, audiophile, sat rad, tow, cargo mgmt)
    Invoice $32,472
    Selling Price: $32,935

    Acquisition: $595
    Title: $23
    5% sales tax: $809.71
    Rebate: $1750.00

    Adjusted Cap Cost: $32,612
    Residual: 52%/$18,101.20
    Drive off/monthly = $424.00

    I'm of the mind that I should push for a selling price closer to invoice before the rebate is applied. Any suggestions?
  • chuck68516chuck68516 Posts: 195
    You are definitely right about pushing for a lower sale price. Even X-Plan is way lower than this. My dealer just quoted me by email at almost $3100 off MSRP with acquisition included, so really almost $3700 off.

    Your numbers don't really add up though. Are you paying sales tax upfront?? That's weird. Usually sales tax is paid on your monthly payment. Is that a state requirement or are they trying to mess with you a little?

    I'm coming up with a monthly payment of $418.92 even paying the taxes up front. Strange. Are you not getting the 0.75%
  • Please do me a favor and make some sense out of the last offer made to me.

    SEL (moonroof, chrome wheels etc..)
    Sale price - 32,205
    Invoice - 30,619

    36 months / 12,000 miles with the following due.
    with Drive off + cap reduction = $2980 down (first month payment included)

    49% residual
    Tier 1 qualifying at 1.00%
    with $1750 rebate/customer cash

    35 monthly payments at $349 + tax (8.25% - final monthly payment should total around $377.00).

    Chuck...anyone else with some good lease knowledge. With that money down, it does not appear to be a good monthly payment. Note: also attempted to contact Woodhouse Ford. In over a week, they only responded once. Have not been able to make contact with them.
  • Chuck:

    Thanks for your thoughtful reply.

    The rate I was quoted is 1%. Perhaps the quarter point accounts for the $6 difference in your numbers.

    I'm not paying the sales tax upfront. It is added on as part of the adjusted cap cost.

    They are quoting me a selling price that is $1875 below MSRP and $463 above Edmonds invoice. When you add in the rebate ($1750) the discount from MSRP totals $3,625.

    Does the $3,100 - $3,700 discount you are receiving before or after the rebate?

    Anyone else want to add their $0.02? I'd be especially interested in a word from Car Man (and others) saying "Based upon the data you have provided you should be able to wrest a few concessions and dollars as follows....Offer XXX and let them come to you"
  • chuck68516chuck68516 Posts: 195
    No, I didn't mean you were paying the sales tax out of pocket. I just don't get how they got that number (sales tax: $809.71) It's not 5% of the sales price, not 5% of the net cap minus residual. It's not 5% of your monthly payment. I don't get it.

    The about $3,100 was before rebate but included acq fee. He quoted me a rebate of $1,250. So, really total it would be NEARLY $5,000 off sticker. ($3,100 sale price, $1,250 rebate, $595 acq fee included). If you can qualify for the additional $500 rebate it would be almost $5,500 OFF STICKER with no out of pocket.

    I was inquiring about this quote for elliemaej. If you are interested, the dealer is Woodhouse Ford in Blair, NE. They said they could deliver a car for $0.30 per mile both ways. I got my Edge from them in April and immediately was quoted by email a little over $28,800 on an MSRP of $32,690.

    I just don't get how some of your dealers are still not even giving invoice prices on these 2007's. It's like they want to keep them forever.
  • chuck68516chuck68516 Posts: 195
    FYI if you could get the above deal your payment would be about $345 per month.
  • chuck68516chuck68516 Posts: 195
    Sorry, the above FYI was intended for shite4brains.
  • chuck68516chuck68516 Posts: 195
    I think if you're tier 1 you should be getting 0.75%. Also, you didn't give MSRP so it is impossible for anyone to comment on your deal. You need the MSRP to calculate the lease. I will say that you are putting way too much down. You should be able to get a payment of $377 with nothing down.
  • My mistake, I listed the MSRP as the sale price.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440 should be about the lease numbers even if I go with an X- Plan selling figure? there still room for someone to take advantage of me? the dealer of course
  • chuck68516chuck68516 Posts: 195
    You should be able to get X-Plan on your 2008 which would be okay. You can still get taken on the rent charge and fees.

    The X-Plan just guarantees a certain discounted sale price.
    It doesn't shield you from any of their money grubbing tactics.
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